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January 26, 2006


Scientists tackle the tough questions.

(Thanks to Greg Sliker)


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Very nice belly button photo.

Maybe before he goes on the radio, he does something first(?) to help relax.

well as long as magnetic vapor clouds can still have sex all is right in the world

Yes, lovely belly button image - for those who are unfamiliar with them.

that article wasn't very informative. it doesn't say anything about what the guy discovered about BBL.

"I used to be a medical doctor and I didn't realise it at the time..."

Yeah, I've known a few like that.

The actual belly button lint study (found here) contains this actual, un-edited quote:

“In general, women have pubic hair that looks like an inverted pyramid, or a map of Tasmania, with a sharp cut-off at the top. In general, men have pubic hair with a tapering tail of hair reaching up towards the belly button.”

How do they know this? Why was this part of the study? How does Tasmania feel about this?

No sewage with drinking water? Since when?

Power - He was just trying to explain what he was doing visiting all those websites from his office.

"Well, it's research, see. Just...um, curious about the, um, hairy regions. As it were."

"Tasmania?" Who the f*ck is "Tasmania"?

Couldn't they have shown us belly button lint without the belly button, instead of the other way around? I don't see what purpose that picture serves.

Did anyone else notice Professor Hickie (*snork*) at the bottom? Or the related story called "The (Ig) Nobel Dr. Karl"? Poor Dr. Karl. What did he do that was so ignoble that they had to write an article about it?

fun colors for a blog, but not very scientific-looking.

I'm new to this whole blog thing, but with riveting stories like this,Ijust know I'll be coming back again and again-I'm just thinking out loud here, but does anyone else think maybe there could be a connection between belly button lint and Scientology?Hmmmm????

Member of the Order of Australia (AM)...

Shouldn't that be "MOA"? I guess being down under, they achronyn backwards. As well as leave out some of the words.

Made me think of an old friend of mine who used to ask this question at very innapropriate times of anyone and everyone who happened to be around,
"Have you cleaned your belly button today?"

The funniest part is that everytime she asked it,
you would stop and think about it,
"Did I?"

Slyeyes - A "paediatric" emergency doctor? They have weird spelling too.

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Mr C, ROTFLMAO!!! *SNORK* *hic* *SNORK* I loved it! Obviously the work of a master copywriter!

You forgot my favorite side effect. Users who ingest over the maximum recommended daily dosage by mouth are subject to complete loss of memory and may awaken with a sudden fondness for cactus. Do not use rectally.

Propeller hats off to Mr. C!!

(And what clarity!)

What they hell was that shirt he was wearing....was no one else blinded by it? Doesn't he know about tasteful blue shirts?

Mr. C is my hero. Right after His Daveness. And Dave Matthews. And... wait, that's it I guess.

Mr. C, you're my hero. Right after His Daveness. And Dave Matthews. And... wait.. nope, that's all.

dang stupid internet

Paris - Tasmania is a small(ish) island off the bottom coast of Australia. Technically it's part of us, although we try to claim it isn't. Kind of like Hawaii but colder and full of inbreds.

Kat - Dr Karl is known for his shirts. It's a thing.

Slyeyes - MOA is a medal of the order of australia so they can't exactly use it twice. I'm sure there is a good reason why it's backwards.

Sparrow - http://dictionary.reference.com/search?q=paediatric

He's actually more of a well informed humorist than anything, and a pretty great guy. He won a father of the year award a year or so back.

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