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January 29, 2006


Senile Octopus

(Thanks to Stupendous Man)

UPDATE: Give it up for Wet Earwax

(Thanks to Bill Case)


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earwax contains pheromones? sounds like a new perfume ingredient to me!

Insom...are you thinking of ambergris?


From the 2nd link: "Researchers believe it may have originated to prevent less odor and sweating..."


I guess it don't matter which part of the body the guck appears ... GI tract, ear holes ... um ... wherever ...

Pheromonistical activity is where one finds it ...

When I look at all of this fascinating research, I wonder why I didn't stay with the natural science. I too could spend my days playing with earwax. Oh the humanity.

"Old octopuses become what we call senescent, or senile, reaching the end of their life. And sometimes their actions are very inappropriate."

Kind of like some old human males I know.

Calvin: Mom, do we have any string?
Calvin's Mom: Sure. What for?
Calvin: A wick. I'm saving all my earwax to make a candle.
Calvin's Mom: Oh, yuck!
Calvin: Could I make a set of crayons?

...looking for a girlfriend....


Sounds like a lot of guys I know - they'll hook up with anything if they think they have a chance to score!!
Too funny!

I personally think this octopus left off the attack after fracturing two of his eight oosiks. Meanwhile, when the researchers downloaded data from the subs onboard computer, they discovered the computer was in a deep funk. When queried about its condition, the computer replied, "He never calls. He never writes. *snif"

Mini-sub: "Eeew.....he was all arms....... He thought he could have his way with me, but I rammed him in the tenticles."

Dave ~ "Please come to Boston for the springtime...."

I guess I should point out that there is a giant octopus that can eat sharks in the NorthWest. IE over near Seattle. They have an aquarium that might have one on display. Behind glass.
Insert your own joke about that here. I don't feel like it.

"I'd like to be
Under the sea,
In an octopus's garden
With you."

"The rare footage, which has just been released, is believed to be the first documented attack of an octopus on a sub."

Not true! I saw "20,000 Leagues Beneath the Sea" decades ago!

AlanBoss - That was a giant squid! Wassamatter, can't tell the difference between a giant squid and a giant octopus?

Sesame Street Earwig: "I don't want to live on the Moon"

Verse 2

I'd like to travel under the sea.
I could meet all the fish everywhere.
Yes I'd travel under the sea,
but I don't think I'd like to live there.

Oh I might spend a day there if I had my wish,
but there's not much to do when your friends are all fish.
And an oyster and clam aren't real family,
so I don't want to live in the sea.

Bumble, that's the one Ernie did with Aaron Neville, right?

I am so pathetic.

"Salmon researchers working on the Brooks Peninsula were shocked last November when an octopus attacked their expensive and sensitive equipment."

They were shocked, I tell you, SHOCKED! I mean, doesn't that octopus REALIZE how expensive and sensitive that expensive and sensitive equipment is!?! What a jerk.

southerngirl~ Yes. Gold star on your forehead. It's not pathetic. Have you heard "Nasty Dan?" Johnny Cash and Oscar the Grouch?

Anyone else click the following link at the bottom of the earwax story?

When a Woman Smells Best

The scent of a woman is more attractive at certain times of the month, suggests a new study that had men sniffing women's armpit odor.

Gets worse from there.

(I know, don't tell me - it's been blogged already, right? If so, sorry. Maybe it's time for me to reserve my own personal geezer bus....)

... um ... no, I'm not gonna say it ...

I saw this one on TV last night, how about "Viagra Falls"?!

The rock bands are wonderfull but you have to think a lot in the band's name becuse It is the image of the group so if the band have a good name It would have a impact in teh fans.

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