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January 16, 2006


Guys don't just sit around dreaming about a better world. They make it happen.

(Thanks again to Claire Martin)


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I guess you can Have It Your Way FIRST at this McDonalds...

Guys may indeed make it happen, but it's Claire Martin who reports it!

Interesting concept. But I will be suspicious if I ever encounter a bathroom attendant at a McDonald's. Oh, wait, I don't go to McDonald's (I'm not lovin' it).

Great prank. These guys are good.

This is one year old (almost) and has been posted before and yes, it's hilarious and all, and worth seeing again (she said diplomatically), but still......:-)

I hate to tell you, Dave and Claire, but this is a VERY OLD story. I read it (and sent it to you) nearly a year ago.

Here is a link from LAST FEBRUARY:

McDonald's Bathroom Attendant.

Of course, that one wasn't sent by "Claire Martin"...

Just sayin'

Another relevant (but more obscure) quote:

Hank: There's a man in the toilet sellin' after shave. Now what's that all about?

Hint: the following exchange took place later at the end of the same scene. It has nothing to do with the thread, but it's funny, considering the source:

Nancy Lee: (awed) Is that a star?

Hank: Naw, that's Ted Danson.

All right, time to separate the geeks from the... other geeks. Who knows it?

It may be old, but it's still great. Would've been fun if it caught on with others...

I guess to be a true geek you need to set up shop as a bathroom attendent in McDonalds while stacking quarters. To get to the McDonalds you have to scale many buidlings and perform Super Hero Acrobatics.
Doing this will allow you into Super Geekdom.
Man I have so far to go.

OK, for those of you complaining that this is an old story, you should be aware that I was not previously aware of it - since I am clearly more important than you, your comments are hereby deemed to be petty and irrelevant

TCK~ I second that. The part about not having seen it before, that is. :-)

That would be "Doc Hollywood" with Michael J. Fox, Bridget Fonda and Woody Harrelson (which is why the Ted Danson joke is especially funny) among others....

Do I get the geek award or what?

WTG Clark. I was drawing a blank.

TCK...I third it. although I did wonder why one of the cameras wasn't rigged to shoot micturators in the thigh.

Clark~ Very good. It's nice to know I'm not the only geek who knows all this stuff. My head is brim full of all kinds of useless info.

That's actually a pretty good movie. It's one of those that I ended up watching like 20 times when it came on HBO, mostly because I couldn't find the remote...

But if the movie sucked, I would have got off the couch.... Really!

Sad little side note: I read Fox's autobiography and it was while on location filming "Doc Hollywood" that he discovered he has Parkinson's Disease...

He and Woody were out drinking all night and the next day his hand wouldn't stop shaking. He thought it was just a bad hangover, but his wife made him go to the doctor and that's when he was diagnosed...


Clark~ Yeah. I heard him tell that in an interview once. So sad.

TCK - no need to get huffy!!!
I was just making an observation. And when it gets posted again next year (thanks one more time to the ubiquitous Claire Martin), then you get to say this!! :-)

El - that wasn't me being huffy, that was me being conceited and self-important

BTW, my crap doesn't stink


And the difference between being "huffy" and "conceited and self-important" is.........????

RE: your "crap" - that's not what Mrs. TCK told me -
just sayin'...

TCK, I agree, you weren't being huffy. *snork*

Howsomever, like you and the others who had not seen the article before, it was NEW to us, so that counts. And I thought it was hilarious anyway.

Side note, my daughter has an attendant in her club's men's room at peak hours and he keeps the place clean while he's "tending", so it's a good deal even if you don't partake of the service (I applied for the job of attendant in the ladies room but she turned me down). Personally, I don't feel like there's anything I'm gonna do in the bathroom that I can't do by myself, but I guess some people need help with things that seem easy to the rest of us (such as deciding to let the last 10 minutes of "24" run).

I think anything TCK comes up with should be credited to Claire Martin. After all, he's that important. And I think someone suggested this before, but I didn't see it.

ROFL, Annie! :)

Oh my - that is MY McDonalds! I stay in the Hilton that is literally a few doors down from that McDonalds when I go to NYC. heheh

Let them try to pull that sh*t in the WOMEN'S bathroom. If they were taking over the baby changing table like that, I swear I'd make Tuxedo boy get down on his hands and knees so I could change my infant on his back. LOL

Did anyone read the Look Up More 'mission'?

Key Paraphrased Quote: "apparently people doing jumping jacks in a DSW is a Defcon 5 situation."

Good stuff.

I'm a "longtime" fan of the Improv Everywhere gang. Their (not they're or there) website is worth a look around. "Better Than The Real Thing" has been featured on a recent TV show of the fifty best pranks. It's awesome.

Glad to find another Improv Everywhere fan, Idle. I first heard about them on the NPR radio show "This American Life", where they describe a few missions.
Having done improv for years, i totally love the idea.

Still, the Bathroom Attendant job seems as arcane (archane, arrrrrrr-kane!) as Elevator Operator, which i last saw in Coloraod Springs a few years ago, in a very old department store.

But there's only one IE in the universe worth having - Improv Everywhere.

In one of the photos, there's a canister (perhaps a recycled prop from 24?) with the ominous title "Barbicide". The mind reels with potential scenarios:

1. Do you dunk worn out old dolls in this stuff, and they disintegrate?

2. Are there some anti-doll terrorists waiting to strike?

3. Has anyone warned CTU that this stuff is at a McDonald's? (Visualize Jack shooting Ronald McDonald in the thigh to save his life)

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