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January 08, 2006


Without guys, there would be no progress.

(Thanks to Ben Coats)


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Reminds me of an article I read like 45 years ago, about a guy who rigged a V-engine on a racing bike...

Must'ave eaten some mean bean burrito

From the placement of the rocket on the bike, it looks like a variation of the butt rocket. I hope that the bolts he uses are tight and strong, cause it that baby ever gets loose, it will be a butt rocket.

Did this one have a rocket too?

This is GREAT! Combining rocket science and the Darwin Awards all on one website!

Yeah, Poop ... it's been done many times ... first one I recall sounds like the one you cited ... a small-block V-8 on a motorsickle ... other times I recall ads for "jet powered" bikes, claiming 0-80 in 4.0 seconds ...

The Need for Speed seems to be genetic in us guys, eh?

Roofing-Tar Fuel Speed Demons wbagnfaBIKERband ...

- Warning! Off Thread Topic-

Oh, please... All you regulars who were on the Waving Willy thread a few days ago. Go back and read my latest post there. It's too good to get lost in the mists of archival history. (Not because of anything witty I said... Just new evidence that has come to the attention of the court.)

Thank you, and we now return you to the current thread. Which I have absolutely no comment on. Except that a JATO unit would give him a lot more oomph.

Ken - couldn't you just post it here for us as opposed to the thousands of people who read this blog trudging all the way back there??

just askin'.....

secret test

"a 2,000-pound-thrust rocket strapped into the bed"

Sounds like a good time to me. Where do I sign up?

Behind every man with a rocket idea, there's a woman rolling her eyes saying "sheesh" (and checking the life insurance payments)


I think it would be out of context, meaningless, and confusing. Much like my life... :)

if it explodes, who'll beat the tar out of him?

Speaking of guys we need....I just noticed that Walter's name has been added to "Your Blogging Staff". Go, Walter!


Oh, all right, Ken *sigh*, if I must *sigh*....

Wow! I haven't made a woman sigh like that in many moons. Such bittersweet memories.

(Unfortunately, it was often delivered in exactly that sentence context.)

Psst...Eleanor....Calculus thread...

Thanks, s'girl, I couldn't find it -
*zips out*

Psst...southerngirl and Eleanor...Orwell thread. Pass it on.

pssst, everyone...I read it (cute!) but I don't remember where it was, but it was a poem about a willy, if that's the one???

Psst...Eleanor... I meant I had a present for you on the Calculus thread....(Ken's comment is on the Orwell thread.)

Psst..StupeMan...are we still hangin' out in the vacuum?

Psst..s'girl...I think I'm double parked in the Twilight Zone.

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