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January 04, 2006


3. You can learn useful skills.

4. You can buy great gifts.

(Thanks to Chris, Emily Tobin and Drew Harchick)


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I wonder if it works on bosses. Or husband. Or kids.

isn't this what they do to alligators?
the trancing part, not the dressing up part. but, hey, why not? i'd love to see little seasonal outfits for the gators.

Some people need to get a life.

southern - patting makes some things lie down. Others may stand up...

Also, I think someone should call Peta over that poor hampster.

Ha Ha, Brainy! A hampster....is that the little basket that you put your dirty pet in?

channeling Elmer Fudd

Shhhh! Be vewy vewy quiet! I'm putting my wabbit in a twance!

[o.k., I judi has finally forced me to blog ...]

Of course, Hugh Hefner has known about this bunny trance thingy for years, now it's our turn!

bwaahaaaahaa (evil laugh)
[did I spell that correctly?]

Marissa has her way with bunnies?? And her mother doesn't find this alarming? Perchance the rabbit isn't the only creature in a trance here.

As a child, I tried to dress my Bunnie, Seargent Hasenpfeffer, in a pink tutu with matching slippers, which is why my nickname in school was Stumpy McGee.


"Maybe if I lie perfectly still, she'll think I'm dead and not put me in a horrible outfit like she did to that poor hamster."

"Stumpy McGee and the Trancing Bunnies" WBAGNFARB!

S'North - I, too picked up on that. But I didn't think it was appropriate to comment, as it would possibly appear that my mind was in the gutter, when her remark was probably meant in the most innocent way.

*giggles and runs away*

As a child, I dressed my tomcat, "Princess," in frilly doll dresses. He was so pissed off about it that he'd go out afterward and beat up dogs. I still remember how he looked walking away from me, his tail twitching with confusion and his manhood surrounded by girly lace.

Annie--please tell us you DON'T have a son.

The rabbit thing is pretty common at midwest county fairs...the kids have to show the bunny, and flip him/her over to tell the judge about it, show its healthy teeth, and all that. My kids have done it.

However, the ginuea pig costumes is freakin' twisted.

*smacks forehead*


IBW - I have two, and they look adorable in tulle.

Only four reasons so far to love the Internet?

Hmmm, surely I can come up with more.

I want that power.

I could be one of the X-men if I could put animals into trances.

And that would be cool.

Those poor abused beasts are GUINEA PIGS, not hamsters.

The bunny site is quite useful. Whenever I try to cut my bunny's nails, I am left bleeding. I will try the "trance" method next time.

Really, what is the difference between hamsters and guinea pigs? They are both furry rodents and easily edible by the cat. One is just on steroids. Or oxycoton. Depending on what thread you're on.

which one of the pythons could put bricks to sleep?

*smacks forehead*

guinea pigs.

When I was a kid, I had a pet lizard. I thought it was the coolest because it could do a trick -- "playing dead." I'd just flip it onto its back, and it stayed there in exactly the same position. Years and years later, long after my lizard had died, my parents informed me when you flip a lizard onto its back, you're knocking it unconscious. I felt terribly guilty because I made the poor thing play dead all the time.

The bunny-trancing makes me anxious.

*hands Brainy an ice pack for his poor smacked forehead*

a haiku:

the rabbit entranced
the lizard out cold and yet
this blog: ginchiest


dress me like a clown
I don't care I'm a rodent
for chrissake. (eyes roll)

one more:

the buddha bunny
contemplates the holy om
I shall eat him fried

Nooooooooooo! Just say no to guinea pig clothing.

Although trancing bunnies might be a useful transferrable skill.

GWB: Laura.. why are you patting me on the face? What... *clonk*

mudstuffin haiku
bring tears to my bloodshot eyes
snork lol snork

I must thank the blog boys from refraining from making comments about doing the same thing to their significant others, such as, "that's nothing - when my wife rolls onto her back, she pretends like she's dead, too."

...er, unless you just didn't think of it. in that case, maybe you need a session at http://www.comedycamp.co.uk/.

Them's some big bunnies!

Also, the guinea pig in the bikini made me snork.

The internet is wonderful. That's how I met my wife...and my husband.

Queen of Trancing Bunnies also WBAGNFARB.

OMG, Mud, how do you come up with this stuff?

*like Annie, has tears of laughter*

What about gerbils. Hamsters, rats, guinea pigs, but not one damn blog about gerbils!! (or is it gerbels?)

The gerbils are not available for public comment at this time.

Leave us out of this. Put down the tulle and step away from my cage.

queensbee- It was Terry Jones, playing Keith Maniac (from Guatemala) who could bricks to sleep by hypnosis.

"that brick's already hypnotized"

"Hey there sailor! You happy to see me or is that a GUINEA PIG under your hat?"

... so much material.... sooo little time....

Guinea Pig Porno Director #1: Hey, see that they have bikinis?

Guinea Pig Porno Director #2: Yea! And there's also the Nurse Uniform!

Guinea Pig Porno Director #3: HEY! I'M holding out until the French Maid outfit comes along!

Guinea Pig Porno Director #4: And just think of plot lines we could use with that bunny hyptonizing thingie!

I think Freckles was given a date-rape drug.

Funny Name - *snork* Totally.

southern - Thanks. I've only myself to blame.

Brainy - I thought you were a female type person. Who's wrong, me or the blogger above who referred to you as "his" something or other...

*waits for answer*

El, Brainy is definitely all man!

Judi please secure several of the Pirate guinea pig costumes before next Sept. 19. We can have so much fun on Guinea pig talk like a pirate day.

aaaaaaaaar maties and shiver me furry little timbers! We've spotted the CAT, scurvy, cold-hearted wench that she be! Fetch me my tiny little cutlass, and run the jolly mickey up the yardarm! Fight hard and fierce maties, and there'll be plenty o' seeds for all once CAT's on 'er way ta Davie Jones Locker! aaaaarrrrr!

Eleanor - southern girl is correct. I am a male type person.

*tips hat to southerngirl*

OK, this should go without sayin', but "guinea pig pirates" WBAGNFARB

M"ilww"S and TCK, you two beat me to it, but I'll say it anyway:

Yarrrr, I think we found our new mascot.

What do rabbits and guinea pigs have in common (beside appearing on the blog)??
Seriously - in South America, families maintain guinea pigs...for pets, and potential provender.

CandyT - <inappropriate comment>vague reference to fur burgers</inappropriate comment>

SN, I was going to second your motion regarding furry rodents and cats, but I put myself into a trance earlier patting my cheek and didn't come to until Dave and his new really loud rock band "Stumpy McGee and the Trancing Bunnies" started practicing their new soundtrack for the Guinea Pig Porno movie, "Some Things Stand Up".

SG, re: *hands Brainy an ice pack for his poor smacked forehead*, "Poor Smacked Forehead" is a GNFARB too.

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