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January 15, 2006


Jack Bauer is hiding out disguised as a football player.

No, wait. It hasn't started yet.


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ohboy ohboy ohboy!

(I don't even watch tv-- so I'm excited for the blogging of a tv show I've never actually watched :-) )

first...of people who watch 24

OK, not having ever seen 24, and yet, still wanting to be one of the cool kids, I have to say that Jack Bauer hiding out as a football player is a plot twist that amounts to, well, suffice it to say that it's pure genius. I mean, I think you have to agree that it takes the action/drama genre to a whole new level. Something you'd never expect to see on, say Desperate Housewives, which, BTW, I will be recording tonite even tho I can watch it live, for the sole reason that, on the previews, they have led us to beleive that Eva Longoria will appear on her front porch in such a condition, well, how to put this delicately - she's gonna be bare-ass nekkid!!

Now that's MUST SEE TV

As a chicago person watching the bears p*ss away another game, I would be happy to cut away to Jack Bauer, or Heidi, or almost anything short of K-Fed Career Highlights (running time; 1 min 30 sec)

You don't think this season's evil terrorists would conspire to send this game into overtime, delaying the start of 24, do you?

No one could be that evil.

I'm in chicago and I would love to see the bears win but if another chicago team needs to screw up another winning season for us to see the wacky antics of jack bauer sooner, I guess I can live with that.

Looks like you probably just got your wish, homey.

I wish nothing bad on the bears, I'm just saying that they either need to take the lead and hold it or just accept defeat. I'm a cubs fan, I'm used to this sort of thing

I'm here. Waiting. For Jack to shoot one of these players in the thigh...

I mean, can't they pre-empt the game for 24..>?!

Oh, wait, there's a commercial with a guy and a shopping cart and a horse...is HE Jack Bauer??!

A few minutes back, they had a commercial for a remake of The Pink Panther.

Now, I think Steve Martin is great, and all, but wouldn't this have been waaaaay better with Jack Bauer starring as Inspector Clouseau?

Hi, th.c guy. Good to see you back for another season.

Let the wackiness commence!

Wow, what a treat to see the famous Mr. Dave in action!

I am going to try a technical feat that, for me, is WAY over the top. Since this lame, I mean exciting, show hasn't started yet, I will try to get my hubby's laptop hooked up in the same room with a tv...

And here it is, allegedly showtime and it's *STILL* football. Oh the humanity...

Good to see you, too, qetzal!

BTW, in regards to the PP...I've been reading reviews about it, and the movie was supposed to come out a year ago, but the studio held it back. I love Steve Martin...however, I think if they dug up Peter Sellers and starred him...that would have been better that what is about to come out...


They're gonna come back and review the game!

Oh, the humanity!

P.S. I'm not surprised, th.c guy. I don't very high hopes for Steve as Inspector Clouseau.


On the other hand, they're keeping Audrey at bay...

3 minutes!

So, I say the daughter and the old pres both bite the bullet in the first ten minutes.

Oh, good point, th.c guy.

If only Jack would shoot Audrey in the thigh. No, wait. Strike that. I can barely tolerate Audrey as it is. Imagine how much she'd whine with a bullet in her thigh. SHUDDER!

Bingo on prediction numero uno!

"THC Guy?" hmmmmmmm

*looks at tropichunt.com guy in a whole new light*

Test Post, anyone else having problems posting?

Who is Audrey anyway? Is that the one that used to be Jack's girlfriend?

[tap tap]

Hello, is this thing on??

Somewhere in Portland there's an adorable little 2-year-old wearing a (miniature) Peyton Manning jersey, throwing a football through his Fisher Price basketball hoop and yelling, "Quarterback!"

Aunt Bea loves you, darling! Wish I was there.

Now, I think Steve Martin is great, and all, but wouldn't this have been waaaaay better with Jack Bauer starring as Inspector Clouseau?

How about Steve Martin as Jack Bauer?
On second thought, no, that would make 24 into a comedy, and we would laugh at it and heckle it with 400 comments.

I can say very gleefully that I still do not watch 24.

I watched 24 for the first time last night. After reading the blog first (I'm west coast), I thought it WAS a comedy. Although I find humor in the darndest places.

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