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January 31, 2006


Here's a tasteful gift.

(Also via Gizmodo)


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I wouldn't think it would last long, what with all the body heat in that region.

We have enough trouble keeping the dog out of the bed as it is,
The last thing we need is to bring food into it!

We have enough trouble keeping the dog out of the bed as it is,
The last thing we need is to bring food into it!

Hey, what a gyp -- there's a big hole in the middle! Why would anyone want a chocolate thong with a big hole in the ...

Oh. Never mind.

"Hey, honey, and look what's in the middle! Hey, honey! The middle! Look at the middle! The middle? Hey, honey?"


What is this? Is this some inda perverse Brokenback Mountain allusion? ...just ain't right.

I just don't think that chocolate in that particular region would result in a very appealing visual... especially when it got all melty.

You keep using this word "tasteful".

I do not think it means what you think it means.

btw - tamara - hahahahaha!

Maybe I'm not a romantic, but those pictures bring to my mind just a big sticky mess and spending the rest of the night by the washing machine.

That's not all they bring to my mind, but those thoughts were foremost and the other one sort of squick me.

OK - chocolate thongs? never

I made Cbol laugh! YAY!! :)

chocolate fudge???

Is that Cupid's arrow, or are you just happy to see me?

Annie - you never answered my question - am I forgiven or what? c'mon - I've been a perfect gentleman all day, which, trust me, is pretty damn good for me

TCK, maybe it's just me, and I missed whatever it is to which you are referring to which whatever, but I think women prefer their apologies in the form of undergarments suggesting they put their mouth in your crotch.

C-bol - not that I'm questioning yer wisdom in the ways of women or anything - but I'm pretty sure that's what got me in trouble in the first place

and still the silent treatment from Annie


TCK: are you the one who asked me if I was in Arizona?

"...but decided it would be best to let them speak for themselves."

The one on the left seems to be screaming in terror.

daisymae - that would be me - I asked cuz you were sayin' that I never had to put up with Joh McCain after I said I would vote for him

OK - that would be JOHN McCain - damn drunk, stoned fingers!

TCK - Turn the thong around.


somehow turnin' the thong around never ocurred to me

Sorry. This thread reminded me that I had to take the whipped cream out of the fridge and let it warm up first. I'm back now.
TCK - you seem to understand why you're in the doghouse. I'm not getting my hopes up, but...what the hey, you're on probation.
C'bol - you're a nasty boy.

How would the gift card read?

"Happy Valentine's Day Sweetie."

"You're the only one who can melt my thong."
"All night long."

That's so WRONG!

It's my first time on the blog. Hopefully I get points for trying.

Annie - would it get me in worse trouble if I asked what the whipped cream is for? Cuz if it will, I won't ask...

"TCK - Turn the thong around."

*SNORK* at C'bol and TCK....

tck - you can ask, but I'm not tellin'...

gives a new meaning to eat your heart out.
sorry I just had to write it.

Lisa - welcome to the blog - don't worry about tryin' too hard, or scorin' points - we're a freindly, forgiving group, except for certain people I won't mention right now, in case they're listening

Oh, Annie - you're right.

I forgot to mention, that along with the chocolate thong you should also proffer a nice bowl of soup.

Preferably cream of something.

And don't blame ME for where your mind goes with that.

OK, I sense a little thaw in the ice queen - don't want to press my luck tho - so I won't ask

Thank you TCK. Happy to be here.

Welcome, Lisa! And remember, no matter how hard anyone on this Blog tries to talk you into it, please don't unlock our cell doors until daylight. "They" know we're in here (Not hear).

Also, we have it on very good authority that the sheep lie. Besides, Annie-WBH can't actually prove anything....

Lisa - don't listen to PirateBoy - it's OK to unlock my cell anytime yer lookin' for some fun

By the way - I'm thinking Cream of Broccoli. Or Brocolli. Broccolli? Cream of Potato. Yeah, that's it.

TCK? I've got a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore....

C-bol - she's givin' you the silent treatment now too - get used to it - I have

OOOHHH, now I'm afraid.

*peeking inside the cell window*

That's OK, Lisa. Many of us here (not hear) peaked (not peeked) long ago. Myself? I've read somewhere that I peaked around age 18.

PirateBoy - we were in Kansas? now I'm scared too

Hmm, PirateBoy...Is that like in Peter Pan? If so, you're still in your prime.

tck I never said anything 'bout john mccain

I just saw Jack Bauer on David Letterman. He has a BAND (he's the manager) and they're coming out with a record in March.

(this must be a re-run, cause he talked about the 4 episode opener for this season)

There's a joke in here somewhere about Hershey-packing or something like that, but I ain't gonna pursue it.

C'bol, try cream of cucumber.

Not so much "tasteful" as tasty. ...and stop giving me those looks. It's frickin' Belgian chocolate.
I have a feeling that we never would have spent that one overwhelmingly long summer listening to "The Thong Song" if Sisqo had seen this little number.

Mr Completely - you CERTAINLY want to avoid those "Hershey" jokes since Hershey is oh so close to Blue Ball and Intercourse PA (Look on a map ... ah hell I'm sorry guys - you all knew they were there already)

Thanks for being patient, I'm back. Forgot to mention - while others have drinking contests during Bush speeches (jello shooter for each time he botches 'nuclear', for instance) here we have a game involving whipped cream, strawberries, and deep tissue massage. Good night!

Ooooh, Monty! Your post is sooo big! You should show the Republicans - rumor is they pay by the word and are impressed by large gusts of verbosity. Here, we'll just chop you up and feed you to the gators...and your little blog, too!

More appropriate would have been a bit of Monty Pythong. (A joke so bad, it physically pained me to type it.)
Are we living the Deja Vu sketch?

More appropriate would have been a bit of Monty Pythong. (A joke so bad, it physically pained me to type it.)
Are we living the Deja Vu sketch?

nicole - the 'pythong' pun was worth the double-post!

*does the happy dance*

Another thread gets the Python bomb. How does that happen annonymously? Where is the bot that slows down posting during the critical moments of 24? Why can't he block this thread killer? I have been a Monty Python fan since college, but, geez Louise, the entire script!?

Body heat + furry body area + chocolate = violent retching followed by a long, hot shower

well, i love python too. but the whole thing?? as for the thongs...........isnt that special.

Someone ban that IP please. judi? Pretty please? With a cherry on top. And whipped cream. And chocolate (but not the thong) syrup.
I'm making myself hungry now. Great.

I like a long python, but really that's a bit ridiculous.

(sorry. I'll put myself in timeout now. I'd spank myself, but it's just not the same)

wow, it's like deja vu. only different. i like the thong thread better than the 24 thread but still can't piece together how the python(g) script fits in. i do see how the thong fits though and am sad that i have no one to model it for me.

kibby trys to imagine his penguin thong on the outside of the heart.

And NO he's not going to be shaving his danglie parts!

fyi kibby let me know about the monty python post and i'm going to let it sit there til the thundertechs see it, this time, so they can try to figure out how to keep it from happening again. sorry for the inconvenience. they should be in in a few hours.

Go get em judy!! I was starting to wonder how Dave could have ticked off the Python wing of Hammas so badly that they started dropping blog bombs in here.

Annie WBH - Your response to "Monte" was great! And so late at night too! I admire your work.

This and that German guy gave "Eat Me" a whole new dimension or two.

Interesting that they don't provide a diameter for that hole. If you follow the link, they claim "one size fits all." I wish!

bill, it also says click to enlarge. if only it were that easy!

"best to let them speak for themselves."

I wholeheartedly agree, however, it appears there are SOME folks here who just couldn't do that... a *snork* for all of you!

Of course *I* would never comment on something so suggestive, but I believe a warning is needed: do NOT wear chocolate thongs under vertically ribbed corduroy slacks!

*it also says click to enlarge. if only it were that easy!*


Annie...you were both gracious AND to*the*point!

double *SNORK*

Hmmm, did anyone realize that these are "him" and "her" thongs. The one with the hole is for him and the one without is for her.

My favorite quote from the "his thong" description:
"As chocolaty pressies go, it has to beat a selection box hands down."

And my favorite quote from the "her thong" description:
"This unusual piece of lingerie is guaranteed to give both partners a treat, although of very different kinds."

I thought that BOTH were for him!?

What's that saying? It melts in your mouth, not in your hands? Eeeeeeeeewwwwwww!

There's some thong happenin' here
What it is ain't exactly clear
There's a man with a thong, over there
Tellin' me I got to beware

Sorry, it's just what popped into my little head.


Wow. 75 posts and no chocolate covered nuts pun yet. Is the blog suffering from an outbreak of good taste?

For another place name, I live just down the road from Cumming, GA.

Buffalo Springfield earworm - hmmmm - could be worse

Which side is the front?

LMAO! Okay, I hope you don't mind if I post this link over at my site...

I do have to say, this adds a whole new meaning to "edible" underwear!

Not necessarily a good one either...don't get me wrong. I LOVE chocolate in the worst way, BUT...this just spells M-E-S-S all over it!

Looks like a toilet seat which would explain the brown color..........nevermind.

Barbara: "I love chocolate in the worst way."

This has got to be the worst way!

The one with the hole is for women, right?

kibby- no, I think the one for the women is definitely FOR the women, if you get what I'm saying...encouragement for ...you know.

what kind of sandwich were we calling that?

OK, got a refresher in the other post. Turkey sandwich. Good opportunity for him to give you one.

Or. For him to hmmmmm in your hmmmm.

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