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January 28, 2006


One of the best things about a book tour is the glamor. Here I am "chilling" in the swank back office of a bookstore with a famous celebrity.


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Sophie will be so proud!

Dave (if that IS you, since I don't see a blue shirt anywhere around...), why don't you go and introduce us to that friend you're sitting next to.

No, not Spongebob, but that blobby-looking thing in front of him.

The photo makes it look just like the guy with a square head and a serious case of jaundice (is he one of our blogsters paying Dave a visit?) has jumped up and down on the footrest of his recliner so long the stuffing is beginning to explode. Dave, OTOH, looks calm and collected, just like a professional book strumpeter should.

i'm afraid to ask...

your "just rewards"

What did the two of you do to that poor chair?

"The Amazing Mr. Abnormalcy!"
(Spongebob fans will get that one)
fyi - reclinging in front of Spongebob is his cousin, a rarely seen couch potato named "Spongeblob ChairStuff."

"reclining" - good kelp is SO hard to find.

Did they comp you those two giant T.P. rolls on the left as a perk?

Uh, Dave...you and SB appear to be an item on this trip. NTTAWWT. But what (or who) is your friend there -- the one who looks a bit like a dead walrus in a torn T-shirt?

I'm so jealous!

I'm just wondering about the industrial-sized roll of toilet paper on the coffee table.

I hope that green thing is NOT your laundry.

It seems that Sponge Bob is also book strumpeting. Did he autograph a copy for Sophie?

What a square. I mean the doll. I mean the author of such great books as "Crab cakes".

Dang. Annie beat me to the couch potato joke.

Frankly, Dave, SpongeBob is arguably the bigger star and should have the better chair.

Now Dave looks like Squidward.

Did anyone else notice the inordinate number of women posting on this thread?

What's that at Sponge Bob's feet? hm?

scat~ Bob has a built-in cushion, and Dave's had a long, hard trip. :-)

Bumble, Dave is definitely showing a little wear and tear. Honestly, at the end of his book signing last Monday evening he looked pretty beat. But cute! Dave is really cute! His photos don't do him justice, especially when he has to deal with the likes of Penguin Man.

*sniff* Even though he appears to be a Death's door, Dave's still blogging just for us. *sniff*

cloturemonkey - and what's with the industrial rolls of toilet paper on the left of the shot? Sponge Bob making off with some freebies from the restroom?

scat~ If his photos don't do him justice, then he must be extremely hot in person, because a google image search for Dave Barry yields, among other things, pictures of Orlando Bloom, Val Kilmer, David Duchovny and Michelangelo's "David." Also one of Ted. And this.

Gee..looks like Dave and SB are ready for Vegas. I bet SB knows where Pee Wee Herman gambles. Actually, I would have picked SB over a penguin. At least he has a tie.

Annie Wbh - re # of women...how can you tell?

Why does Dave look so uncomfortable? Better question, why does Spongebob look so...um...comfortable?

My gawd, I hope those aren't casting couches.

In any case, glad to see you getting some rest, Sir!

Is this photo supposed to be evidence that Dave is "spongeworthy"?

daisymae - by the lack of typos, and the reduced number of potty jokes (although the obsession with the supposed roll of tp in the picture is a bit troubling).


I'll have you know that those are not "typos" ... whut you (apparently) refer to are creative license ... um ... well ... um ... I gotta go to daily devotions ... um ... nevermind ...

I can't believe it. you have a blog. and you have a comment section. this can't be true. THE Dave Berry. I MAY not sleep tonight.

I just found out about the blog myself. SpongeBob, eh? My guess would be the t.p. is there to clean up when SpongeBob takes off. I mean, he is a sea sponge, you'd think he'd be a little squishy and wet when out of his domain.

Welcome, susie and nicole!

Of course Dave has a blog, and now that he's not writing his weekly columns, this is where we get our fix! Welcome to the insanity that is THE BLOG!

It makes you seem an epigone. I would demand better gigs.

Whoa. Ew. Bring on the disinfectant. That chair is evolving into a new (and disgusting) lifeform.

No wonder Bob lives under the sea...

Dave, I hope you went through decon.

you know, when chairs like that get brought to the curb, somehow they disappear... and now i know where my old dorm room chair is!

Dave Barry and Spongebob: A Very Absorbing Conversation.

You seem very happy together...not that there's anything wrong with that...

hmmm - Wasn't Dave just kidnapped by Spongebob a few days ago? I am glad to see that they have mended fences.

Ah...the curb...the great recycler of...just about everything.

daisy who's playing with her new ipod nano (are we allowed to use product names in the Blog)...(I'm NOT strumpeting for apple...I'm just one of the last holdouts re MP3 players...and suddenly I just had to have one!)

I must say, that back office is way nicer than the office of any retail establishment I ever worked at. We at the Town Center Williams-Sonoma would have KILLED for recliners like that.

did i just get welcomed by dave barry?

i used to read your column eon's ago. EON"s. what does that mean, i'm looking it up in the dictionary. that is a gross couch there in that office. what the heck. take that thing to the dump. put it out on the curb on "free get rid of you junk day".

Susie--welcome! u got welcomed by THE DJT!! just as good!
*pounces on DJT*
*goes back to hiding*


No honey.:( That was djt, who is a very cool D.J. who does light shows and everything and personally knows Dave AND judi, so that's almost as good! :)

Welcome, susie ... I personally met Dave™ once ... but do I get a smooch frum Bangi? Anyone? Bueller? Nooooooooooo ...

U.O~ *smooch*


Welcome to the newcomers from Buffaloville, CO.

Hey, I met Dave this week! Where's my smooch?

Actually, I'd settle for a welcome back from digicam hell, which has been my life since Thursday evening, to satisfy the demand from y'all for the pictures of Ted with Mrs. WriterDude. At long last they are actually on my computer, and now the challenge will be to learn how to get WordPress to let me post them on my blog.

I'm gonna go get a smooch from Mrs. WriterDude. Maybe more -- she's been awfully cheerful since she gave Ted a serious case of goofy eyes... ;-)

Heya Dave, how did you like the beer?? Yes, the crapcam photo from Berkeley was good....although I think I'm slightly cuter than Bob there. :)

Wow. That IS classy.

After seeing Dave in the clutches of SB a few days ago, seeing them now in a tete a tete indicates, to me at least, that Dave is now suffering from...Helsinki Syndrome! And, of course, a case of jet lag.

You met Dave in Denver, Colorado, right? You weren't the guy in the "tux" in California.

Um... are those industrial-size rolls of toilet paper on the table in the left side of the picture? Why would Dave (or Spongebob, for that matter) need that much TP? I mean, if something spilled, just use Bob - he IS a sponge, after all...

and just a thought - how deep would the oceans be if there weren't sponges in them? (Thanks, Steven Wright, for asking the questions that keep me up at night.)

Would have liked to be a fly on the wall for that conversation.

Do any of you know how to put a hunting saddle back together? It is the groom's day off and we will meet tomorrow


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