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January 27, 2006


Sorry about the lack of blogging. I'm running around the San Francisco area strumpeting for my book by whatever means necessary. I have even been "podcasting." I'm not sure exactly what "podcasting" is, but I have been assured that there is no danger as long as everybody involved wears protection.


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there was akid in my school who used to pod cast and he never really grew up.I think later on he got his own tv show .

it's an ancient Chinese ritual started by the Emperor Feng Shui in 3700 BC, involving the casting of pea pods before you in the spring , the original intent was to ensure the fertility of the next year's crops, but today 'podcasting' is done in order to get a good place in the buffet line.

Howsabout a link to some of this podcasting, brotha?

do you use anything to cast your pods? (like a rod and reel for fly fishing)

They may want your body for nefarious purposes.
just sayin'

... or mebbe an atlatl?

U.O, they use an atlatl to get more distance and accuracy when flinging, or is it casting, their pods?

As long as you have a soap on a rope you have nothing to fear but fear itself

At most ten years ago people were saying the same thing about "blogging".

Dave, podcasting is what trend whores call mp3s. Simple as that.

To 'do a podcast', is to record some audio and put it on a blog. That's it.

I have actually heard people call mp3s 'pods'. It makes me want to slap them.

I do podcasts. I'm also a voice for LibriVox, a volunteer group that provides classic audio books for free.

Thanks marlodianne! :) I know you were explaining it for DB, but I wasn't sure about it either.

marlodianne, somewhere in satellite television world, I am the voice of Jack DeBord's The American Angler series. Perhaps we should get together, and I'll show you my etchings. The last time I showed a girl my etchings, I got lucky. She bought three of'em.

ps. The bot gets angry at linkage, so look at my blog or google LibriVox if you'd like to download audio books, or volunteer.

pps. Now I feel like *I'm* book strumpeting :p

hmpf. I was in SF last week and I'll be in DC area next week. ***wanders off to find dave's travel agent and stick squirrels in his/her phone lines.....


Remember the scene in The Graduate?

Imagine, instead of a stuffy middle-aged guy; a kind of geeky looking,peroxide streaked hipster rolling up on a Segue and leans in and whispers..."podcasting Dave,podcasting."

Dave, if you can, go to the food court at the Ferry Building. Try to get to the Hog Island Oyster Company. They serve excellent oysters and tasty beer (the Scrimshaw Pilsner is particularly good). It's worth the wait in line (and there will be one). Also excellent are the burgers and fries and pretty much everything else at Taylor's Refreshers, also at the Ferry Building.

I'm warning you, though, if you have anything from the Scharffenberger chocolate store, you'll never look at a Snickers bar the same way again. You'll still eat them, you just won't look at them the same way.

Bon apetit!


Does that involve fish net stocking and a bugle?

jozet: I don't think Dave is too proud for fishnet.

Hey guys...I love Dave and you all too! I'm a blog reader, but not quite zesty enough to comment. I live near SF and would love to see Dave, but can't find him. I was never any good at Where's Waldo either. Does anyone have a Dave tracker?

Dave, don't let anyone tell you where to go... except me. Stay at the hotel, call Sophie et al, then prepare to be amazed, awed, and afraid. There's a mysterious little box in your hotel room (don't ask how I know this). It's interactive, Dave. In the middle of the night, it will call your name. It will speak the language of your stomach. It will proffer its secrets to your soul, only to leave you moaning in your bed, sated yet unable to sleep, rendered immobile, your gut gurgling a noisy lullaby... and it will follow you, Dave. It will be in every hotel room in every city....until finally you gasp, "Three-fifty for a Snickers bar?! Holy shit!!"

Hey, there's Ted! That reminds me; I bought something for him at work a few weeks ago. judi (or Ted if you're still reading), is there a business address you can give out where could I mail it? No address listed in the L.A. white pages, and I didn't think it'd be a good idea to mail it C/O St. Alban's... ;-)

FamilyJuls, go to DaveBarry.com and click on events. There should be some hints there about appearances in your area.

Thanks Jessica! I should have thought of that...
*bangs head on wall* Here I come Dave!!!!

I'm a new Dave Barry fan and am not sure if the following may have come from him. Apologies if so:


and make sure to click "Next Entry" at the bottom of the page.

Another one that should have gone into Dave's book on finance:


Dave! You're in San Francisco, and your publisher (or whoever pays for your book tour) won't kick in a measly ticket to come to Honolulu to promote your book here in Paradise??? It's just a little (half-ocean) distance away from the Bay Area!

By the way, has anyone noticed that there is (I think) a blooper in the new book? In the travel chapter, the Japanese alphabet is listed next to "Chinese phrases," and the Chinese alphabet is listed next to "Japanese phrases." Or is it only in Honolulu that anyone would even notice that?

Amanda - that's not a blooper, it's an intentional, hilarious joke that may elude some of us. But trust me, it's really, really funny. Keep in mind that while we read left to right, many Pacific Rim languages are read standing up.

I'm sure Mr. Barry would love to visit the islands, but he needs to get back home soon and flick his editor upside the head.

WTD with the wrestling ads at the top of the blog? Did some ad placement rep really think bloggers are WWF fanatics? A bit amusing when contrasted with Sir Dave's oddish facial meanderings, but I'm not sure I like that someone thinks I'd buy a ticket to watch oily, codpieced lunks grab at each other's bodies. If I truly wanted to see that, I can see it for free at one of our management meetings.

Annie --

Is that whut they mean when they talk about "oiling the machinery of the business world ..." ... ?

mahmalahma, I don't believe the links you posted go to anything ever written by our esteemed leader, but they are funny *snork!*

Weird. Eleanor's and Stupendous' comments did not show up until hours and hours after they posted them, and then wham! They're suddenly in between my comments, where they weren't before. Anyway...

Eleanor: you're welcome. :) Please come to me with all your geek-related mysteries :P

Stupendous: I heard your etchings are minatures.

the size of Stupendous Man's etchings may be relative to his interest,
but i promise you that he possesses a tremendous heart;)

Good luck, Dave. The Good King may pay you a visit today. But only if you play safe.

Stupe' ...

sorry to be so tardy answering your question ... I got distracted and fergot ...

Answer: Hurl, toss, throw, pitch, heave, lob, flip, flick, backhand, overhand, underhand, arc ... whatever works for you ... if you're happy, I'm happy ...

Here's another way to have safe sex (link possibly not office-safe): http://www.herbzipper.com/

Okay off-topic, I know . . .

Dave, drop into the 711 club on Market Street and say hi to LES for me.. just don't bend over

While the food court at the Ferry Building is just fine, you are in the general locale of the BEST HAMBURGERS IN THE WORLD! If you don't avail yourself of the opportunity, you'll hate yourself. Maybe not today, but soon, and for the rest of your life.

Get on a ferry to Sausalito. Walk straight up the street from the dock to the main drag. Look for the line of people waiting to buy a hamburger from a corridor-sized shop featuring a rotating grill in the window covered with burgers. The name of the place is Bridgeway Burgers, but that's not important. There is seating for about five slim people inside, so you'll want to take your treasure back down to the dock to eat it while waiting for the return trip. Sure, there's shopping and art galleries and like that in Sausalito, but after you've eaten a Bridgeway Burger everything else becomes so much less important.

Ken - is that fabulous restaurant on top of the hill still there - the Alta Vista, I think?
Best breakfasts anywhere EVER - worth the one hour wait on Sundays!

just sayin', TNX for watching my back while I was being rudely sniped by marlodianne about the size of my etchings. She probably wouldn't have bought any, no matter the size. Dang! As long as these etchings are in the way, I don't have anywhere to hang my black velveteen Elvis portrait! Anyhow, she admits her testimony re my etchings is just hearsay. Inadmissible!

U.O, never use the word "hurl" at 8:20 on a Saturday morning. Friday night is just a blur! Damn that Beerbot! The beers just kept coming! It's like that thing's a machine or something!

U.O, while you're at it, could you leave out "toss" and "heave," too?

Stupe' --

I figgered someone might not appreciate those synonyms for ... um ... YKWIM ...

So, how big are your etchings ... in metric?

Actually, U.O, my etchings are quite large, as etchings go, but being American etchings, they have never been metrastasized (is that a word?). Suffice it to say the 2" x 4" frames are actually 1 5/8" x 3 5/8". I know firsthand that my etchings are large, because while in the service I was able to observe the etchings of others...you know, at art galleries around the world.


Whut kind?

Tea service? Secret service? Tennis service? Service industry? Service to Mankind? Knightly service (as in: I dub you, Sir Vice)?

C'mon ... inquiring minds (?) wanna know ...

Dang, U.O. You covered just about all of'em in a few short words. Just about the only one you left out was Burial Service. I'm not ready for that one yet. I think I mentioned somewhere many threads ago that I did my Senior Trip through the boonies of SE Asia with another stay on Okinawa. Three and a half years of...Foreign Service! Yep, there's another one you left out. Seriously, though...and you won't get much of that from me...it was all part of my six year education when I finally left the nest. I wouldn't trade it for the world. I won't climb on my soapbox...and there's no disrespect in me for those who were not called...but I must say a mandatory stint of service, military or otherwise, to one's country would probably go a long way toward righting what's wrong with our pampered, over-indulged, underachieving youth. Sorry. Guess I did climb on the soapbox, after all. And now that damn Beerbot ate all my Slim Jims!

Ya won't catch me argufyin' with those sentiments ... altho we may be like the two women gossiping across the back fence ... i.e. speaking from different premises ...

BTW ... Welcome Home ...

Eleanor, the Alta Vista was in business the last time I was there. But it's been a while. I'm afraid I am no longer an area resident. I fled to North Carolina where housing prices are more in line with my income level.

TNX for the welcom home, U.O!

Stup Man-

I kind of agree with your statment.. but being in the service there are a LOT of people that I wouldn't want to serve with who stay out of the military for a reason. Its bad enough that I have to put up with some of the idiots who go in not realizing they have a comentment! Its more than just a steady job.

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