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January 24, 2006


I imagine everybody is sick and tired of blog posts about 24, so for a change of pace, I thought I'd post a couple of links concerning 24. Here (thanks to Lori) is a helpful technical analysis of Jack Bauer's activities, which apparently include time travel. And here is a blog entry by our old pal Joel Achenbach.

Tonight I am strumpeting for my book in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, a nice state featuring nice people and a surprising level of sophistication.


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Ah, cheesehead sophistication. I'll look at that instead of more 24.

And if I had known it would be Nummer Ein, I would have strained for something clever. But it's too late.

*Cracks beer instead*

Hope your visit with the Cheeseheads is more hospitable than the Napervilians. Sure was a weird crowd last night.

I believe that one lady has her head stuck in a cornhole.

I can't believe I'm posting that.

I'd like buy your book from this website. How do I do it.


Purchasing Dept.

PS. Could you fly out to my home in LA and sell me one if I fail at this attempt?

Shouldn't this be in 24 instead of unclassified?

You are strumpeting? Or did you mean trumpeting, Dave?

Maybe you and my big brother can make some beautiful music together! I'm thinking about buying him a flute since he helped me with a flash image with some Opera music for the post on my blog "In shock, not by electricity!"

Have fun in Milwaukee, and say hi for me to the cheeseheads!

Megan: I appreciate your concern, but I actually thought it was a great crowd. Rambunctious, yes. But in a good way. Hardly anybody was injured.

Dear question: No. Take a look at the link for cheesheads, definitely should be under unCLASSified. That is all.


The post is called "In shock, not by electricity!", not my blog! Think I'll stop visiting that cheesehead website, it's making me crazy!

Wow, and I thought we spent a lot of time discussing/dissecting 24.

slightly off subject I know, but I'm still looking for any chimpanzee enthusiasts... this seems like the right place!

so Dave, you're in Milwaukee?

i have cousins there.

avoid them at all costs.

you'll be able to identify them easily, they are always fully decked out in green and gold.

Dave: I'm glad you had a good time. Next time you should bring your son for us 20somethings ;)

Thanks, Lori!

I'm glad you will be surrounded by nice "happy" people at your book signing. Be careful though.. Happy people are most likely to fall down. Sad people walk with their heads down, they see trip hazards and find money on the ground.

I Googled "trip hazards." Right now, this minute, there are 17,345 happy people tripping on something and falling down.

I try not to be happy!!

We anagram, you decide:

Strumpet = rump test
Strumpet = pert smut

Noooo. I missed you. :( 'Tis a sad day in Wisconsinland.

And not all of us wear cheese. Especially since the Packers have been sucking.

I've been notified that I've been expelled from WI for not wearing my cheese.


Here all along I thot it was CHEDDARheads ...


I'm frum Nodak ... it's a faulty translation from the Canadian version of Wisconsintalk ...

Just watched you strumpet at Harry W. Schwartz Bookshop in Brookfield and I was thrilled to finally get to meet you (I was the hot chick in the front row).
You're an amazing writer and you have a fabulous smile. All of your books have made me laugh so hard I've nearly peed myself!
If you get divorced anytime soon...call me. Seriously.

(Duh-dun!!) If judi knows whats good for dave, she'll erase that last post!

Arrgh! You were here, in my backyard, and I missed you - RATS! Dave, I love your blog. Hey, everybody, come and visit MY blog! (I know, shameless self-promotion, but I'm certain Dave would approve.)

URGENT "24" UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have just learned that "24" will be shooting scenes for an upcoming episode just down the road from me in Hermosa Beach, CA. tonight. I would go stalk the cast... I mean... investigate, myself. But I have to be up early for my own show in the morning. Anyone passing through Hermosa Beach tonight should be on the alert for helecopters, explosions and thigh shootings.

That is all.

Christy: If you get Mr. Barry, I get dibs on Rob!

Great to have you here, Dave.
Sorry about the 'ambitious' crowd with the questions, but you had everyone on a roll - they didn't want you to stop.
And your book now will reside under my pillow where the financial help it can offer will - by the magic of nightly osmosis - seep into my brain far more than if I would just read it. After all, when I read it, I laugh too hard to really glean any useful monetary management information!

AlanB - I used to live in Hermosa! At the southern end, near 1st St, half a block from the beach. It's a small world after all (earwig cheap shot)...oh, man - keep Kiefer away from downtown - he's guaranteed to break something.

OK, I realize this thread has nothing to do with 24, but I can't help myself.

Jacktracker says:

"Jack & Derek: Wayne Palmer’s Westwood Condo to Ontario (California) International Airport via stolen car: 56 miles over 17 minutes = 195 mph. Impossible."

Dare I say, they don't know Jack. If you were a car, and Jack stole you and expected you to go 56 miles in 17 minutes, you'd damn sure do it. Right?

No, no, no, Dave, we're not sick of all this "24" blogging - please, do some more (tries to strangle self) . . . .

Limburger Cheeseheads? BRILLIANT!

"I smell feet."

This is from last week's McLaughlin group. Mr. Buchanan is Pat Buchanan. Do you think he means they want everyone shot in the leg?
MR. BUCHANAN: "John, impeachment right now, from what we know, especially about the NSA, would be suicidal for the Democrats, because by and large the American people want the war on terror fought by Jack Bauer rules."

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