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January 13, 2006


You'll need a new excuse.

(Thanks to Rich McGee)


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One! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Finally, a candidate with outrageous religious leanings that wants to impose them upon the entire nation. Just what we've been waiting for all of these years.

No, that wasn't 'First', it was the Counting Count . . . ahh, fuhgeddaboutit!

More info here, thanks to Jeff Meyerson and Bill Crider.

MKJ - Two, Two insane bloggers on this thread, ha ha ha!

"...he calls the 'Christian God the Father' his 'mortal enemy.'"

Wouldn't that be his immortal enemy?

Grr, I sent this yesterday!

He's also none too fond of Jeff - the god of biscuits.

Alas, I do not live in Minnesota and therefore still have no motivation to exercise my right to vote.

And *SNORK*@djtonyb though I think your count of only two insane people is a bit low once you count those who both comment and blog into account.

Give it up, dude. You missed your big opportunity in California.

aren't all politicians blood suckers?

If he woships Lucifer, why would he kill criminals?
Wouldn't this piss off his supreme deity of choice? I'm afraid this puts him in the same please-the-public, double talking category of every politician before him. What a shame, he might have a good idea with the public impaling of rapists and terrorists.

Thanks, Tony, glad somebody noticed!

farm subsidies - as long as they give the first-born of every animal to the Dark Lord!

(farmers seeking sacrificial exemptions should fill out form BZLB-123, in their own blood)

the inaugural 'fertility ritual' would be fun, though...

Now, a god of biscuits is something I could get excited about. I wonder what the sacred rituals are....


I don't know, guys.. I reckon he'd do okay..

He's aligned with the dark forces before he even gets into power. He'll recognise everyone sitting round the table with him.

Maybe it's worth a vote.. except I don't live in Minnesota.

Even so ... (to quote my dear old Dad) If you don't vote, you can't complain about the guy that gets in.

Judi - if you're talking about the credit whining seen on the blog today, don't listen to those Oregonians.

Satanist? I shrug.
Impaler? I could probably go for that.
Vampire? As long as he gets the blood from willing donors.
Nascar Fan? No Freaking Way.

Now there's a candidate you can really sink your teeth into!

seriously, is this any worse than a wrestler?

or a homophobic bodybuilder who can't ride a motorcyle?

judi, I agree with Blue. And if you would just give me the credit I deserve, everything would be fine.

Oh, I didn't send it in. So I guess you did give me the credit I deserve. :)

If he took the oath of office with his hand on a Bible, would he burst into flames?

Monty Python quote (about the North Minehead By-Election): "I gave him my baby to kiss, and he bit it!"

Sharkey said he was injured during a parachute jump with the Army in 1982 and receives veterans' disability benefits.

Is anyone else thinkin' that maybe, just maybe, ol' Sharkey may have landed on his head?

TCK - We know Arnold landed on his head, and nothing changed....sigh.

oh, and judi - if you give up, the terrorists win (or so I've heard)

instead of giving up, how about we come up with an appropriate punishment for "credit whiners"

we could rat them out to the e-annoyance police - or maybe open and public ridicule and humiliation would be sufficient

Annie - I think Arnold landed on his face, not on his head - maybe that make's a difference?

that, and then there's the whole invincible cyborg thing

Anyone else notice hes married. I mean NASCAR fan. Gets veterans disability payments. And now he has a picture of himself in a dark cloak holding a sword right above a picture of him and his wife.
If he wears a pink Boa he is in.

I bet he'd find the boa constricting....

"Snake" at PirateBoy!

Maybe now Dick Cheney will "come out." No, seriously. Have you ever seen pictures of him in evening clothes? Don't tell me he's not a vampire!

Reading things like this sorta makes me wish I lived in some kind of fascist dictatorship where there is only one political party. I think that we can all agree the Founding Fathers probably put a footnote in there somewhere that says 'No Vampyres Party May Be Allowed to Exist' but let's face it; who here has actuallly read the Constitution? All the way through?

Eeesh, what a poser. Claims to worship both Lucifer (monotheistic) AND Hecate (polytheistic). Either he doesn't understand his own religion or he's an outright liar.

The dip should be arrested for defrauding the government. He's been collecting veteran's disability, but apparently wasn't disabled enough to turn pro boxer, wrestler & race car driver.

I've got to start looking at all the recent posts before i email items to the Blog...

anyway...this guy's website is one of the most entertaining things i've ever seen.


You can't miss the campaign photo of him in a cloak...holding a crappy fantasy sword...

*zips in, humming 'Sympathy for the Devil' by the Rolling Stones, zips out*

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