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January 08, 2006


Here in South Florida we are under both a Severe Weather Warning and (I am not making this up) a Wind Chill Advisory. Yesterday the temperature was in the low sixties, and last night it dropped INTO THE FORTIES. The perky TV-news people cannot stop talking about it. They have been giving us all kinds of tips for surviving this brutal environment, such as: If you go outside, wear clothes.

This blog will hold out as long as it can. And speaking of long, Walter has so far shown no signs of shrinkage, as we can see in this exclusive CrapCam photo taken earlier today.


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I'm praying for you as you face the brutal winter weather. But remember, before you can boil Walter and eat him, you have to actually see snowflakes.

We're thinking of you up here in Canada, Dave. If you want we can send clothes. In the style section of Saturday's paper - What men think is sexy on a woman - Parkas with fur edged hoods.

I found the sexy parka link!
Snow angels is how I think of women up here anyways.

Sorry I screwed up the link. I'll try again.

Gee -

40's. Wow! Maybe I'll see them in March. Right now it is a heat wave - we actually get above freezing during the day in Minnesota.

40's! That would cause floods around here.

Wow Dave, will they have school closings tomorrow due to the severe weather? It dropped into the twenties here in Ohio last night. Our palm trees all froze - and our apple trees and our cows too, moo.

I can get to the story directly from the paper's site, but everytime I paste the link into a new window I get asked to sign in. Too bad as it is a great story. Here's the tag line:

Snow angels
Forget Victoria's Secret. The hottest fantasy of any true-blooded Canadian male is a woman in a parka, says PATRICK SISAM. There's something about that ring of fur around the face that stirs up primal urges.

From further on in the article:
For the Canadian male, it's like looking at the Victoria's Secret catalogue," says photographer and parka fetishist Jonathan Cliff, who, amazingly, once went on a double date where all four participants bought parkas.

"It was so damn erotic. It gave me wife-swapping, orgy fantasies," he admits.

And you thought that we Canadians were boring!

I gotta take issue with your weatherpersons, Dave ... seems to me that they're starting to create their ownselfs system, rather than follow the "new, improved" method of calculating wind chill ... which, according to the chart, does not (not, knot) actually begin until 40 degrees Fahrenheit has been attained ...

Well, OK, you said Advisory, but it still sounds as if they're using fear-mongering as a forecasting tool ...

(Fear-Mongering Forecasters wbagnfarb?)

Wowser, A-Al ... that's really ... exciting ...

I never realized Walter was such a stylish dresser! Does he have a fur-lined parka as well?

Reminds me of the scene from "Prime" ...

Rafi Gardet: His penis was so beautiful I wanted to knit it a little hat.

Dave....have you been raiding Sophie's Barbie clothes to come up with outfits for Walter?

*wonders when Punky is going to turn around and catch her in the act of stalking*

*taps sly on shoulder*

who are we stalking?

*yelps and jumps in the air*

JEEZ! You scared me! I thought I was stalking YOU. If that's not you up there, then who is it?

it's cbol wearing my dress!

You know, he looks amazingly good in it. But he does need to learn how to accessorize.

Wow. Almost cold enough to keep icecream from melting quickly!

*sigh* I grew up in S.Fla. so I remember....

The weather outside is chilly
So dress up your walrus willy
If the tourists are wearing thongs
Then it's wrong, then it's wrong , then it's wrong!

For those of you who think that 'black ice'
Is a rapping friend of Bo Bice
And that 'snow' only goes your nose
We're all froze, we're all froze, we're all froze!

When the mercury dips below
The temperature at five-oh
Then FEMA sends cards galore
On "Sweaters and what they're for"!

Oh, when August news makes you sick
And Walt's one sweaty oosik
Remember the winter's woes
You (nearly) froze, nearly froze,nearly froze!

'snow' only goes up your nose....

Insomniac, to borrow a phrase from Bumble ~ *snicker*

a "word", actually, not a "phrase".....*sigh*

I'm starting a little project ...

Share your thoughts.

I'll try and post a new question every few days.



Insom.. as always, pure brilliance!!

And while Walter's well-dressed, he does look a little petrified.

Wind chill advisory? We don't get those until it's below zero, and even then I don't pay much attention until we hit negative twenty or so. It's 36 degrees here now. It's downright tropical! I heart Minnesota.



How yew bin?

It's great see Walter is still standing (does he ever do anything else?) despite these frigid SoCenFL temperatures.

Where on earth do you get earmuffs for a whales'....you know what? Nevermind. :)

I've been good, U.O. I'm very busy (and only getting busier; go figure) so I don't often have time to get to the comments. It's sad, I know. At least I'm not whining about forty degree weather!

'lota -

Well, from whut I experienced when home for Christmas, it's a fairly mild winter up there, so far ... altho, east of us in Nodak (and, by inference and prior years' lessons, toward the Cities ...) it got a little more snow, and some rather ugly iciness ...

hang in there, Spring is ... well, if not just around the corner, mebbe only about 6-8 weeks away ...

Busy? Chasing kids and their activities? Only guessin' ... but that seems likely ... I've been there, done that, puked on the T-shirt ...

U.O., I am indeed chasing kids. Not my own, though. There are around forty kids in my after-school program, and another ten in my Girl Scout troop. Then, there are the parents. To be honest, the parents are sometimes more trouble than the kids!

Our snow has mostly melted away. We'll get an inch or less tonight, but it will all be gone again soon. A friend in the Cities said there's a lot more snow there. They can keep it.

Yeah, I know somewhat about the kids/parents dealy ... that's a small part of why I quit teaching, all those years ago ...

Snow? Uh-huh ... whilst home @ Christmas, I fired up the snowblower for the first time in over a year ... we had about 1.5" ... in Bismarck it was 5.5" ... Fargo (where three of my kid's families are) had ... a bunch ... they'll usually get a lot more than us ... which is why we don't usually go visit the grandkids this time of year ...

And it always seemed to be that whatever Fargo got, it sorta slid down I-94 and hit the Cities as well ...

Just northlander chat talk here ... sorry, not funny ...

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