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January 31, 2006


We still have far to go.

(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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Geeezzzzzz........ you mean the guy doesn't like to sit in spilled coke and peanut butter and jelly and boogers? Why ride the bus then?

Locks himself to the bus by the neck, brandishes a petition, rides away on his bike, and the driver is in trouble? Hm.

Oh, wait, I get it, he has a SPECIFIC seat where HE spilled the coke and peanut butter and jelly and boogers and wants to sit in it every day. Reminiscent of the movie "As Good As It Gets"...

The article failed to mention if the fool was removed from the front of the bus before it departed or whether he was allowed to serve as a hood ornament...

Sounds like a fraternity hazing rite.

Mad - Apparently the driver went with the hood ornament option: Berg said Ray has alleged that the driver operated the bus before Ray could unlock himself. Pending further investigation, the driver could be charged with menacing.

Icouldn't find 24, but I found a great flick on the adult channel, '25'. Highly recommend.

"menacing"? it's not the bus driver that was "brandishing" a petition

besides - any idiot who chains himself to the front of a bus should consider the possbility that the bus driver might have the balls to actually drive away while he is still chained to the bus

I think its cool that the good people of Telluride name each other when being arrested.
"Can you name the perpatrator sir."
"It was Frank"
"The farmer with the mole, or the glass cutter."
"No the one who ran for govenor. Who do you think."
"Right, I always thought the glass cutter was screwy."

Galloping Goose - tee-hee

Jack Bauer would have shot
the lock off his neck,
then poke him in the eye
for good measure.

*SNORK* at insom!

*Galloping Goose bus*


Me, too, MOTW

Maybe it was all a big misunderstanding. Personally, I can't tell you the number of times I've accidentally attached myself to things with a U-lock (busses, parking meters, mounted police officers, etc.).

Well, I could tell you, but it would be embarrassing.

This is one of many reasons I refuse to ride the bus. Norwood I Teluride either!



WHOO HOO _ I got the trifecta - A First Post - credit on a story AND an all caps *SNORK*!!

My day is complete!

Perhaps what Ray really needs is the short bus.

Maybe Ray is really Cody the Hippie in disguise?

CoastR - I guess a trifecta is scoring 3 different things and a hat trick is 3 of a kind?

Don't nitpick, pogo - CoastRaven is the Star of The Day!!!

"Star of the Day! Who will it be?
Your vote may hold the key!
It's up to YOU.
Tell us WHO,
Will be Staaaaar of the Day!"

(Familiar to anyone? Chianca?)

Thank you for stickin by my side El!
*tries not to gloat*

We shall overrun.....

Awww Eleanor, the project manager has been nitpicking at me all day, it's my turn.

:) hugs frm Venice, Italy

Off topic (kinda),

Here's an MSM report on Dave's visit to Berkeley in the SF Chronicle.


Mostly good, and he mentions the blog, although he (the SFC guy) refers to something called "A Fine Name for a Rock Band", whatever that is...

Lairbo - "A Fine Name.." is upsetting. May the fleas of a thousand camels infest his armpits.

slightly way off topic - anyone catch Craig Ferrrrguson on the Late Show last night? Incredible.

*hug for pogo* :)

Galloping Goose? Did you ever see a goose gallop? Not a pretty site indeed. They seem to have bowel problems. Not good.

Blue - plus they're meaner than a junk-yard duck. If they're galloping in your direction, your goose is cooked.

Lairbo--I really enjoyed that article! Thanks for posting!!

Annie, yes, I watched Craig last night. His monologue at least. Very touching.

Jeff's loincloth got mentioned in the story!! (the one Lairbo linked to)

geez, "Galloping Goose" was my CB handle when I was a kid.

No, really!

I haven't heard it used elsewhere for like, ever.

I don't know if this is the time to ask, but do geese really gallop?


"meaner than a junkyard duck"

big snork!

Hey Punkin,
That's MYYYY theme song.

You owe me a nickel!

(Boomtown is a dime)

slyeyes - geese waddle. Polls gallop.

Geese don't gallop, or waddle. They are pacers ... according to Jessamyn West.

geese fly. i'm not getting why they need a bus.

Great article, Lairbo! Thanks.

Great article, Lairbo! Thanks.

Double post...grrrr...

Double post...grrrr...

"Galloping Goose" WBAGNFARB, but I think it's actually a reference to "Brokeback Mountain".

BTW Coast, congrats on your trifecta. I got the "daily double", 2 firsts in one day! What are the odds?

Thanx MS - I contemplated retiring after that feat, and going out on top, but y'all are just my kinda odd. I kinda like it here.

Coast, our motto here is "don't get even, get odd."

Mad SB: *snork*

I tried to imagine someone goosing a bus, also wondered why he had to lock himself in to do it.

Reading the article was a letdown. Let me tell, you, I've been reading this blog too long to realize that it was too good to be true.

Someone seems to have locked me to the Geezer bus. Is that the same sort of thing?

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