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January 18, 2006



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Friends? Looks more like snake kibble to me.


what was it Bill Murray said in Ghost Busters about "dogs and cats living together..."?

well, Dave is right, this here is a sign of, if not the beginning of the end, the (as Churchill might have said) end of the beginning.

See ... SEE!!! Thoses folks from PETA were right. This is the beginning of the end of the world as we have come to know it. All creatures great and small will live together in peace.

Now, fire up the grill before they come for your burgers.

Did the keeper's name have to be Yamamoto? Makes me suspect the snake-hampster thing is a decoy.

things scientists have learned from this:

1) frozen tastes as good as fresh!

2) Japanese zookeepers have a warped sense of humor.
("we named her 'meat'")

3)Hamsters, apparently, sleep with one eye open.

"Cross-breed interaction." I bet the far-right republicans are a bit pissy on this subject.

Wait a minute, this "cross-breed interaction" that they promote could be offensive to some. Has anyone notified Pat Robertson that this is taking place so he can inform Tokyo that if they get hit by a hurricane they shouldn't run to God.

Spooky - PeeJay and I simulposted the same thought.

Actually I beat you by a minute. But yes, same page:)


Okay.. so I'm a sucker for cute pet stories. Even when the pets aren't cute.

We're only up to 2036? We must not be doing too badly.

Definately a sign. My snake wants to eat my cat, because the cat seems to think that she needs to hang out on top of his cage.
Of course, when she does walk on top of the cage, he moves and when he moves around she is entertained.

sooooooooo, since hamsters have a very short shelf life, errr, lifespan, when this one dies, will those vets freeze it and serve it up?

Hmmmm...or you could call this story "snake bides his time."
I'd encourage the hamster to wear vertical stripes -- very slimming...

and the lion shall lie down with the lamb. the lamb wont get much sleep, tho. [woody allen]

Their children would probably look like mink scarves.

Annie - Nay, but more like feather boas.

This is just the beginning. Soon all of the pets will unite and rise against us.

I'll bet the snake and 'meat' have the squirrels on speed dial.

I've decided that I'm going to start giving my meals names, too.

("Ebony and Ivory")

Gohan and Aochan , live together in defiance of God's plan.
Side-by-side in their cage, goodness me, it sounds like fun!

*snork* @ Queensbee (and Woody).

Let's see:
(Hippo + Tortoise)x(Snake + Hamster)x(Donald Trump + Suze Orman)=REPENT!!!

Rick--I thought of the very same thing as soon as I saw this story.

In reference to some sort of apocolypse, "Real Wrath of God type stuff," he says something like

"Dogs and Cats, living together--MASS HYSTERIA!"

Rick--or, this could be the middle of the first-third.

Or perhaps it's only the 7/16 of the ante-penultimate hectare (3 furlongs Canadian).

Don't make me cut and paste the whole conversation from IMDB!


Mayor: What do you mean, "biblical"?
Dr Ray Stantz: What he means is Old Testament, Mr. Mayor, real wrath-of-God type stuff.
Dr. Peter Venkman: Exactly.
Dr Ray Stantz: Fire and brimstone coming down from the skies. Rivers and seas boiling.
Dr. Egon Spengler: Forty years of darkness. Earthquakes, volcanoes...
Winston Zeddemore: The dead rising from the grave.
Dr. Peter Venkman: Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together - mass hysteria.

what would we CALL these combined creatures... like what if they liked each other soooo much that they procreated... you know.. a snake and tortoise ... a snortoise? tornake? the possibilities are endless, although, not all of them would be funny. hamster + hippo = a hipster????? hey, wait a minute....

So...do they feed the snake OTHER hamsters? Bet that freaks Gohan out a little bit...

Aochan: You know, Gohan, you're looking a little peeked today, maybe you should eat another sandwich...

Gohan: You think? Really? But I've already had a dozen...

Aochan: No, really, eat all you like. Nobody likes a skinny hamster...

(Just a thought)

I don't think that hamster's going to last long -- the picture shows that the snake is shedding, and pretty much no snake likes to eat when it's shedding -- but as soon as it sheds out......

...That is, if the hamster doesn't chew the snake up first :(

On another note -- why the heck are they feeding a snake HAMSTERS??!?!

Back when we had our snake, we tried to feed him a mouse once, and as aoon as we put the mouse in the cage, it started attacking the snake. He did eventually catch and eat the mouse. We ended up having to take the poor thing to the vet to make sure none of the scratches got infected. (the snake, not the mouse)

Kitt - Good observation! That eye is definitely a little grey. I'd say it's a doomed relationship.

Hey, judi! Someone posted an article by Barry Jackson re: the Dolphins under the section of Dave's Columns. Is Dave ghostwriting now?

Kitt - they're feeding the snake hamsters because they were doing this - hamster earwig from hell

He's just saving it for later . . .

Victoria: I had a pet rat snake as child. We fed it baby mice (eyes not even open yet), since it was basically a baby snake.

They didn't put up much of a fight, but Spot (yes, I named my snake "Spot." Yes, I was trying to be funny.) would stalk/hunt the blind mouse nonetheless. He would sneak around the terrarium, rattle his rattle-less tail against the cardboard box the mouse came in, then, well... he did what snakes do with mice.

The good part was not having to do that very often.

But why hasn't the New Orleans "chocolate" incident been covered? Check out this guy's take on it:


From what I remember some snakes have preferences on what they eat. IE what the food looks like.
I seem to remember a lady who had this nice fur coat on. It happend to be the same color and look as what the snake prefered. The lady just thought the snake liked her.
The scientists never told. Why tell your financier that the boa has a hankering for your coat.
I hear they have been able to get a rattle snake and boa bread. A snake that can reach 30 feet in length with poisonous fangs. Yeah thats what scares me.

Alfred -- not a chance. (The boa and the rattler). For one thing, that would be like trying to breed a cat and a dog in terms of relatedness. For another thing -- if they had, I woulda heard about it!!! ;) ;) ;) Dang, that would be SWEET if it did happen, though...

(Plus, boas only get to maybe 12 feet or so... TRUE boas anyway... But, the green anconda can get to be maybe 25+ feet and weigh maybe 300+ lbs., and it is in the boa subfamily).

You're right about some snakes having food preferences though -- I have one snake who will only eat food that has been freshly killed. Not live (like this snake here) not frozen and then thawed (like all my other snakes) but freshly killed, by me. :( NOT FUN!!! Other than that the snake is a sweetie, though...

Man, these snake posts -- I just ramble on and on.. ;)

Pat Robertson has hemmeroids. Perhaps devine intervention for his being an anus. Perhaps the hungry snake could be used as a palitaive. And Major Nagin's chocholate might help the medicine go down easier.

I don't understand why Gohan hasn't engaged a personal injury lawyer. Perhaps the legal zoo rules in Japan are somewhat different from ours, but a huge class action zoo suit by "hamsters" as a species against "rat snakes" as a species could tie up our legal system for years. That might not be such a bad thing.

pete - that would be impossible - all the attorneys would have to recuse themselves, seeing as they are related to snakes.

HA!! That was MY story! Even if I didn't get credit for it and have no way of proving that I sent it in and that Dave picked MY story.. it still gives me a little warm glow. ahhhhhhhhhhhhh......

Rick, Andrew and Brainy, I am a member of the club. First thought here, also.

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