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January 25, 2006


Key Names That We Are Not Making Fun Of: Jephhren Zefrinus Wong, Lawrence Aissol.

(Via Sploid)


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I think I dated one of those once....

Alas, it just wasn't meant to be....

"Our specialty tonight is a fine freakish large prawn crab, plucked fresh from a tarred access road and served with a very audible dik."

I'll bet, if you prepared it correctly, that thing would be pretty good. Try this:

1. Bring a large pot of water to boil.
2. Drink a Chocolate-Oatmeal Stout.
3. Actually, you should have had that beer opened before the water was put on to boil.
4. Also, don't sweat it if you didn't put any water on to boil.
5. Order a nice steak.
6. Repeat step 2.
7. Repeat step 6.

this is non-crustacean-related, but...today I went to try out for the Jeopardy! show. I didn't make the cut, but I was wondering on the way home if Dave has ever been on celebrity Jeopardy, or would be interested in it. I for one would enjoy it.

I wonder if you can make perfume from those little mud-balls the thing deposits. If so, they might give the whale throwup perfume a run for its money.

"I'll take Penis Mightier for $300, Alex."

"That's Pen is Mightier, Mr. Barry."


...and your wager, Mr. Barry... Texas. With a dollar sign. Unbelievable.

The Dept. of Fisheries is excited almost to the point of - well, you know - that they have a new Project to investigate. Official sources say they were tired of sitting around watching Splash ever day!

LOL, C-bol! :)

"the Coconut Crab is very rare" but the coconut shrimp sure isn't.

Do they have karaoke bars in Malaysia? If so, maybe this critter was just out looking for her husband.

Key quote:
When Christopher tried to hold it, it lunged forward and snapped its claws with a very audible "dik" like two metal claws hitting each other.

Reminiscent of the dreaded "leaping shrimp of Calcutta". I remember some poor bloke who stumbled into a nest of these ferocious crustacians during the war....poor devil.

All they found left of him was a shoelace and
his pocket knife.

(or was it Tailand?)

woops, I mean "crustacean"

I suspect the "scientists" who are making the human bunny are behind this.

These creatures are indeed rare and wonderful.

And they taste great in a cream sauce

"A White Sport Coat and a Pink Crustacean"

Until now, the only very audible "dik" I was aware of was Chris Matthews.

Why did the Bankala cross the road?

No, really, why?

um... why, punkin poo? (do I even want to ask?)

Punkin - to prove it wasn't chicken of the sea?

You're embarrassing me with your penchant for making fun of people's names. For such an accomplished and intelligent man, you do tend to focus on Jr. High humor too much sometimes. Tell me, do you embarrass your wife or children with some of this nonsense?

Dr. Doug, Doug, Doug
Sat on a rug, rug, rug,
he ate a bug, bug, bug,
and got no hug, hug, hug.

Dr. Duh- you're embarassing us with your lack of appreciation of Jr. High humor. Your oversensitivity to this topic means full name must be either:
Dr. Doug In-my-nose
Dr. Doug In-my-briefs
Dr. Doug A-hole-now-lay-in-it or
Dr. Doug My-own-comedic-grave

Hi, I am Larry's brother Harry. It seems that they have unfortunately misquoted our collegue Christoher Chan. The crab did not have an audible "dik". It had an edible "dik". Preparation is very simple. You just sautee it in butter for about five minutes. The meat is very tender and a bit spicey. After you are done eating the meat, you can clean your teeth with the small oosik that remains.

2 loud *snorks* @ C-bol!

LOL, AnnieWBH!

Dr. Doug:

We here on the DB blog LIVE for Jr. High humor! We will even regress to elementary school if the occasion calls for it!

One of our theme songs is:

We don't want to grow up
We are Toys R Us kids

and the other one, as every blogit knows, is:

Oh I'd love to be an Oscar Meyer weiner,
that is what I'd really like to be

No name is funnier than "Barry", be it a first name, middle name, or surname. Oh and Dave is pretty funny also.

ROFL @ Annie

Hey Annie...would it be okay if I linked to your blog from mine? I love your blog btw.

Sure, Zoodle, I would love that. Thanks for the compliment. it puts pressure on me to get new stuff out there, instead of sitting here taking potshots at unarmed (IQ-wise) guys...which, also, is fun.

I am so addicted to eating creatures that breathe underwater that my first thought was, "yum!"

The only thing that really concerned me about this article, (aside from the inability to distinguish when the reporter was reporting and when people were being quoted), was the fact that apparently, if I understood correctly, the same man that regularly sees Long-tail macaques, monitor lizards, and sea otters crossing the road originally thought this creature might be a prawn.

Now correct me if I am wrong, but isn't a prawn just a British shrimp? And again, I may be misinformed, but isn't it a bit abnormal for shrimp to be casually crossing the highway (or tarred road, if you insist on that terminology)?

Two uses of "unique" in one article.

Redundant, to say the least ...

(I sorta thot it bears some resemblance to a scorpion ... but not to a bear ... or a moose ...)

Annie - the Scots ARE British. They live in the northern end of the island of Great Britain.
They revel in success in a few minor skirmishes with the English, choosing to ignore being whopped good at Stirling, Flodden, Culloden, soccer, rugby etc etc.

Dr. Acula - exactly my point. As the Irish say, G0d knew how much the British hated bathing, so he put a moat around them. The Scots beat themselves, so the kilt makes for easy access.....hey, shouldn't you be picking on me on the other thread? No biggie, I guess.

i just know that it's good with drawn butter. who cares what it looks like.

Annie, yes i should have been on the other thread. It was past my bedtime and i got confused. You heard about the Irish? They had a space programme with the aim of putting the first Irishmen on the Sun. To avoid the intense heat, they were going in by night....

"Here is an elusive creature which is willing to live on mud..."

Must be a political news analyst...

(BTW, I suspect this should be filed under "Fun With Photoshop", not that I'm cynical and don't trust anyone, but I'm cynical and don't trust anyone.)

Dr. Acula - My dad tells the same joke about the Scots. He also maintains that Jesus was Irish because he hung out with 12 drinking buddies and his mother thought he walked on water.

Annie - why is it the same jokes are used by the English about the Irish, the French about the Belgians, the Americans about the Poles and the Irish about Kerrymen?
My theory is that big brothers hit little brothers, because they can.
Anyone know who the Poles tell jokes about? Latvians?

Dr. Acula - doesn't matter who the Poles tell jokes about, since they always mess up the punch line. Then there's the whole inability to read thing.

Golly, I really miss being un-PC.

I was going to make an "audible "dik"" joke, but pretty much everyone beat me to it. And did a better job of it.

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