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January 18, 2006


Mr. Gene Weingarten sent in this unusual eBay item. I think it may be too tasteless to put on the blog, but before I make a final decision I thought I should check with you folks. If you do not wish to expose your eyeballs to a questionable eBay item, please do not click on the link. Thank you.


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unfit for office? it's a friggin' potato chip!

tasteless? any comments i might make about "taste" right now, THAT would be "tasteless."

i'm probably going to hell for even thinking this, but disturbing as this auction is, at least there is no implication that this resembles any religious figures.

Well, I've been wanting to go on a diet and this helps eliminate chips.


This auction should be done in conjunction with the infamous Cheeto penis. Or is that penis Cheeto?

Has anyone told goldenpalace.com yet? I'm sure they'll be willing to spend an obscene amount of money on this (which is what the seller is hoping I'm sure).

Does the Washington Post have no "Intenet Use" policy for their company computers, or is Gene exempt?

I think Gene should get it as a friend for his oosik.

Dave, what was that goofy face you made on the today show this morning?

No, definitely do NOT post this item.

"Crunch" ...

(Betcha can't eat just one ...)

Only a man would notice that a potato chip looked like a woman's whoopsy-daisy.


I think this guy has a better deal going. Plus, the CD includes a song called Boogerama.

Sometimes a potato chip is just a potato chip.

Dave, your potatoe chip post is no more tasteless that sucking up to Katie Couric in a desparate attempt to be as famous as Donald Trump. On a serious note, good luck with your new book!

John you forgot to turn off your bold.

Dave, this item IS tasteless, below the usual low standards of this blog, surpassed in tastelessness only by Mike's comment regarding you "sucking" Katie.

OF COURSE it should be posted here! It's PERFECT for this blog, just the kind of thing we have come to expect and anticipate!


PS, I hope I don't get outbid by goldenpalace again!

Oops, thanks for fixing that, wolfie.

You're welcome John *curtsies*

C'mon Elizabeth... "whoopsie-daisy" is SOO elementary school! Can't ya at least call it a "cootchie"

**looks at url, decides not to click**

People put LOTS of these on ebay (trust me)

Looks like Lays is stealing plotlines from Everybody Loves Raymond...

mmmm... salty!

You know, until I looked at the picture (briefly as I am at work and they have rules and what not, I never realized that the aforementioned oopsie daisie is shaped remarkably similar to a jellyfish. Could explain all the jellyfish sightings recently. Most scientists couldn't identify an oopsie daisy properly being as they have so little contact with them.

All of the current scientists or science people on the blog excepted of course.

I thought it looked more like this

But it would make a nice compliment to one of these if you had one

No bids, huh? Go figure.

*snickering at Mahatma Jane*

ahhh rick.... it doesn't take a rocket scientist... did anyone mention chips and dip yet?


Has anyone told goldenpalace.com yet? I'm sure they'll be willing to spend an obscene amount of money on this (which is what the seller is hoping I'm sure).

After they paid $25,000 for William Shatner's kidney stone, I imagine anything's possible.

Hell, if I'd known the damn things were so valuable, I'd have saved my own!

it's a potato chip, for cryin' out loud. Somebody has a dirty mind.

Where's the dip?

Perfect lil' dip scooper, innut?

Looks more like an orchid to me...but then orchids look remarkably like...

...yeah I guess I see it.

So far, the votes tabulated (except for Florida where they are still rigging them) it qualifies as either a chip, an oosie daisie, a jellyfish or an orchid.

And still no bidders. Unbelievable.

i'm not going there. oosic, potato chip... where is this blog going. snork.

Has anyone noticed that the beginning of MEDIUM looks a lot likes this potato chip? In fact, its even got color?

Is this to entice us to go get a bag of chips to watch the show?
I thought too much tv spoiled your sex life?
Was this chip made to help us all turn off the tv and eat chips? I'm not awake yet.

Yes, somewhere, someone has a collection of various artifacts that resemble this wonderful reminder of motherhood. After all, Washington DC has the Washtington monument. We need a building honoring the potato chips there. I'm writing my congressmen. This is MUCH more important than the Supreme Court saying that Doctors can mercifully kill us all.

I think you have to know what you're looking for to see that in a potato chip. However, if you can make some money off of it, more power to you!

"Somebody has a dirty mind."

You rang?

Looks like a "whoopsie-daisy" that has shriveled and dried from lack of use.

And the bastards never even paid me for modeling for them!

at least it's not sour cream and onion.

(daggone it! a perfectly good ebay thread and I'm too busy to look for stuff . . . )

...a potato chip...?

Punky, I don't think I want to make a comment on your "lack of use" situation... oh wait, by saying I'm not going to comment, that *IS* a comment, isn't it?

Never mind. Forget I said anything.

I wonder why the guy who put it up for auction is willing to part with the closest he'll get to the real thing.

My boyfriend and I made this at a sushi restaurant one night, but we didn't have the foresight to try to sell it on Ebay. It did get us a free dessert, though.
Fun with ginger.

Actually, it appears that the seller is female, not a guy as one might suspect.

And Sara, your ginger-crafted whoopsy daisy is outstanding. Kudos to you.

At least it wasn't man boobies....anything but man boobies.

Punkster, I think I can help you with y

MMMMMM potato chips. I love salty potato chips.

Too bad Georgia O'Keefe is dead, she coulda painted it.

damn Sara, I'd eat that!

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