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January 03, 2006


Elmo gets tough.

(Thanks to jjwml)


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glad this wasn't around for my FIRST child.


that's funny , I thought it said "I buried Paul"...

Sorry - off topic, but I hadn't had a chance to tell everyone Happy New Year. Have Joy!!

I guess it was just a matter of time before Elmo snapped. Before he died, I was just waiting for the day Mr. Rogers went postal on the set with a gun and a nice run of explicitives. I would have watched PBS to see that!

Who knew? Elmo was the enforcer for Oscar. Always be suspicious of the little guy with the weeny voice.

Mine said something about putting a hit out on Barney. Didn't really bother me, butI did think it was odd that it came with a sniper rifle.

tickle-me-'till-i-pee-and-then-i'll-have-to-kill-you-elmo just doesn't have the same charm, does it?

PeeJay - Is an "explicitive" like a swear word that causes your mother's ears to explode? Could that also be called a C4-letter-word?

Maybe highly trained intelligence officials are using the same frequency to tap the phones and the Elmo book is just accidentally picking up the transmission signal.

Either that or Abramhoff is using Elmo to send messages to those congress members about to have their butts indited out the wazoo...

And I just have to say I really enjoy American politics. It is a highly amusing soap opera style TV show, kinda like a cross between Days of Our Lives and Jerry Springer with more vote buying. So much better than Canadian politics where dull looking boring men in suits who have trouble smiling constantly poll each other to find out where their party stands on the highly critical issues like wheat subsidies.

Nothing to do with Psychotic Elmo, I just had to share.

Oh come on people. You've all known I wasn't as innocent as I looked since the Internet got hold of my Sex tape with Tigger.

that was Keith Olberman's 'worst person in the world' last nite. i m offended that they would attempt to besmirch the lovely elmo!

Lovely Elmo???? Queensbee, you haven't quite gotten over your holiday hang over have you?


That chip was supposed to go in the Flushing
Your Yucky With Chuckie

Oh poop, jjwml must have sent it in right before I did. :-( All right, my friend, you win this round. But watch your back -- I've got a little red fuzzy guy and I'm not afraid to use him!

Elmo, that video should come with a DNOAW warning.

Oh, wait, I guess the title should have been a clue, huh?

Elmo's looking a little distracted in that video.

Renee - if your little guy is fuzzy and red, you may need to order that guy-powder featured earlier. The one that cures the nefarious bat-wing syndrome.

If all it did was tickle Elmo, then Tigger wasn't doing a very good job of it.....

I new nothing good would come of tickling that little red thing.

I know this is late as I have been doing ACTUAL WORK this afternoon, but...


I always thought Mr. McFeely was going to be the one to go Postal.

Father McFeely wNbagnfa priest.

Meanwhile, somewhere in an assembly plant in China, a creepy little nerd guy is being hauled out of the plant by Chinese soldiers who are taking him directly to the firing squad. Do not pass Go, do not collect $200 yuan.

We all knew this would happen after years of senseless, unabated tickling. Will the Pillsbury Doughboy be next? Remember, he carries a rolling pin and he knows how to use it.

Was that a rolling pin? I thought he was just happy to see me. Although that irritating giggle should have been a clue.

OK, first THIS happens - now Elmo's throwing around death threats. Conincidence? I think NOT!

I'm just dying to go potty ... just sayin' ...

U.O. - You're just potty to go dyin'...

Dave has a quote up on google's Quote of the Day!


Quotes of the Day
Electricity is actually made up of extremely tiny particles called electrons, that you cannot see with the naked eye unless you have been drinking.
- Dave Barry

Yes, Laura, it's on my Google Home Page as well - very cool!

Thanks for pointing it out. :)

I believe I saw some electrons Saturday night! :)

is the Orange bowl over yet??? Triple overtime?

After spending an afternoon with my niece and her new "12 Days of Christmas Elmo," the answer to that question would be, "ME!"

I found a set of new year's predictions that includes what next Christmas's Elmo will be singing.

Off thread, but isn't it

Let's try again: Off thread, but isn't it nice to have good news?

Yes, it sure is. Usually insomnia (the condition, not the blogster) means we're the first to hear bad news. This was a nice change.

...aaaaand four hours later, the good news turns out to be yet another colossal and particularly ghastly "oops" in the wonderful world of individual and mass communications.
I'm so sorry for everybody.

For those who fell asleep, the Orange Bowl ended at 5:18 this morning when crazed fans high on No-Doz stormed the field, amputated the legs of both kickers and made a human pyramid to throw the ball through the goal posts, officially giving Penn State the win.

can't: Yeah, I saw that last night, and heard the truth in the morning. How devastating for those families.

My heart goes out to them all.

Go Lions!

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