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January 26, 2006


This item shall go unreported while The Blog is on book tour.

(Thanks to Jill Kiar)


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I was happy to participate in this scientific study. A First of its kind

I'm gonna say the first on this goes to C-Bol (re: prev item)

Er...not previous. It was two back. Anyway here. At 11:11AM.

well, in my world, 4:05 a.m. is before 11:11, but hey, i'm not sure where you live :)

"Penetrative sex was far more effective in this regard than masturbation or oral sex."

As far as public Speaking on the last part goes... Well no kidding :)

horray for sex!

LOL @ Judi

I love you Judi!

Brainy I know cbol posted it but hey Being on the left coast I never get to be first and I did read the article.

Great timing - I have to give a speech tomorrow.... shoot....

*tries to figure out how he can get into a stressful event so he could justifiy penetration sex - all in the name of science, of course*

Well, it's worth a try...

Kibby Does Jello twister count as a stressful event?

i'm feeling pretty stressed myself....

If anyone needs a stressful event, I have extra I can share. In fact, I tried to come up with an online stressful-event-generator, you know, for Jack Bauer, but I couldn't figure it out, so THAT was stressful...


Wooo hooo!

My girlfriend started getting suspicious when I had to give 22 speeches in one week...

Especially since I'm a bus driver....

Is the writing staff of '24' aware of this?

Judi and Kibby Right rampart red!

So that's why I had anxiety issues last semester!

*wanders over to eharmony.com*

Uh, honey?... Got a big presentation tommorrow... Ya know, if it goes well I'll get that big account... more money:) Jewelry, nice stuff.....
Well I guess plan B isn't as successful, but better than nothing. *Shuts bathoom door and turns the water on*

Ah, Mad, I seem to be a Rampart or two short.

Halleuja! Wait, I never have to speak in public

Is Mrs. Blog touring with Dave?

If not, she may be relieved to know that Dave looked pretty stressed at the Naperville signing.

Kibby You have ramparts they just aren't large. Makes it more challenging for you to touch red. :-)

Left toe green

well, in my world, 4:05 a.m. is before 11:11

judi - I am holding a press conference here shortly so that I may issue a formal statement of apology for my chronological miscalculation.

*looks at watch*
"What? In ten minutes? That's plenty of time."

Pssst, Brainy's on thin ice, pass it on!

University of Paisley? University of Paisley??? I've heard of Oxford, Cambridge, London, a buncha redbricks out in the shires, even of the Open University, but the University of Paisley sounds like some kind of hinckey diploma mill that advertises on matchbook covers.

The chap's name gives a wee hint: Stuart Brody...the University of Paisley is in Scotland (Glasgow and Ayr respectively)I'm betting on the Glasgow campus, those college kids will try anything.

And yes,it's also where the fringed shawls with the wild patterns come from.

scat - if she IS touring with him, you just stepped in it.

Y'all must be a bunch of reporters er sumthin' ... fer all the penetrating questions being tossed about ...

University of Paisley...I think that's where Austin Powers went to school. Groovy baaaabeeeeee!

I was up so late, trying to find a speaking engagement!

I was a part of this study, but after two weeks, my diary was so heavy I got a hernia carrying it to the laboratory.

Ladies and Gentlemen, it gives me great pleasure....

So THAT'S what they really mean when they say that!

I'm told another good way to help relax during public speaking is to imagine the audience naked. I suppose it depends who you are talking to...

right. that line should work well in bars. and they will probably find that penetrative sex for a week solid is good before performing heart surgery, being in a rock band, or appearing on the today show. what will guys think of next. sheesh.

Here's a helpful hint. To get to Penetrativesex go north out of Middlesex past the Hamster-On-Rye then go round-about through Lorrysex, skirt the winky, squeeze on through the tunnel in Gaspain, take the daisy-chain-ring around the rosy, and cork your anus, you're there.

Bloody snorkin' good, Mud, ol' mate. Nearly lost me kippers.

Mud and Blue, please speak English, wouldya?

I'm just going to comment that since I've been REALLYREALLY stressed, I've been testing this technique out full time since yesterday, and my ramparts are REALLYREALLY red... gotta go soak 'em for a while before I can resume the research...

Youse got a prollem wid how I talk?

(That better?)

Blue, dats mush bettir. Tanks.

This Commentary from Biological Psychiatry("Journal for People Who think People are Just a Mass of Molecules") explains well Politicians extracurricular behavior, then, why they blow so much hot air.....

Time to invent "Anti-Viagra" for Republicans....


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