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January 15, 2006


While we're waiting for 24 to start, let's enjoy the visual splendor of this photo of Mr. Gene Weingarten clutching his walrus-penis bone, with the incredibly un-manly festive ivory caps on the ends. Gene seems very attached to his oosik, not that there is anything wrong with that.


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first? waiting for 24 to start!!

OK, is it just me, or does Gene look like he's fixin' to whoop some ass with that thing?

OOSIK. grunt. mine. ATA! grr. ATA! OOSIK! grunt. grr.

It's not just you, TCK. Dave, I'd duck if I were you.

Gene almost looks like he busted through a bathroom door and said...

that oosik is certainly no Walter.

Could that be Evil Terrorist Oosik-Clutching Gene Weingarten? That would make for an interesting 24 sub-plot.

And has this famous oosik been named yet? I'm sure he feels very lost without an identity.

Oosik spelt backwards almost spell kazoo, which may be what the female walruses call it.

Imagine meeting this around some dark alley corner late at night. What defeats a penis bone, anyway? Or is that a can of worms that only specialised worm-can openers should deal with?

We should give him a name! I'm sure Mr. Weingarten would be overwhelmed with gratitude. Who's got suggestions?

Cheesewiz~ You're such a suck up. But then, so are the rest of us.

We should all get t-shirts that say, "Dave loves me best. Of course, we'd have to get an American Girl doll sized one for Walter, too. Or should his say judi?

Do we really need to hear the Fox Sports wrap up instead of the incredibly exciting interglactic premiere of 24?

Joe Buck or Jack Bauer, hmmmmm.

*sticks " after 'best' in previous post*

I don't know about Dave, cuz I hear he doesn't actually read the blog - but I have it on good authority that judi loves me best

Dibs on judging for an oosik-naming contest.

I would like to share what my 3yr old son's comment was to this picture:

"Mom, that is Santa."

Wasn't quite sure how to answer that one.

Meem - as a fellow parent of small children, my advice is to change the subject

I would like to share what my 3yr old son's comment was to this picture:

"Mom, that is Santa."

Wasn't quite sure how to answer that one.

OK, either Meem's having trouble with the automated robot thingy, or there's a serious echo in here

But MEEM ...

... and inflicts +4 damage...

I think that Gene is simply holding his oosik in the most manly way that he can.

Despite his expression, it appears Gene is happy to see you.

If Gene were French, he wouldn't need an Oosik.

Click here.

Anyone want to explain exactly how these measurements are carried out so as not to bias the results? For example, we all know the end result is bogus because French men use centimeters, not inches.

Also, would it be bad form to send this link to a Korean friend? He knows I'm 1/4 French by birth.


You might want to tell your 3 year old that Santa is bringing you a late Christmas toy because you've been a good girl.


All of us.

Is it just me or does Gene's oosik look thicker than Walter? We better get an expert opinion and ask judi.

I suppose it was only a matter of time... ladies and gentlemen, may I present the repurposed Oosik.

Ahem! Let's try that again... me and HTML, we don't get along so well.

here's the link. *sigh* so much for dramatic presentation...


No Megan, apparently you couldn't.

(Hint: it's here.)

And what exactly were you looking for Megan when you found this?

Is that Gene's real hair?

I've seen other pics of Weingarten. Yes, that is his hair. He looks like he's wearing a mop on his head, doesn't he?

Perhaps this has already been addressed and I missed it but, which end is the...uh...front? Just wondering.

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