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January 25, 2006


Snake lovers are uniting.

Meanwhile in Cleveland:  WEWS-TV viewers are on full alert.


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The guy they were checking out for selling snakes should have offered the investigated officers the old snake-in-a-can gag. I'm sure they all would have had a hearty chuckle and wouldn't have been the least bit angry.

investigating officers, that is. *sigh*

And, first!

So ... do they also prohibit other potential public threats?

You know ... terrorists, littering, Barry Manilow?

Oooh! Simulpost with a pretty young lady! Great way to start my day!

Hi, Bumble!

Perfectly fitting for a man named Urban to be a landscaper.

Snake lovers uniting, in public? Didn't think that would fly in Texas.

there is a confusing city code on rodents...

and they keep wriggling when we try to run them through the scanners!


But seriously...I'm confused about the confusing city code on rodents. If you're snake food, aren't you already in enough trouble? "When rodents are outlawed only outlaw snakes will have dinner?"

I just can't think clearly this morning -- I'd better turn my attention to my real job, where it doesn't matter.

Betsy, do you work at my school?

So bascially I need to make my boa out of wood to make it legal?

What if its shedding?

The role of the snake charmer will be played by Al Gore.

Another reason never to go to Texas!

Betsy - now, now...

El...I know it was an easy shot, but I couldn't help it. However it's never affected my voting behavior -- wood vs oil = not a hard choice for me.
*ducks and runs*

I realize I am responding to my own post. But I just realized I had another joke to add.

If my wooden snake sheds, will it bark

El - Hey ! I resent that. :)

I didn't read this article because I hate snakes and spend most of my time trying to forget that they even exist, but I just wanted to say that I think that rounding up all snake lovers (and the snakes they love) all in one room and shooting them all dead . . . . er . . . is a TERRIBLE idea!!!

U.O- Sorry to simulpost and run; had to go to school. Didn't even realize it happened. ;-)

Bumble --

I ran almost before you did ... hadda werk ... talk @ulater

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