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January 31, 2006


(Via Gizmodo)


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Ringtone! Ringtone! Ringtone!


*takes bow; goes back to work*

Hopefully the phones will have bad reception too.

The SOTU is about to begin


It's enough to make you want to turn luddite.

Are we being turned into Borg; assimilated into the corporate-techno-matrix?

am i over reacting?

Cool! Now I can call all my friend and tell him I'm peeing 30,000 feet above his head!

Ain't technology great?!


"Hello, this is your Captain speaking. We've lost two of our four engines and we're miles from any airport. We're all sure to die unless we all...oops...hold on, my cell phone is ringing..."
(Visualize fireball here)

Munchkin, aged 4, who is staying up past her bedtime, points out to me that there are "too many O's" in the title of this thread.

I'm letting her stay up and watch the SOTU address with me, because she said, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, I don't want to go to bed!"

Hey, who'd he just wink at?

Why are we all playing here when we should be watching The State of the Onion? I hear he's going to tell us we're addicted to gas, and order that all refried beans be taken off store shelves and that Beno be added to prescription drug plans.

Actually, it would be kind of fun to send a Snork at 20,000 feet. And then play some video games with the guy next to me. I am over 6 foot so sleeping isn't going to happen anyway.


This is my favorite blog, for me to poop on!
from www.netdiaster.com

(sorry I don't know html)

ATTENTION: I spelled disastser in www.netdisaster.com wrong. However, I meant to.

(also, I think I find the gun disaster WAAAAY to enjoyable.)

Now I'm going to have to get one of these

Whoa JimW, sign me up! (Although if it's unsafe to use a Gameboy during takeoffs and landings what are the odds that one of those jammers wouldn't tank a 747?)

I have a good feeling that there will soon be a major increase in airline violence.

"Hey...I'm in the air now.. yeah..no,..In the PLANE! what? She DID that?....no way...no WAY!...I told her, I says to her, do NOT get that outfit! and so she does it ANYWAY! Oh my God!....she's such a


Headline: "Woman is rushed to hospital to remove lap tray from ass"

Interesting quote: With timer mode approximately 150 times, approximately with continual ON 4 hour.

So, if we do the math ... 150 x 70 seconds = 175 minutes.
4 hours = 240 minutes.

If we use it intermittently, we get less time jamming than if we just leave it on?

Um ... I think I'll wait for the upgrade ... either in the product, or from the ad copywriter ... (There is no such thing as an "engineering" upgrade ... engineers are not capable of producing such a result.) (Don't get me started ... y'all have been warned.)

I want to know how many times Dave has voted no on the survey about airplane cell phone use.

297 for
1281 against

and yet they still dont allow guns.

Anybody been on a long-distance train lately? Idiots on cell phones everywhere...yak yak yak...no escape...make them stop....ARRRRGGGHH.

Time for my meds again already?

People who come into the dollar store wearing dirty clothes with holes and counting pennies to buy a pack of gum carry cell phones now. Am I the only person on planet earth who still doesn't?

Bumble - Those of us who carry cellphones have a love/hate relationship with them. Sort of like call waiting--it's great when you need it but the rest of the time it's a nuisance!

Airlines, way back, used to have smoking and non-smoking sections. I can forsee at least one airline trying "cell or no cell" sections -- plane's loud enough that there probably wouldn't be an issue.

I think it's OK to allow cell phone use on planes as long as the Air Marshalls are allowed to ID any user as a TERRORIST and blow 'em away. Then they won't do that again.

For other non-plane (not plain) locations, I think the jammer is a GREAT idea! I GOTTA HAVE ONE!! Shoot, I'll even jam my own...

I TRIED not to have a cell phone, but family members who shall remain nameless (we'll just call them "Mom" and "Dad" for purposes of clarity) determined that, tho humans have survived without cell phoned for thousands of years, they are a survival necessity and got me one of those prepaid numbers. Touching in the "Gee they love me and worry about me" sense but it kinda kills the "see, people CAN survive without cell phones experiment."
*end of rant*

ML, since building smoking sections are outdoors these days, I suggest doing the same thing for airplane cell phone users...

Bumble - trust me on this one - you're better off without one of the damn evil things - people can track you down no matter where you are - there's no escape - sure you can just not answer it, or shut it off, but then you get: "Why didn't you answer your phone when I called? Don't you want to talk to me? Are you avoiding me?" etc.

Do you remember in the 60s and 70s people walking around talking with themselves? We all thought they were crazy (or on drugs - whichever you prefer). Whodathunk they were years ahead of their time and practicing for cell phones?

(Of course, if you do remember the 60s and 70s, you are doing better than most, especially those cell phone psychics.)

Didn't Jack Bauer hurt someone with a cell phone? Isn't there a case to be made for that to avoid having to listen to someone yak on the phone while on a plane. Although there isn't a ton of logic involved with the TSA. I was on a plane with a cop who had completed the paperwork to carry his gun on the plane. The TSA guy did confiscate his nail clippers though. So he had the gun but not the clippers.

Bumble: I have a cell phone...ONLY a cell phone. I love it. I can set in on vibrate (no cracks ), turn the ring OFF, check caller id and NOT answer it if I don't want...AND...best of all, it's always in my purse or pocket if I WANT to use it. Best of all, I have all the numbers I need programmed in, so I don't have to remember or look up phone numbers.

OK. So the answer to my question is "yes." Not for long though. Through no fault of my own, my sister has decided to buy me a pre-paid cell phone. Actually, I guess it is my fault. She said they're giving it to me as a reward for my good grades. And because she worries about my safety when I'm on my way to see her. Oh, well. I'll join the flock. Baaa.

As someone who flies quite frequently, all I can say is "God help us all."

another advantage of cell phones is that I very seldom (almost never) get a call from a telemarketer ... ever ... not to mention @ dinner time ...

I haven't had a landline phone in over eight years ... sure, sometimes they don't work when you need them, but wherever you might be when that happens, chances are that a landline phone is equally inaccessible ... merely sayin' ...

... and no ... I do NOT want to be able to use the phone while in an airplane ...

U.O. ~ so glad you're back. Or, maybe you never left, and I'm the one who's getting a little screwy...anyways, how ya doin'?

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