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January 30, 2006



The candidate is gearing up for Campaign 2008 by kissing babies in Berkeley.

(Thanks to Higgy for the baby and the photo)


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Dave, did you pick out the baby's outfit?

AWWWWWW!!!!! Way too cute for words!!

LOOK OUT DAVE!! I think he's gettin' ready to hurl!

oh well - at least it ain't the blue shirt

Shameless self promotion.

Interesting background for the photo: Earth Based Spirituality ? I prefer mine alchohol based .

Dang - I love the little babies. I'm guessing the rice crispy oosik is easier to care for, though. I can't believe Higgy was willing to part with it!


won't someone be wanting that baby back?

Wow, Dave signed a couple books for me, but I didn't think he would sign a child! BTW, what's that stain near Dave's elbow?

*Too cute, Higgy!*

OHHH MYYY GAAAWWWDDD!!! Higgy, are you going to print this out poster-size for the nursery? AWESOME!

This is Higgy's best birthday EVER! If I do say so for him myself. ;) Yay, Higgy!!!

Careful Dave,
You might give Mrs. Blog some ideas. Cute pic though.

That is so cute! Lucky kid. Someday he can go to school and brag, "Yeah, I met Dave Barry. I even spit up on his shirt!"

Thousands applaud wildly at beautifulness of photo!!!!

Eleanor is link happy today!

Babies. Why did it have to be babies?

Kissing hands and shaking babies?

Happy birthday to Higgy!

I wonder if the Higglet farted on Dave???

May I be the one to point out that this is the first time we have seen actual "books" in a Book Tour Strumpetimg update in a week - I was begining to think the Book part of the Tour had been abandoned.


So is Dave in Berkeley or Seattle today?

Either way, I don't suppose he's coming to Alaska. Publishers don't seem to know there is a state north of Washington. We only get authors whose books are thought to be of interest to Alaskans. Recent booksignings for books about avalanches and swimming across the Bering Sea come to mind.

Although if Dave doesn't like the rain in Seattle, he'd really hate Juneau...

Awww. Quite a cutie. My wife and I are expecting (again) and I'm getting into baby mode. I enjoyed this photo.

Hey Dave, if you come to Juneau, you could pose with my oosik!

Andrew: congrats.
Mr. C: *snork*

Yay for Baby Owen, the Higglet!

Oh, and a new bumper sticker idea, Dave:


(or would it be, "humortarian"? "humorcrat"?)

Happy Birfday Higgy!!

Did Dave offer to babysit as a birfday present? And did you thank him for the offer, but say that you'd rather just take a small pile of unmarked $100's instead?
He's rich! Always be prepared to capitalize on the cuteness of infants.

I'm not too sure about that spirituality sign over Dave's head...
Isn't he out promoting shameless capitalism this trip?

...yes, and all those 'faith-based spirituality' books were free...

Yay! I remember that baby!

Thanks for coming Dave, as I promised, I'm finally posting here!

Shameless self promotion.

Posted by: Down in Texas | 03:12 PM on January 30, 2006

you might wanna check with the schoolmarm and see if she can help you improve yer readin' skills...or get some glasses.

What kind of whacked out bookstore has an entire WALL devoted to Earth Based Spirituality & has Daves book in stock?!?

Oh yeah - Its Berkeley

The kid is searching the shelf behind Dave for a title on Womb Based Spirituality.

Looks like Dave is cradling the baby in some kind of football carry. Hope he doesn't get a touchdown and spike the little feller.

Congrats Higgy and baby Higster!

Now, WHEN Dave comes to Boston, do I have to present him with offspring too? (I better get to work on that!)

Carolina H - Welcome!! You'll find we're all bozos on this bus.

Selfless shame promotion?

judi. I was kidding.

Oh yeah - Its Berkeley

Watch out, CoastRaven - that's my alma mater you're dissing!!

Tie dye, anyone?? :)

Not dissin at all El - just sayin they have been known to use their license for wierd a little more efficiently than the rest of us.


I'm new here, but I just had to say, I'd give up my firstborn, too, if Dave would only bring his book tour to the Detroit area.
But I don't have a firstborn, so I guess he's not coming.

AHHH - Eleanor - Berkeley is my alma mater too!

CUTE pic of the Higlet!

Berkeley? Looks more like "Burply."

How are we gonna top this when Dave comes to LA? First a rice krispie-oosik, then a bison, then a penguin, now a baby...this is like a dang scavenger hunt.

Berkeley? Berkeley?! Berkeley.... oh, California. I'm from St. Louis and Berkeley here means something completely different. Carry on.

I never have figured out why politicians insist on baby-kissing, since they can't vote, and it could leave the poor kids emotionally scarred for life... as noted by several people above however, barfing on His Daveness is completely different, since he's not only strumpeting votes but books too. NTTAWWT.

tex: i was dead serious.

higgy: happy birthday! one of the local thundertechs just came up here and we had an enjoyable few minutes looking through all the pics and birthdates....

Thanks to everybody for the kind comments - it was great to be at the booksigning and Owen behaved like a champ! Thanks also for the birthday wishes!

Awww!!! What an excellent photo of both!!! Owen looks so happy!

It looks like Owen just told Dave a joke - "...gaa goo gaga goo ba doo...booger!"

Not an original comment, I know, but that's sooo adorable. Good picture of both. Dave doesn't look 59. He's aged well. Or maybe he just hasn't aged.

Bumble, I agree, he's aged well... and the blue shirt looks good on him, as always...

Mad~ I think he's the other one in the picture. But I could be wrong. :-)

Only in California.
Perhaps we need Moon-based spirituality?
David, why on Earth do you pose in front of this wacko-looney book shelf?

Dave, time to update the presidential campaign website for 2008!! - and I like Andrew's "Humorcrat" idea (unless, of course, your candidacy isn't meant to be funny)

What a sweet picture!!!! And the baby is looking up at Dave so adoringly...awwwww. :)

A good day-brightener, to say the least.

Ha ha! That baby is so cute his cuteness dial goes to eleven!

What an awesome picture! Dave looks happy, the baby is looking up at Dave happily...SO CUTE!!!

Long live the Higglet!
Happy birthday Higgy! :)

dave's still got the grip! and baby clearly knows he's got total control over this human.

Great picture, Higgy, and Happy Birthday!

Looks like Owen just told Dave, "But first...Roo Roo."

(*read the book*)

bizrey - nice reference!

Mrs. Blog here, stressing emphatically to Dave and his clever followers that while that photo with the baby is oh-so-very-cute, Mrs. Blog is NOT IN ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM getting any ideas.

Hi Mrs. Blog! Nice to meet you!

I'm sure Sophie would love a little brother. Oh, my, I didn't even send this post and already I can feel the glare from Florida. Yipes.

Anybody else have any doubt that Dave wil make a wonderful grandpa?

Awesome pic! And Happy Birthday Higgy! Where did he sign the baby?

(ok time to go home!)

Hee hee hee! Hi, Mrs Blog!

Okay, no more bloglets (not bloglits) for The Blog, but Webmom is right; The Blog'll make a great Grandblogger. (Get on it, Rob!)

Hi, Mrs. Blog! Are you going to Turin to cover the Olympics? We Bloglits occasionally follow sports, in between sending articles about lo-flow toilets, whale vomit and earwax to your husband.


Hola, Mrs. Blog!

Por favor bloglit más a menudo. Somos un grupo exigente pero nosotros no le forzaremos a tener a otro bebé mono.

Podemos gimotear y poder mendigar, aunque.

*waves hi to Mrs. Blog*

It's very exciting that you stopped by, for whatever reason!!!! :)

I'm too jazzed to think of anything to say *sigh*.

Sssshhhhhhhh! You'll wake the baby!

And Mrs. Blog is here ... act sober!

Good evening, Mrs. Blog. Thank you so very much for loaning us your Spouse of Choice, for our personal enjoyment and laughter.

Mrs. Blog is here?!?!

*dashes around with dustmop and vacuum*

Hey Mrs Blog. You gotta admit, something about guys who are good with kids is infantly attractive... Okay, bad pun. It was worth it though

Hey Dave, what's up with the "Earth Based Spirituality" signage. No offense, but "Mirth Based Spirituality" might be closer to the mark.

Obviously Dave and Baby Owen are both enjoying that moment! Great picture! Happy birthday, Higgy! Beautiful baby!

And a tip of my cape to Mrs Blog!

THAT is the most adorable baby pic I've seen in the last hour.

That baby must be into earth-based spirituality.

Mrs. Blog again...taking a break from my story on 52-year-old Venezuelan luger who lives in Boise, Idaho (the kind of story you just don't get in the Toledo Blade)...Yes, I am, indeed, heading to Turin for the Winter Olympics -- my ninth Olympics -- and guess what? My editors think it would be "fun'' if I blog. Perhaps Mr. Blog will let me borrow his crapcam. Kinderblog in charge of the house in my absence. Ciao.

CoastRaven, you read my mind.

Wowser, Mrs. Blog ... I'd give ... a hundred dollars, to get the chance to do a story like that ... or one about a 108-year old scout for the cavalry ... um ... that one's been done ... how about a 26-year-old West Highland White Terrier who solves a murder and breaks up a spy ring at the Winter Olympics, while bringing the Gold Medal in Curling back to Scotland, where it really belongs ... after shutting down Canada in the final end with a perfect takeout on the hammer stone ...?

Wowser, Mrs. Blog ... I'd give ... a hundred dollars, to get the chance to do a story like that ... or one about a 108-year old scout for the cavalry ... um ... that one's been done ... how about a 26-year-old West Highland White Terrier who solves a murder and breaks up a spy ring at the Winter Olympics, while bringing the Gold Medal in Curling back to Scotland, where it really belongs ... after shutting down Canada in the final end with a perfect takeout on the hammer stone ...?

U.O, it seems to be repeating on you.

U.O - that story's been done before...by you...a minute ago.

Mrs. Blog -let me guess - your editors just added doing a blog on top of doing your other assignments. How nice of them! If there's any way we can help, let us know. Some of the women on this blog are pretty savvy in the sports department. At the very least, have the editors 'review' your stuff at say, 3 am EST.

Torino's motto is "Veni. Vidi. Verychilly." (=I came. I saw. I froze my tail off.)

I wonder if the Higglet farted on Dave???

Posted by: Leetie | 03:28 PM on January 30, 2006

Leetie, why do you think Dave's laughing?

Eleanor AND President elle hail Berkeley? GAWD!

... and I hear it's refered to as Bezerkly?

Mrs. Blog going to Italy? Hum, wonder if a road trip's in order? MeThinks I'm the closest blogit.

Oh for !!!

How'd that happen?

din't think I had a finger twitch ... um ... din't have the thingy set on "auto repeat" ... um ...

I was tired? Not that tired ... I dunno ... sorry 'bout that ...

Oh for !!!

How'd that happen?

din't think I had a finger twitch ... um ... din't have the thingy set on "auto repeat" ... um ...

I was tired? Not that tired ... I dunno ... sorry 'bout that ...

I think there's an echo in here....

I think there's an echo in here....

webmom, a *snork* for you! Dave as a Grandfather is totally beside the point!! Have you forgotten His Daveness is a CANDIDATE?!?! OF COURSE he looks like he's having a good time... that's what candidates DO. Well that and pick your pocket... not that OUR candidate stoops to the level of the "usual" scum, but...........

Related advice: after shaking hands with any candidate or politician, count your fingers...

Mrs. Blog. Congrats on the trip to Torino. I assume that with your press credentials you'll actually get into some of the events. I've heard that people attending the Olympics are having to stay in hotels pretty far from the actual Games.

Re: an Olympic blog...do a link from here so we can find it.

Which events will you be covering?

Loves luge, downhill, skating, jumping, bobsledding

Daisymae - I'm especially with you on the ski-jumping, a mind-blowingly extreme sport before there ever was such a term.

Oh, and, um, Hi to our new favorite correspondent Mrs. Blog.....

AWWWWwwww for the photo. Hi to Mrs. Blog. And a friendly nod in the general direction of our Stealth Bloggerette.

Durn - I missed a lot last night. Not only did my wing of the Bloghouse get completed in another thread, but I missed out on virtually meeting Mrs Blog.
*goes to his corner of the Bloghouse to sulk and sober up a bit*

Coast: You should really try to limit yourself to ONE fifth of JD per night! :)

Just sayin'....

awww. good thing you dint have the blue shirt on dave... baby woulda blended in...

tex: i was dead serious.

Posted by: judi | 05:11 PM on January 30, 2006


I DO limit myself to one fifth El - one fifth of whatever stock the bar has left. My buddies drink the other 4/5. Unfortunately last night was only beer though. Fortunately I have never gotten a hangover!

Belated greetings to Mrs. Blog from me as well. I guess Sophie will just have to make do with the little buffalo, huh?

Oops -- spent so long catching up on this thread that I forgot its origins and therefore forgot to comment on the magnitude of cuteness of non-CrapCam photo.

I concur with eleven on the cuteness knob.
Belated congrats, Higgy. Here's wishing you... sleep.

Yes... Next to the spirituality thingy they had Islam for Dummies, French and Spanish books. And a picture of Amy Tang on the wall...

Thanks for the welcome!

That baby knows who Dave is! I think he might be a blogger. Get him a keyboard!

Marianne.... Have you been reading the blog?? I think the baby already HAS a keyboard! :-)

The Higglet picture is wonderful! Too bad the folks who run the blog in Kansas didn't allow html code in our posts there tonight. I tried to upload this pic of Dave "being all candidateful" (?), but it said it rejects posts like that. Darn Jayhawks!

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