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January 31, 2006


Possibly inspired by this blog's high-quality and insightful live coverage of 24, the Wichita Eagle newspaper editorial board blog is going to be  blogging the State of the Union speech tonight, and apparently you can comment on the speech while it is being delivered. I mention this because (a) the higher powers at Knight Ridder asked me to, and (b) the publisher of the Eagle, Mr. Lou Heldman, once performed "The Tupperware Song" with me live in front of 1,000 Tupperware distributors. Also in the band were Mr. Gene Weingarten and Mr. Tom Shroder of the Washington Post. Here is an account of our performance.  God knows how far we could have gone as a band if we had not been destroyed -- like so many great musicians -- by journalism.


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I think he was shot before the SO even began.
Get the feeling that he too wants to run for president.

Naw but I did want to wax off that rogue eyebrow.

You guys so rock! Hope you don't mind if I stop by for a shower once and awhile:-)

And He*l no!!
Woohoo. He tracked us down. Hard to do really cause we were soooo stealthy weren't we?

Nice to cross pixels with ya JM and come back soon k? Welcome to the blog.

wolfie - just so ya know, JM's a guy, and yet, he invited me ta take a shower with him - NTTAWWT

Can I be the loofah?

Did I say that out loud? I'm going to bed now.
G'nite everyone.

Didn't your mother tell you about lying? I said no shower, but peanut butter and oily rags . . . now that's another atory!

*Can I be the loofah?*


sorry JM - but if yer gonna hang around these parts, yer gonna have to get used to me missing the entire point of any given conversation - and also me lyin' about any guy I think might be scorin' points with any of the chicks (and I mean "chicks" in the respectful connotation - any hate mail should be directed to C-bol)

Hey Dave bloggers!

Thanks for visiting us beknigted folks in Kansas.

Sounds like a good name for a rock band.

I didn't know Dave had a blog. I miss his columns alot.

I'll be coming back from time to time. As you might imagine my duties as a liberal blogger in Kansas keep me pretty busy. (Hard to educate folks when the crowd with pitchforks may show up anytime)

Come on back to WEblog anytime. Trust me Kansas needs ya.

A point to conversations? Here? Eeeeek.

Judi...if you are still reading by this point...email me the Tupperware song...and I would be delighted to play it. (and I could even play you some Counting Crows too...)

judi - are you still up? I'm still waitin' ta hear 'bout that picture

Did anyone notice that the loudmouth neocon posters over there pretty well disappeared once we showed up?

Good job, all.

Mr C - I noticed that too - hard as I tried to pick a fight, I couldn't find any takers - damn wimpy right wing wackos

TCK - no kiddin'. Apparently when they want a fight, they send other people to fight it for them.

hear about a picture? do you have one up somewhere? i'm off to bed now tho...

Mr. C - ouch. Too true, too sad. I had a hard time tonight following President Forceps-at-birth Bush. Seems like there was a tape delay...between his brainlet and his monkey-lips.

judi - I found a picture of TCK. It's from the University of Montana, it's smutty, and he's low on the food chain....so I'm pretty sure it's him!

Sorry I couldn't join in the fray real-time (couldn't even listen to the speech), but having looked at the SOTU comments posted at the Wichita Eagle blog, it looks like those from this blog were a solid mix of opinion and wit.

Wolfie, Sly, TCK, Daisy, MarieIK, others (sorry if I'm leaving anyone out who should be specifically credited) - you did a bang-up job. Foil hats off to you all. Wish I could say the same for POTUS.

what Blue Meanie said - Great show guys!

welcome JM and JR! (n hopefully Tramp:) hope y'all hang around a while. we have lots more fun n are waaay more innerstin'

Annie.. *SNORK*

Annie W-B-H,
My God, that's what TCK looks like? And he wanted to shower with me? Smutty, TCK, bad. No wonder you try to drive off competing males.

Ooooo he came back!

*gets overexcited*

*faints* (In a cute girly way. Not a sloppy hangover way)

Annie: *snork*

Thanks, Blue, wolfie led the way.

Their server was a challenge. It kept double stopping me from posting with those stupid codes. Why would a robot want to post on a blog about the SOTU? Why would a robot want to post on any blog?

Did you guys see at the end of the blog, the guy (not Dave) who invited us thanked us for coming.

I went back and checked daisymae. It was very nice of him. And to not be annoyed either.
The server did need some help tho. I had to close that tab and open a new one several times when it stopped letting me post. As if I was posting too much or something.
Sheesh. *hairflip* As if I'd do such a thing.

daisymae - sorry about blaming you for the John McCain comment last nite - the whole thing about the name being at the top of the next person's comment got me confused (that and the amount of booze I drank before and during the speech)

Annie - while I'll be the first to admit to being smutty, I want to go on record right now and say: I DO NOT HAVE SPORES!!

there, now that I've got that cleared up, I'll tell you that I e-mailed El a picture of me last nite, and I might have sent one to you too, but you wouldn't let me out of the doghouse last night, even after I behaved myself all day yesterday - and now you're bein' mean

so booger!

Pictures? Hello? Remember me? Loofah girl?
*gets huffy and considers having hissy fit*

and why didn't *I* get this picture?

Want to have a hissy fit with me judi? They are much more dramatic when done in a group than by myself.

TCK, I saw the pictures! you may not have spores, but being one is a completely different story. The peanut butter and oily rags are out. Heaven knows what a large spore would do to peanut butter.

Wolfie, will a loofah take care of spores? Degenerate minds want to know. *Grabs oily rag from garage and heads for basement.*

*zips in*

Sheesh, I missed all the fun last night! I'm going to *zip* over there, it sounds like it was a great evening!

judi - if TCK doesn't send you a pic today, let me know and I'll forward mine.


Oh, and Dave: How could you stand playing music while the Tupperware distributors were "burping" their containers instead of applauding? My God, man, the noise alone would have left me screaming, which for me is probably okay, as my regular singing voice sucks.

As for band names, if you haven't visited, http://sam.hochberg.com/bandname.html then you might want to skip it. Some of the names arn't for adults, let alone adults.

JM ~ the loofah or any one of a number of other toys
*eyes toybox peeking out of the shaodws*

Not a problem. What are you plannin on doing with those slippery oily rags tho?
Pervish minds want to know.

*zips back*

zionist masters WTF???

Now I'm p!ssed!!

to say nothing of the Viva El Razo Blanco or whatever it was!

Who are these people????

El - I'm catchin' hell from all quarters here - wolfie's throwin' a hissy, cyn sent me an e-mail signed "formerly yers," followed by a "HaRumph! n PPFFFFTTTT," and now I've managed to offend judi, who knows all and sees all, and who used to love me best...

anyway, my problem is that the picture I sent you is on my laptop, which I don't have with me, so could you do me a huge favor and like psot that picture somewhere, or e-mail it to whoever wants it, or e-mail it back to me so i can dig myself out here...


"zionist masters WTF???" Oh my God, Ed must be back? I thought we locked him in the closet.

"to say nothing of the Viva El Razo Blanco or whatever it was!" That would be Ian. I think he thinks he's a white guy living in the 50's.

"Who are these people????" Just your ordinary combination of mid-american wackos. I'm one of em, but I'm a sick wacko, so it's cool.

"What are you plannin on doing with those slippery oily rags tho?" I can't talk now, I'm busy in my basement doing weird things with oily rags.

*zips back in*

*fans self*

*wipes brow*

Well, I just read the whole SOTU blog and I have to say - pause - well, I really don't know. I did leave a message about never visiting Kansas since I'm Jewish, but still....

JM - I think you're pretty cool - welcome to the DB blog, hand around if you can. :)

hee, hee, hee!!!

TCK's begging me - woo hoo!

AnnieWBH, s'girl, Bumble (if you're here yet), wolfie, and all other female types who have been - how shall I say this - toyed with by TCK, whatever shall I do???

*waits for advice*

picture?...picture?...there's a picture of TCK?

(wondering why I haven't received it)

"JM - I think you're pretty cool - welcome to the DB blog, hand around if you can. :)"

Hand around what, Eleanor? Are you propositioning me? Cool, I ain't been propositioned in, like, thirty years. (Ya, well, okay, the loofah sponge thing was kinda one.)

El.. i didn't read the Kansas thing til early this morning.. n i kept thinking whereTF is El!? if i'da been there last night i'da e-ed ya! just stay here n pretend the meanies don't exist!! (the nice, funny ones came over here anyways;)

Kinda? Geez, I need to be less subtle.

*waits for advice*

bring the feathers;D

wolfie - he's from Kansas, so "kinda" may translate to "woo hoo", for all we know! :)

El ~ I think I will wait for TCK to freely offer up his picture rather than guilting him into it. I for one intend to wait until he's begging me to take a look at it. I do like when a man begs.
*contented sigh*

wolfie..."loofah"...maybe he didn't know what a loofah was

cyn: there weren't really any meanies...just an off-the-wall guy named Ian (said he was a White, Cuban male ). As Dave can attest, we've got LOTS of them in So Fla.

*(the nice, funny ones came over here anyways;)* - true

Just because I live in the ozarks doesn't mean I don't know what a loofah is. It's ah . . . ummm . . . it's a shoe,ya, that's it, as in "see his new pair of loofahs. He's got a brand new kansas quarter in each one."

...new pair of loofahs. He's got a brand new kansas quarter in each one *snork*

JM - ask wolfie what other kinda toys she's got in that box

oh, and BTW, the Ozarks ain't real mountains - just sayin' :)

time check

11:56a.m. PST

pst? are you telling secrets, Eleanor? or did you spring a leak? *grins, smooches El and runs away*

neo, it was a secret answer to bangi's time check. :)

Here's another:
2:18 PST

thanks for the pic, eleanor ;)

so tck.... hmmmm ;)

pssst, judi. There's a Mrs. TCK

Gee, doesn't anybody love ME best anymore?


Oh, Mr. C... no matter what anyone else says...I always tell everyone that you're (not your) the ginchiest. The UTMOST, in fact!

Oh, and that you're really, really HOT, too!

So, who loves ya, baby? :D

S'girl... I... I'm ginchy?

*sniff, sob* That's the nicest thing anyone's said to me since I logged on!! *sob* Thanks!

As for being "hot", well, I do have that spicy Italian blood coursin' through my veins... just sayin'...

And Telly Savalas still loves me, apparently.


If Lou Heldman had only been a Tupperware salesman, the newspaper business would be much better off. This is a guy who ruined everything he touched and is now riding on an ego as a "senior fellow" who thinks he knows more than Davis Merritt...a true newsman and someone with intellect.

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