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January 26, 2006


To protect the (without a doubt) innocent.

(Thanks to Greta Hansen)


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Oh, that's SUCH a bummer!

He should be introduced to Big Pussy from the Sopranos.



No one tell him what that means in English. I don't think he'd be able to take it.

That reminds me of a scene from The Simpsons where Marge was hired to paint a naked portrait of Monty Burns:

As he first views the completed painting:

Burns: Thank you for not making fun of my genitalia.

Marge: (snickering) I thought I was!

I thought all they were doing on Australia Day yesterday was having fireworks and playing tennis - who knew?


oops. I posted at 6:34pm (blog clock time) on the wrong thread.
No wonder I didn't understand any of the other posts and just thought everyone ELSE was dumb - and it turned out to be me!!!!
I hate when that happens! :(

hey, he has the same initials as tck!

Thats pretty funny,Judy!

U.O. - DON'T go calling him please......

Oh my goodness, he has the same initials as tck!

...so this is the Red Menace I used to hear so much about?

I tried (to call) but his phone is totally busy ... must be the advertising, eh?

There is just nothing that I can add to this!

U.O, You tried calling him? Didn't you learn your lesson last time?

Oh no, here we go again.
Well, at least we know that annie Where-but-here will enjoy this blog.

i guess he will have a 'hard' time fulfilling the penetrative sex part before he has to speak before their parliament... or maybe not...

On the plus side, Tiny Kox has a faithful relationship with his partner and he is like a Guiness Beer marketer. OTOH, he probably has to make a high pitched screech to avoid walking into things.

Eleanor, it's always the right time to praise St. Roger!

Well, he IS a Socialist . . .

I think he should get together with this/.

I think he should get together with her.


Did anyone else notice he has the same initials as tck?

Lesson? Whut lesson? Whut "last time" ... ?

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