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January 29, 2006


Maybe the word he actually used was "erection."

(Thanks to Ted Habte-Gabr)


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Maybe Dave misunderstood his editors when they begged him for "just 8 inches of copy"....

comment? what comment can you make here?how about Ewwww.....!

There's an old joke about Eleanor Roosevelt and ... nah, nevermind ...

PB -- mebbe the editors really want "eight inches of copy" but planned to have it in a "two column" layout ... eh?

Hey, he's a sensitive chap. And, if he uses Viagra, is it a "real" erection.?

Hey, he's a sensitive chap. And, if he uses Viagra, is it a "real" erection.?

I already had sex with him two times yesterday.

And Father Massimiliano made a pass at my husband.

So, pfffffft.

Or however you say "pffffft" in Italian.

"swears off sex" + "twice married" = "defends family values"?

Yeah. And 2+2=5, too.

One should, perhaps, not be too hasty to judge ...

"Twice married" may only mean that his first wife passed away, and after a suitable period of mourning, he began social interaction with everyone.

Some time later, he may have met the second, true love of his life (one may only hope to be so fortunate, in a life ridden with hazards and misfortune) and they are deeply and richly in love ... in the most respectable sense of the word and/or concept.

Or not. Whutever ...

(Even if the AP Stylebook has a rule or guideline for second marriages, and how to describe them in print, it is doubtful that such rules would apply to Italian media.
A person who has lost a spouse to death might be designated as "remarried," or "widowed, and remarried," or "remarried only after a mannerly period of mourning, following the deceasement of a much-loved lifemate" ... well, several options are available.
OTOH, the "divorced and remarried" person should be much easier to identify, journalisitically speaking.
"Twice-divorced ..." (Thrice, Fice, Mice ... however many times) would certainly clear up any misconceptions about the sanctity of marriage and/or family values held by the subject of any reportage.)

Thank you for understanding the importance of the above discussion.

We are merely trying to be of assistance.

My fellow Italians, if "erected", I will not run, I will not pass go, I will not collect 200 Lira.

My fair city once boasted a business legally known as Okeechobee Erection Company. They were at first thought to be a fabulous boon in a community consisting of 75% senior citizens (the other 25% are here on the witness protection program). There was a community-wide cry of anguish when it was revealed they built towers for cell phone companies. Their ads said: "We have a big stick, and we know how to use it."

Hey Stupendous Man! I spent a year one week in your neck of the woods - Belle Glade.

As far as the Italian PM.....MoFaux beat me with the EEEEEWWWWWWW....but I hereby add the heebeegeebies. eeeeerrrgghhhhhbblaaahhh!

Gee, If he can win an Italian Election by no erection, they could have a woman in ofice in no time....

The Real Measure of an Italian Politician is how long they can be in office, before the next Coup....

Just musings by a woman Officially headed for the Insane Asylum tomorrow morning..EB (Ted, don't you TOUCH my keys..)

Dude! Seriously?

I can't believe this. Here I am eating my words. Just hours ago I commented to all of my internet friends and family that I wouldn't waste my time reading blogs when there is a world of intresting info on the internet. Then (same evening) I find in a magazine that DAVE BARRY has a blog! The same Dave that had me almost peeing when he talked of his father with the hat and the ecomony car. That was my Dad (ru my brother?). You always makes me laugh...ya goof. Super hot too boot!

Yeah, right.

Punkin, I was in Belle Glade this past Thursday. When were you exiled to the mucklands?

Being of Italian descent myownself, lemme just add to the "yeah, RIGHT" comments.

Also, "Massimiliano Pusceddu" translates to "Maximum Pudenda", if I'm not mistaken.

Mr. C ...

Italian descent, eh?

One of your ancestors musta changed the family name ... mebbe from Completelioni?

A bit of political gossip--Berlusconi's first wife was very much alive when he married his second wife, who was a blonde actress 20 years his junior. After 25 years of marriage, she lives with her children in a different house, and rarely attends public events with her husband. And oh, Berlusconi's got a 21-years old blonde secretary who *looks* just like Mrs. Berlusconi used to look, 30 years ago.

Incidentally--do all 69-years old men hold hands in public with their beautiful 21-years old secretaries?

As long as it's not brokeback mountain, it's all "family values".

U.O - No, it was Maestros.... ;)

Actually, it's on my mom's side - Paolino, via Gargano...

I am reminded of an old SNL Weekend Update line reporting on a politician who kept his mistress on payroll as his secretary. (Was it Wilbur Mills, maybe? Help me out geezer bus people.) The line went, "She doesn't know her Ls from her Rs, and this is an election year."

Mr. Completely: If the name ends in a vowel, it's all good. Unless you're seeking membership, of course. I hear that they're not taking on any new members. Oh wait, your mom's a paisan? That puts you in better than Ray Liotta in "Goodfellas". Let's talk... away from here...

AlanBoss: Can't help, only a semi-geezer here. IMDb, maybe? I dunno from electile disfunction.

Wilbur Mills -- wowser ... haven't hear that name in a looooooooong time ... sounds about right tho, for this conversational gambit ...

AB - if someone's name ends in a vowel around where I spent most of my life, they're of Finnish extraction ... no Italians apparently decided to move that far north, in the Great Plains ...

alan- it was the late gilda radner's character emily latella, who got erection confusled with election, and prompted chevy to say, that's election, not election, whereupon she would utter her standard line.... oh, that's very different. never mind.

yours very truly, geezers.com

and i think they need to check back with bertolucci, or whatever his name is i forgot already... in about a week.

celibate italian pols - wbagnfarb?

April 9 is also (Hairy) Palm Sunday.

queensbee, Good memory, but that wasn't the bit. This was later, when Jane Curtain was doing "Update."

Oh, and the Emily Latella bit was, "What's all this fuss about flea erections in China?"

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