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January 06, 2006


...but this is definitely the only way this blog would even consider entering the slalom.

(Thanks to Brian B.)


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I would think it helps to be drunk when skiing.

It's just like driving drunk? What a moron...yeah...just like driving drunk...except there's not a steel frame and an airbag between you and the tree.

That's the only way I would go down some of those trails.

"Asked if the risk meant he would never ski drunk again, Miller replied 'No, I’m not saying that.'"

Spoken like a true guy.

The hardest part is not spilling your beer.

(And I mean that in the nicest possible way.)

yeah, i ski drunk all the time...and when i say ski i mean drive...and when i say drunk i mean sober...and

What were his last words?

"Hold my beer and watch this!"

Huh. For a real challenge he should ski passed out.

you should ski passed out!

"His name is Bode, he does the downhill.
With a flask in each ski-pole, he tries not to lose control...."

Darn you AWbh, I had almost gotten that tune out of my head.


man, what a coincidence!

i happen to be skiing drunk right now, as i am typing this.

and i can tell you this for sure, the hardest part about skiing drunk is

Hey guys.

My name is Brad Thompson, and i just found this laptop laying over here by this tree.

Does anyone know who it may have belonged to?

More specifically, does anyone know how to contact the previous owner's next of kin?

Yeah. Flying down at 80 MPH while drunk is MY idea of fun. Stupid F***ing moron. I am SO glad he represents the U.S.

Now its off to surgery, for Mr. Bode..
He was skiing way too fast, now he's in a body cast..

I don't think this bodes well for him..

Sean - Oui, oui!

and I think Down in Texas has mountain envy.

Well see, the last time I skied passed out I missed the third mogul and my flailing pole accidentally hooked a gondala which then malfunctioned and dumped its lone passenger, you, who were a bit niggled at the brain damaged suffered and as a direct result of the court order I've been told in future to stroll down hills in an athletic fashion rather than ski drunk.

And that is why I no longer ski passed out.

S'North - you are an enigma wrapped in a snowbank covered with gondola passengers.

The Fascists really are taking things too far:

sanctioned for "...refusing to take a boot test."

Guess he wouldn't puke on command.

Hey Bode, what medal did you get at the Olympics?
Goldschlagger !

Yes, Annie. But as I mentioned, I'm really sorry about that.

Hey! That crapweasel stole my sharpie at the 2002 Winter Olympics! Rat bastard.

Woohoo! I got posted! First time in a long time even though I've sent our fair mistress judi NUMEROUS other blogworthy items.

I was also kind of curious about the boot test. WTH is that?

I'm ready for the slalalom...the slalooom,.... the salami.... the back-and-forth gate thingie.

Probably checking his ski boots for any contraband (i.e. steroids, liquor bottles, nail files).


Well if you can't keep your steroids and alcohol in your boot where would you keep it? My hands are occupied with these d*mn poles.

*snork* @ packsaddle!

That *snork* was for you as well, Cleveland.

Gag-inducing quote: Try and ski a slalom when ... you hit a gate less than every one second ...


If that is an accurate transcription by the reporter, it sounds as if he's still drunk ... at best ...

Now there's a challenge Reporting While Intoxicated. I take that back. Actually, every newcaster on CNN is RWI, and they get away with it.

*googles boot test*

American Bode Miller was fined $762 for refusing to take a boot test Thursday at a World Cup slalom race.

Miller was randomly selected to take the test -- which checks whether the height of the base of the boot is permissible...

Wow, $762.... did I say "Wow"?

... thought I did.

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