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January 23, 2006


Wonder no more.

(Thanks, we guess, to Erendira Brumley)


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First...How depressing for those who aren't..

Obviously, the Dave Barry book tour was not taken into consideration.

Last Monday SUCKED DONKEY THINGS for me. But today is great! Yay, today!

And I thought it was just me...

( Sigh )..It's lonely in here...Woe is me..

This actually came up in staff meeting this morning.

Well, it wasn't THAT gloomy until I read that article . . . ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

And I was just saying to my friends Eeyore and Marvin the Paranoid Android, after we read a few poems by Baudelaire and some Kafka, that today was going to be sooooo good. Now you've gone and ruined it all!

*snork* @ Blue!

I didn't need an excuse for finding my classes boring today; they just are. Which is why I was so drowsy today.

But I am sad today, because Dave's in Chicago, and I can't go. :-(

No really, it is a good day here in NE ohio..The sun is out, it's above freezing...No browns team in the playoffs to crush our collective spirits...

Not surprising that Debt is the capital "D" in the equasion, and Monthly Salary is the lower case "d"... now THATS depressing!

Erendira Brumley = "Eely Brain Murder" also "A Rumbly Reindeer"

I find it depressing (just a little bit) that the writer wrote whether the weather's bad or not ... ... at least it wasn't "irregardless" ...

[Usage of "whether ... or not ..." is often tautological, redundant, repititive and too verbose ... but I wasn't really criticizing that ... much ... HOWever, I'll also hafta admit that "too verbose" can be applied in both directions ... GUILTY! Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa, Mea Maxima Culpa!]

at least it's sunny!

you can blame Shakespeare for the tautological thread, starting with to be or not to be. though you gotta give some credit for the Whether...weather alliteration of the writer.

U.O., your comments are always so unique.

*runs away*

Yes, VERY unique.

This scientist is clearly an idiot.

My entire family just flew into the country because I'm getting engaged within the week. I woke up at 5am just to surprise them at the airport.

They (finally!) met my girlfriend, and they hit it off immediately. Dinner with everybody was absolutely pheomenal.

So today was probably one of the best days I could possibly have (except when I propose!). Clearly there's something wrong with the equation. Or I'm just weird.

Yeah, I know ... almost completely unique ... tnx fer that, guys & gals ... hahahahahahahahahaha!!!

I love this blog ...

"Ruut Veenhoven".. creator of a new "life satisfaction index" = Nut Oven Hue Rev

also.. Ruut, Ruut, Ruut, Ruut, Ruut, Ruut

yes, it's a Monday, but this blog is the antidote for bad days....where else can you chuckle at a joke involving Baudelaire AND Eeyore?

Prolly the same place you can find references to Sartre, Moe Howard and the Roadrunner all in the same sentence ... just sayin' ...

...and then there's the whole penis-fencing thing...

Jack Bauer's worst day is very, very bad. It's a good thing for humanity there's only one a year.

Actually, I heard a rumor that on commercial breaks, Jack eats ice cream and plays ping pong. Of course, with the ping pong, he plays both sides.

OH MY GOD!!!! My 4th posted item in this blog!!! YES!! I guess I DIDN'T have the worst day of year, but the best!! Beat that commenters! :-)

Erendira Brumley = "Eely Brain Murder" also "A Rumbly Reindeer"

Thanks! I love the reindeer one.....

A Sunny day, Accomplished a lot at work, The boss left at noon, Came home to a clean house, got Netflix in the mail, brand new 24 will be on soon...I really hope this scientist isn't off by a day. Maybe I should stay in tomorrow.

Jack Bauer got an ice-cream headache. To distract himself, he shot his own thigh.

Ceeg; Sunny? I thought you were in St. Louis, too. If you are and you think it's sunny, then PLEASE stop staring at the ceiling light.

Well, if today is the worse day of the year, then it only can get better.

I only thought it was because of the lack of sleep I've had, thanks to the new baby...

SNORK @ insom

...and I rarely snork in public...

So if January 23 is the worst day of the year, what's up with February? That's the longest 4 weeks of the year.

Is the 23rd some sort of Jack Bauer-esque Really Long Day? Because according to this article, it's SIX months until June 23. Hmm.

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