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January 27, 2006


You will give him this.

(Thanks to Wes)


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I remember my FIRST beer.

I'm going to run out this SECOND and buy it for my man....wait, I don't have a man....

Credit Steve Martin for that one.

*preens with second FIRST this week*

Annie: Fish/bicycle issue?

I dont know Wes,but I KNOW theres something else guys like~~~~~~~~~~~~~~TOOLS!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Scott - I think everyone else is out buying beer....

Scott - good point....I think I need a beer.

*psst - all bloggeritza - don't tell dave but my guess is the only thing that will top a hand-knitted thong and a rice crispy oosik is a cold can of beer at the book signing table.*

*suggestion: get good beer - maybe a local brew (except in Colorado which makes srooC)*

Annie: Sun's over the yardarm here - go for it.

PS - I like what I've read on your blog.

Did I read that correctly? A robot that poors beer and gives head?

Pretty soon, guys won't need us.

Slyeyes - you must be joking....
"Hey, honey, where's my robot?"

ScottMGS - Thank you! *warm fuzzy*

*rereads article in light of sly's observation*

Whoa, cool! Hey, honey! Where's my new robot? I need some... uh, a beer!

*tips hat to Annie to avoid living in dog house for plagiarism*

It's nice to know that the Japanese, who have put our car manufacturers out of business....have a long way to go before they can compete with the American Beer Companies. Most American men would end up wacking that thing during superbowl, and using it for serving Chili. We remain, tops in getting really smashed,(due to the 101 courses on every college campus since the beginning of Harvard. no matter WHAT they do at the kareoke bars.

By the way, DAVE looked great and sounded SO intellligence on TUCKER...in fact, my husband poured a whole glass of water on HIS side of the bed last night, and I refused to run and get a towel due to the fact that I MIGHT miss some cosmic truth while Dave was speaking. THAT has never happend before in his lifetime.....good thing I gave him a snickers bar to ease his emotional pain.

Scott - don't worry - there's no more room in the doghouse, and the beer ain't as cold.

if you give it a light (or non-alcoholic) beer does it turn into a Dalek?

*gratuitous Dr. Who reference*


Congrats to Scott for his SECOND FIRST of the week!!
WTG! pssst, see you at the meeting Thursday!

Annie, are you becoming a blog strumpet? Does TCK know about Scott? Does Scott know about TCK?
oops, I guess they do now.... :)

Heh, heh. TCK's in the dog house with the warm beer and the dog got all the blankets.

Hmm... On the other hand, I'm looking for the beer robot. Oh, well.

El - let's get you a beer and we'll talk. Now, where's that robot?

Annie --

Is that a good deal, or a bad deal ... just curious ...

All this talk about beer is making me thirsty! I think I'm goin' to Callahan's tonight! Anyone else from SoCal know where that is?

The one in San Diego?

Yup. It's about three blocks from my house. Considering the quality of their selection that's a good thing.

Never heard of it, but I think Eleanor knows where it is.

Annie, how do you know about Callahan's. I thought you were farther north. I figured Eleanor might know about it.

*Psst, El, the FIRST meeting's at Callahan's on Thursday, right?"

I love my husband and all, but I WANT that robot.

Oops, too slow.

How many snickers do you think that robot can hold?

Scott - I must confess I googled it. I was thinking of Brennan's on the West side, another great place.

*walks in passing his cape around amongst the bloglits/sters/lettes* and makes this announcement*
Attention, everyone! I'm taking up a collection to buy AW-but-h her own man so she'll have someone to give a Beerbot to on Valentines Day and will have less stress when she's called on to speak in public. Dig deep so we can get her a real man, not another one like the one who cut his arm on her coffee table last night while watching Sex and the City. Fortunately AW-but-h was able to use that handy little patchup kit and reinflate him in no time. But I digress. Dig deep. It's another way to...oh, look! Something shiny! It's a quarter from TCK! Boy, that's what I call really sucking up. He must be freezing out in that doghouse.

Annie - if you're lookin' for a man to buy a beer robot for, I'm your guy - I've got just the spot for it, right here next to Willie's water dish (that's what I've named the smelly, blanket-hoggin' mutt who's doghouse I've been sharin)

Gotta get that robot for my son, who is now making his own Brew.... prolly cause he's broke...

Lookout for the next Microbrewery in Vegas, the EB.

A robot walks into a bar and tries to order a drink, but the bartender rebuffs it, saying "We don't serve robots!"

The robot turns to leave, muttering, "Someday you will."

Scott, I can neither confirm nor deny the location of the meeting when there are NON-FIRSTers present!


El - it sounds like you're starting a club for virgins - NTTAWWT - but are you sure you're qualified?

*sighs* at TCK's comment*

Apparently you're jealous of never having been FIRST, I guess???

*zips out to watch Women's finals in Australian Open*

Looks like R2D2 finally learned a skill other than that annoying beeping.

for your information, I have been FIRST several times - I just have better things to brag about (such as my stunning good looks)

Stupe Man - I'm not sure whether to be offended or touched (no cheap shots, TCK!). Hmmm, this seems like a good time for the ol' silent treatment. A little harder to do on a blog without the visuals - pouting glare, etc. 8^\


OK Annie - I'll let it go this one time, just for you - and I had a really good one too

TCK - that would be a FIRST (tee-hee).

see, this is what I love about you Annie - you get a guy all off guard and relaxed with that pouting glare, and then, just when he starts thinkin' there's nuthin to worry about, you just slide that knife right in between the ribs

Annie, be touched, not pi**ed. I like your sense of humor and rapier-like wit. I have visions of you arising each morning to brush your teeth and sharpen your tongue. I admire that in a woman. Besides, I still owe you for saying I'm getting too big for my codpiece. How did you know I was wearing it in back, anyhow?

Mmmm... Callahan's Nameless Nut Brown. (I don't think it's a squirrel plot.)

We went for my daughter's 17th b'day and, no, she didn't get any beer!

*Eleanor, ix-nay on ursday-thay. That's Aikido night. The other place on the other day.*

Stupendous - it's all behind you now.

TCK - it's the gift that keeps on giving.

ScottMGS - sounds like fun.

S'girl, Eleanor - I could use some help, here....

I'd like to help you out, Annie ...

Which way did you come in?

Yes it is Annie, and it probably explains why I could never pick up any of the girls on the beach.

My daughters and I just watched Dave Barry's Complete Guide to Guys (and all the special features). If you haven't seen it, order three or four copies and watch each one of them. It's great!

I'm here, Annie!

Did I miss all the fun?

*zips in the next day*

*sigh* I miss all the good stuff at night!

But in reading what I missed I was ROFL AND LMAO at this:

TCK - that would be a FIRST (tee-hee).
Posted by: Annie Where-but-here | 10:59 PM on January 27, 2006

Annie WBH, I'd say you did JUST FINE by yourself!!!!

R2Beer2, It IS you! It IS you!!

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