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January 25, 2006


They're always working to make the world a better place.

(Via Gizmodo)


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Hey wait! Didn't we see this already? (Not that you can ever see too much of a Guy on a Bike shooting Flames out of his Posterior....)

I LOVE it!!!!!

Key quote: That project didn't kill anyone, so Pickens got himself another bike and stepped it up.

Where's the Jackass cameras when ya want them?

This guy must have large bat parts

At least they tell you how to do it yourself.

Oh....and "First!!!" ;)

He's wearin' a helmet - what a wuss!

...another "Project Darwin."

A QUADRUPLE post! I feel funny in my pants

Did anybody tell the guy the breaks on a bike aren't much good past about 20MPH - they'll melt.

So, that rocket appears to be connected to the bike frame by, well, I don't know, but not by much.

How close do you reckon he's coming to getting a 60mph rocket in the HELLO!

Dave wasn't making up what he said about the space program in whichever book that was. Guide to Guys?

Hell - I dont need no steenkin bike... just a good batch of chili and about 16 hours to "process the fuel"

Actually, I'm fairly certain Dave already blogged this - but not the CNN story about it. Dave broke the story first.

Boys and their toys - sooooo cute the little darlings are! :)


It was posted here weeks ago.

Not that there's anything wrong with that.

WOW!! Imagine dragging off a Porsche wiht a bike. With any luck the driver would try to get out of the car at 60mph to see why his engine stalled...

Now, give Dave a break. He is exhausted from strumpetting for the last two weeks!

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