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January 30, 2006


New labels may soon make it easier for you to lose weight.

(Thanks to Mike Davis)


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Oh, what the hell. FIRST!!

Beetle Juice !

*SNORK* at Sean, and cursing myself for not seeing that obvious pun.

Something tells me cocheneal beetle is healthier than FD&C Red # 40 - not more appetizing mind you, but less harmfull to your health in the long run.

Food inspectors for rice have an allowable number of weevils/weevil parts allowed per can. That number is not zero.

Fear Factor-y

OK, I'm gonna go with the "too much information" folks on this one - if your gonna put bugs in my jelly, I don't want to know about it - next thing you know they're gonna make 'em tell us what's in hot dogs

I'm with you, TCK. If I can't taste 'em, they're not there.

I'm with you TCK - I mean technically I KNOW whats in the scrapple I occasionally have with breakfast, but I dont want to be reminded while I am preparing to carve off a slice.

Lose weight? Heck, I just lost my lunch.

But TCK, et al: The coloring has to be made from something, though. Would it be better if it was some lab-experiment chemical?

Brainy - I'm with you and CoastRaven on this one. I've never heard of beetle extract causing cancer.

*fun fact* -the color of the British "redcoats" was derived from cochineal...

My motto:

Better Living Through Chemistry


Bugs - eeewwww!

I expect to see something in my weekly Jewish newspaper about this. I don't keep kosher but I bet lots of folks who do are going to be pretty upset about this. For one thing, it's treyf; that is mixing meat and dairy, which is a serious no-no for Jews who adhere to kosher practices.
/end Jewish ed class

Gratuitous astronomical info:

Betelgeuse - a so called Orionis, is a large red star in the constellation of Orion. It is the 12th brightest star in the sky, a red giant, and is a vertex of the Winter Triangle.

Another reason to just eat potato chips for breakfast. At least I know what's in those.

Do I?

Eleanor - I guess that knocks out cheeseburgers, but who says insects are "meat"?

pogo - Sirius? (credit Mr. C, long ago, I think)

Kilmeny - You may not want to eat this particular potato chip...

Kilmeny - chips are OK for breakfast, but I prefer JD - I know mostly what's in there, and am pretty sure that the distilling process kills everything I don't know about

Has anyone ever done a study to see how much of a persons own flesh is consumed by oneself every year ? I mean if you bite your nails, or bite of a skin fleck on your hand or put your mouth on a cut on your finger..Or a dried piece of skin on your lip....Think about it..Or don't..

Brainy - I'm stuck for any other astronomical homonyms that would apply. I s'pose Uranus could always be worked into the conversation, but it's Monday and I'm just not tht clever today.

Pogo- does that mean that beetle juice might pass through the shadow of Uranus ?

And I think " Shadow Of Uranus" is a Johnny Mercer song..

Just feeling a little spaced out, huh pogo? Just as well. No sense in making things messier.

Oh, and for the record, Betelgeuse is called αOrionis, as it is the brightest star in the Orion constellation. Rigel is βOrionis.

Sean - I've never hear of a human self-consumption study, but I'm positive you could get a gov't grant to conduct one

Brainy - my keyboard won't do those without me jumping through hoops I'm not up for.

I always thought "Shadow of Your Smile" was a double entendre.

If I'm not mistaken, they use that stuff in certain LIP STICKS also.

TCK/Sean/etc - If I could eat myself, I'd never have to leave the house.

pogo, that's right! Jews who keep kosher have never enjoyed the wonderfulness of a great cheeseburger - sad, but true!

And everything is either "meat" or "dairy", so I think a bug would have to be in the "meat" grouping, don't you???

Mr. C, you seem to have quite a fascination lately with oddly shaped potato chips. (NTTAWWT)

Oh, and your last comment? Sounds like Steven Wright, with a bit of a perverted edge. :)

LOL at "messier"

I get it.


Pardon my lack of knowledge on Kosher rules but I always thought the meat and dairy had to be the same. IE: Beef/veal and cows milk\cheese. I thought something like chicken parm. was ok. I can understand the cheese burger though. Live and learn.

Eleanor - I gotta think there is some other category. Surely kasha and motza are neither met nor dairy. But what would a gentile know?

I was impressed some years ago in a Chinese restaurant when a Jewish friend's wonton contained no pork, unlike all the others' soup. This was the same guy who told me I was cheap enough for honorary membership in the tribe.

Tamara Rhymes With Chapstick-Fan - there are fish scales in lipstick. eeewww.

Yum yum!
(two links)

DJ - kosher Jews keep 2 sets of dishes and pots and pans, one for only dairy dishes, one for meat (of any kind).

They would never serve a glass of milk with a pot roast dinner, etc., or a hot dog with mac and cheese...

So El, what is bread? Is it meat or dairy?

Robot? What's goin' on?

TCK, we're on the same page... I just ran to check the label as soon as I saw the item and was greatly relieved to see that Jack's not bugged (which is more than I can say for my phone). You beat me to the post though...

When gaijin visit, the Japanese always put out plates of dried grasshoppers and wasp larvae. Nobody eats them, even the Japanese. Everyone takes photos and has a good laugh.
Then everyone eats sea cucumbers, a kind of slug that is without doubt far more disgusting.

I knew there was a reason I preferred Yoplait over Dannon. You know, other than that "it's soooo good."

*pretends she didn't hear that fact about the juice she used to make popsicles last summer*

TCK~ I watched hot dogs being made on "Unwrapped" last year. Not as scary as you'd think. Basically just meat ground into the texture of paste, put in a tube, and boiled until solid. Also: Why is there a worm in Vodka bottles?

Here is more than anyone would EVER want to know about keeping kosher.
I tried to find a more simplified discussion, because a lot of this stuff is beyond me, but this is the best I could do. :)

Bumble - the worm is in tequila - rumor has it that the worm has hallucinogenic properties - I've drank the worm twice, and had no hallucinations, so I don't buy it - personally, I think that rumor started as a joke, just to see how many people they could get to eat a worm

El - I don't want to go read the link, so I'll just ask you - is tequila kosher? how about the worm?

I hope I'm not making fun of a traditional Jewish name or something but KEY NAME ALERT: "Moshe Elefant"

heh heh.....

TCK - I think the worm would be in the "meat" category, but there was also a section about "non-Jewish grapes". I stopped reading at that point, which I hadn't really started, but you know what I mean...don't you?? :)

Hum! I once appeared on stage in a rock musical version of "Two Gentlemen of Verona" (which was written by the guys who did "Hair" but didn't get any notoriety because nobody got naked in this show) starring Eddie Mekka, better known as Carmine Ragusa from "Laverne and Shirley." I never really thought about his character name on the TV show, but I must say that in my time with him backstage and onstage, I never saw any evidence of beetle parts. Just wanted to make that clear, in case you all were planning to start any unsubstantiated rumors.

Although now that I think about it: The Big Ragu... Ragu red pasta sauce? Carmine? Food coloring? Is it REALLY a coincidence??? Or was ABC part of a dark conspiracy - in cahoots with the food additives cabal? Perhaps the writers were attempting to warn us of this nefarious coloring agent in the only safe way they had. I assume Tom Hanks will delve into the mystery in the sequel to The DaVinci Code.

El - I think tequila is made from cactus, which takes it out of the "non-jewish grapes" category - unless you're talkin' about my non-jewish grapes, which aren't really grapes, but more like walnut size...

OK, that was probably too much information, wasn't it?

Maybe I'm the only person who reads this blog and also subscribes to www.bagborroworsteal.com, but I couldn't help thinking of an expensive purse with the name of that coloring; Coach, in Eel. See? It's designer coloring.

BTW, I'm a PR professional. don't try this at home.

I think tequila is kosher. I remember reading in the bible that on high holy days, they would have "tequila fatted calf."

So ... are "non-Jewish" grapes ... um ... peeled?

nobody peels my grapes - nobody

Good one, Annie WBH!

And I'm outta here!

Yeah, tequila. That's what I meant.

*passes out beers and slinks away in hopes that no one will notice she's not alcoholically savvy*

Huh. Interesting.

mezcal - tequila - trust me, by the time you drink down to the worm, it doesn't really make any difference

I wouldn't know. And probably never will. I have no objections to alcohol, other than that it makes me gag. :-)

smart girl (for real - no sarcasm intended)

I guess I broke all the Kosher rules yesterday at lunch when I had a BLT...bacon, lettuce and tequila.

WTG, Bumble ... stay as sweet as you are ...

I, personally have no objection to alcohol ... except that it makes me stoopid(er) ...

W.C. Fields said it best, perhaps (at least in my case) ... "Moderation in all things, m'dear ... Moderation ..."

Right on U.O, WC's MY HERO! (Well, except for the "moderation" thing.)

"A woman drove me to drink and I didn't even have the decency to thank her."
W. C. Fields

"Some weasel took the cork out of my lunch."
W. C. Fields

I think about his bit in the 1932 "If I Had A Million" just about every day on the drive to work... sure wish *I* had the money!!

I thought it was .... "All things in moderation ... including moderation." But I could be wrong and even if I am I like it better.

Eleanor, Thanks for the link ... good info.

I knew a girl once who used to say rum makes her pregnant.

Still cracks me up.

Mr. C - You know why southern girls (not SouthernGirl) get pregnant easier than northern girls?

AlanBoss runs in WAY late... *pant*

Southerngirl, Mr. C was paraphrasing George Carlin.

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