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January 30, 2006


And there's still time to get your bid in.

(Thanks to Brian Hicks' persistent wife)


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Looks like an ordinary cashew to me. Maybe Mrs. Hicks is having a "size" issue? :)


FIRST on a Monday, the FIRST day of the work week!

I've hit the Daily Double - yay!

Does the pedestal come with? Is that a sugar cube? I'm avoiding Nashville next trip east

Was that Brian Hicks' persistent wife who has bid on the "item"?

El, I don't know about hitting the "dailly double", but I hit a Form Taurus on the way to work this morning. Not my favorite way to start a day or week...

BTW, I'm sure there has to be a rock band named "Daily Double", but maybe "Wang Nut" isn't taken yet...

Sometimes you feel like a nut..

Geezzz.... FORD Taurus, that was supposed to say but daily with a double "l" I could claim to have done on purpose.

I bet Brian Hicks is getting some razzing from co-workers right about now...

So are you getting two nuts or just one?

Hello Blog(lits)(sters), whichever your religious and/or political beliefs lean you toward. My first post and off-topic, but I got to see Dave in Berkeley Saturday night. As many of you have commented, he's personable, genuine and, of course, hysterical.

He's also very quick. One guy said he was writing a book stating the Democratic response to the Iraq war and was taking a two-hour break to relax and hear Dave. To which Dave said something like, "And you think the stuff I do is funny...?

BTW, rainy as hell that night; beautiful Sunday.

I really, really wish people would stop playing with their food. Its kind of like the E-bay version of reality shows.

*Coming Soon! A new reality series - Celebrities who change their underwear*

If Mrs. Hicks gave this one to e-Bay to sell, was it from the left? (I'd give my left...)

"Mrs. Hick's Nuts" WBAGNFARB.

Buy low, shell high?

Hey! Look out! Rogue Elephant!!!


What a lame thread. I expect a much higher standard from this blog...like glow in the dark livestock.

Glowing with fluorescence, livestock are neon candles in the dark.

Happy now, DiT?

...and I think someone has peanut envy.

Does it also come with a nutgina?

Obeewan - is this close enough?

Mad S.:
I googled Form Taurus and
this is what I got. Is he OK???

Neighbor DIT, if you're (not your) "expecting a higher standard" you're (not your) in the wrong blog... we're all about boogers, oosiks and making fun of names here. Go find your (not you're) higher standards somewhere else, like here.

El, yes, that was ME when I got out of the remains of my car, 'bout to have a "conversation" with the guy who pulled out in front of me in the other kind of Taurus ...

Has anyone heard from Fed re: the wang nut? I'm a little worried that he might be missing something important.

Glad you're OK, Mad S. :)
And if the other guy's not a DB blogger who cares how he is -
unless he's dead of course. Then I feel really bad for saying that. *sigh*

El, I *think* I'm OK other than a sore wrist (I had a pretty firm grip on the steering wheel at the time), but I'm told I'll feel worse tomorrow. Since my boss already said he's expecting a call from me in the morning, maybe I'll be feeling worse tomorrow even if I'm not feeling worse, if ya get my drift.... As for the other guy, my guess is his parents have saved me the trouble of taking him out of the gene pool.

One thing though, I look forward to milking this for all of the sympathy I can get, and naturally, I'll be able to explain away anything weird (weirder?) that I might say or do: "I took a pretty hard hit, yaknow... tore up the front of the car, broke the windshield, popped the sunroof up, spilled my coffee, air bag whacked me and all, so you'll have to excuse me for _____________ (fill in blank as necessary)."

Anyway, to get back on topic, right now I wish I had some cashews to munch on -- they're my favorites... oh well, I'll have to settle for this Snickers.

Absolutely, Mad S. :)

A few months ago I was driving down a lane in a supermarket parking lot and a woman backed out into the right side of my car.
ME: WTF? (sort of), Didn't you see me?
ME: (to myself) Duh!

So I was able to milk - er, I mean get sympathy for how bad I felt and get people to do things for me for a very long time! It was great!
AND - you will feel worse tomorrow. Really. And traumatized too. Work is not an option. :)

I dunno why, but this ... nut ... sorta reminds me of eatin' peanuts, when you split them and the one side looks like a little guy in a boat ... or so I've been told ...

El, you're right! I'm sure not only am I feeling poorly tomorrow, I'm psyhcologically scarred and it will take A LOT OF MONEY to cure that... at least enough for a nice new Maserati (just happens I have Joe Walsh on the stereo right now: "My Maserati does 185, I lost my license, Now I don't drive...") The only thing is, "work" has nothing to so with going to the OFFICE....

Store parking lots are definitely dangerous places! My ex-wife nailed someone years ago in a supermarket lot and the other car was totalled!

Mad SB: Good post-collision, large-settlement thoughts coming your way from Colorado. Glad you weren't hit by a buffalo.

Thanks, WD... I'm glad it was just a Ford and not a buffalo too, especially a flying one!

I've got a neck brace, sling, crutches and lots of bandages standing by for a visit to the insurance adjuster...

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