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January 23, 2006


We won't give you away.

(Thanks to Nancy M.)


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Only HE (and possibly Lee Harvey Oswald) could shoot TWO thighs with one magic bullet!!

I'd actually be looking at a Scotsman, as that was an especially thrifty shooting...

No, we might not give him away, but for the right price we might sell him ... whaddaya think we'd get on eBay?

Totally aside true story: I have a friend who once shot three deer with one bullet. (Details later, film at 11.)

U.O - Clearly, you'd get jack.

So I guess one of the Jack Bauer facts needs updating:

If Jack Bauer was in a room with Hitler, Stalin, and Nina Meyers, and he had a gun with 2 bullets, he'd shoot Nina twice.

The bullets would go through Nina and kill Hitler and Stalin, too.

BJ -

I'd get Jack? Sh!t! I wuz hopin' for money ...

U.O., I hope your film is more interesting than those high-action photos at the link.

Well, of course!

After all, these are from Nodak ... not Sodak ...

(Sorry ... a little Northern Great Plains humor there ...)

Hey...I just found (another)Jack rerun in the middle of the day (on A&E). The scene was Jack, Audrey & Paul in a car talking about Marwan using Paul to get to Audrey & her dad. The previous scene was of a psychoacting blind girl in a hospitalish setting. Does anybody know what Season this is? Wasn't Marwan the 4th (last) season?

Last Season...there was no Audrey until last season...

U.O, don't you appreciate stellar Sodak journalism?

I'm confused...aren't "high-action photos" usually Kodak?

Cody .. it's so a Northern Great Plains/Upper Midwest thing. And, "high-action" hardly ever happens up here... hence the news coverage.

Nancy M. --

I might, if I ever found any ... which will prolly happen a day or so after I find some in Nodak ...

(Nice catch, Cody ... good work ... )

It's not so impressive. Aren't you forgetting that the man and woman both lived? Now if the one bullet went through both of their hearts and they died instantly...

Well, I'm impressed! First the police interview two of the three people in the vehicle, and they "have a pretty good idea of who the players are." And both victims of being leg-shot with one bullet are expected to survive. Obviously great police work, and cutting edge medical care.

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