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January 15, 2006


Another fundamental constitutional right down the drain.

(Thanks to Bob Davidson)


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Perhaps they would have been more receptive if she'd buttered them up and used a sweet, syrupy voice.

I am not getting first. I have nothing funny to say.
Except to point out that she was getting kicked out for fighting and cussing wrather then anything about the color of her skin.

I was once filming the school board for my highschool. This guy came in and during the comment section began to rip into the school board for not letting certain things happen. he had to be escorted out. And I ended up having to edit out all of his cussing.
The school board made sure I include his tirade. It was unfortunate that his forcefullness with the board ended up lessening his cause.


Multi colored contractors. you might need bit torrent to get this.


And, simulpost with Alfred!

Now I want some pancakes. Too bad they haven't finished building the IHOP yet.

Yopu could sue the IHOP to hurry up construction...

I hate crap like this. Nothing funny about it, just ludicrous, obnoxious and sad. "Yo, we be treated like SLAVES cuz you all ain't providin' us wit enuf oppo-toonity, knowhutIsayin'?"

Shut up.

Alfred- Let me talk to my lawyer a sec.

El, I wanna sue IHOP for a lifetime supply of free pancakes on the grounds that they're teasing me be advertising before one can actually get pancakes. Can we swing that?

Correction: teasing me by etc.

She must have wanted the minority companies and herself to be judged on the colour of the skin, not on the content of their character.

You hit the nail on the head, Dr. Doug.

She looks more like Mammy from Gone with the Wind than Aunt Jemima.

The author of Gone With the Wind wrote some where that she never realized that the South had lost. It seems some one had been telling her all of these stories about the genteel soldier that had all this honor. And she was very surprised to find out that all these characters died and the South had lost. When she did find out she decided to write about it. Gone With the Wind is the great master peice from her.
I guess thats ok. I remember guys back in Idaho that thought the Nazis hadn't really lost either. Or that they would rise again. Maybe somebody should sue them to figure out the truth.

Tell me when the litigation gets syrupy.

Think she's have gotten farther if she dressed like Lil' Kim?

Full disclosure – this is from my hometown. (Motto: Jacksonville, Florida – the biggest town in South Georgia!)

Several years ago the city council needed a quorum to conduct business. A few of the council members were AWOL, so the council president wrote out an arrest warrant on a scratch pad and sent the sheriff out a lookin’ fer ‘em. They dragged one council-member out of the bathroom in handcuffs and back to the chamber kicking and screaming. But they had a quorum!

We don’t put up with foolishness in our gov’mint.

I hear what you're saying, wavey, but there's a fairly long tradition of folks dressing up in costumes to draw attention to their messages, however misguided.

I would cite a specific example from fairly recent U.S. military/political history, but I don't mess with Texas...

Alfred - Somebody did sue them. They lost their compound in 2001. It's been razed and is now a peace park and center for promoting tolerance.

Wish I could say they were gone. They're not. Though they no longer have the organization, many of the members still live in N. Idaho and spread their poison quietly.

Bumble: *snork!!*

and, just for EL: VF!!

but seriously (and, note that I don't do "seriously" very damn often) - if this' woman's intent was to draw attention to her position/cause, I would say her tactics have succeeded...

after all, Dave himself has determined her sad story to be blogworthy - what MORE could you want?

TCK~ At which comment? I've somehow managed to take up 35% of this thread. Well, 38% now.

"Perhaps they would have been more receptive if she'd buttered them up and used a sweet, syrupy voice."

I'm not ashamed to say that, when I read that, I almost wet myself

OK, maybe a little ashamed - but still

TCK- There are so many things I could say to that, but I'm going to settle for "Thanks." :-)

bumble - your reluctance to exploit and ridicule is one of the many reasons we all love you - just sayin'

TCK- I'd exploit and ridicule you mightily if I could think of a witty way to do it that I thought might earn me a couple of snorks. Don't give me too much credit. :-)

don't worry bumble - that was just me tryin' to hit on you - but I meant every word of it :)

Please; you're a married man. *blushes*

bumble - 's OK - virtual hitting on is OK

besides, I wasn't really hitting on you - not really necessary, since you've already pledged your eternal love AND a spot under your bed

that, and I meant every word I said

*now she's wondering whether I'm just hitting on her still, or being sincere - got her right where I want her*

You guys!

hey U.O. - tell bumble she's a good egg, and get me off the hook here

TCK- Relax. You're not on the hook. Besides, U.O's my honorary grandpa. He's biased. And Mr. C's my honorary dad; he'll virtually beat you up. But I'll hang onto his arm and beg him not to hurt you, 'cause I love you. :-)

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