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January 26, 2006


Are we allowed to make fun of names of inanimate objects? For instance: Hol-ee Floater.

(Thanks to jon harris)


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I'd expected that "Holy Floater" was something Robin exclaimed whenever he used the Bat Cave toilet after Batman.

Lairbo, I about choked on a Dorito because of you. :)

Please no papal jokes.


Holy Purple Floater Batman!

ewww.Lairbo you are certified genius.

I thought they were bananas.

Eleanor - I just happen to have a banana in my pocket...

pogo- You're not just happy to see her?

Bananas - the perfect food.

Of course I'm happy to see Eleanor. The question is: Is Eleanor happy to be seen?

Of course I'm happy to be seen, pogo. Do you have a banana for me?


Who is that woman at the bottom of this page? I don't like her one bit!

*wishes she would just leave*

I was expecting an update on low-flow toilets. How refreshing, water sports!

The list of items arranged by pet -- to the left -- features Rabits. Is this some new breed?

Don't go too close to them CandyT, or you might have to get shots!

"Be vewy vwey qwiet...we're huntin' diseased animals!"

I must concur; Lairbo has been on a roll lately. Maybe always, but definitely lately. Many snorks. :)

Lairbo...a first; and first-rate, too! *standing ovation*

You're all too kind. Really. There's been talk.

psst, did you hear what they're saying about Lairbo??
All I can say about it is eeeekkkkkk!

It's probably not true, but pass it on anyway...

Holy Bananas, Batman!

Lairbo - Why, what have you heard?

Now, you can make fun of names.

*Looking around to see if anne is here; she got mighty flustered about my previous posting of making fun of names! Perhaps she is calmer now?*


is that better???

oops, nope...


like this?

My granddaughter, age 6, told me that her class is collecting money for Diseases and asked if my school was doing the same. I asked her what disease, and she replied, "Diseases. You know, when a whole bunch of germs pile up on each other and make Diseases. They kill you."

Ahhh, youth.

"Hol-ee Floaters" WBAGNFARB

BTW, I always thought a "floater" was a person who washed up on the shore after sleeping with the fishies....

PS, I can suggest some people to pile germs on...

geezly. leavin' well enuf alone comes to mind.

kinda brings to mind a recent "fiber" comment;)

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