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January 27, 2006


(Thanks to Drew Harchick. Also thanks, everyone else in the world, but you should actually be grateful we aren't blogging this ever again.)


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Of course, they just didn't have a picture of him in those BayWatch trunks knocking down the wall.

So why bother?

You're getting sneaky with the Bulletins, by-the-by!

"In Germany children have brought me thousands of flowers."

Isn't that special.

They bring him flowers because even over there they wish that his career was dead!

...oh yes,



I KNEW this was the right time for a coffee break!

sip, sip, (chortle)

Is it just me or is it particularly hilarious that he didn't qualify for a "Showbiz Quirky"?

"Many Americans joke about my popularity in Germany." HA! "But they have no idea how beautiful Europe is and how rich it is in culture and fun and warmth and children." Europe's got kulcher and chitlins? woooEEEE! Hitch up th' wagon, y'all, and let's go to Yerup!

And how sadly lacking (according to Hasselbuff) in FUN America is. gag.

OH - and I am VERY close to joining the ever growing throng of bloggers who for their own general health and well being have sworn off checking any post vaguely resembling a "BULLETIN"

My curiousity got me thinking-maybe I got the wrong TV show in my first post, so googled up Baywatch, right? (as if I can edit the original post...)

A lame TV show, right? How bad could it be? So I only hovered briefly before I clicked the link -and- bingo! the Websense alert comes up! (I believe I imagined the sirens...)

Gawd, now I live in fear the web police will be storming the cubicle soon. Time to get that eyeball mirror on the monitor again...

Still, first is first! Not second! So ha-ha on you, madam!

Now we know what happens when you cross Barry Manilow and Al Gore.

I am personally saddened that they have not yet put my visage on Mount Rushmore.

speechless... and William Shatner has saved the Federation countless times!

or perhaps he's claiming that playing his song structurally weakened the Wall, making all the politcal stuff a mere formality...

argh! Tom Cruise had nothing to do with it! Pay no attention to the Scientologist behind the Iron Curtain!

Beopo: He passed up "Showbiz Quirkie" years ago, and has been going full-tilt-boogie for years right into "Bad Taste". Things haven't been the same since he was Snapper Foster on The Young and the Restless.

Herr Hasselhoff ist ein Dummkopf. Stimmt das?

Bumble - please remember that this blog is based in Miami Fla - NOT Germany. Please speak the language everyone else speaks... Spanish.

Es stimmt. Und ein Arschloch.


Blue~ That last was directed at CoastRaven, not you. Ich verstehe. :-)

After reading the article, I immediately puked on my computer. What a mess. breakfast tacos, I think, or is that coffee ?


I am also very greatful you aren't blogging this item again.

Ugh. The wax game. I'm just glad it was his chest and not his nether regions, like U.O was talking about the other night.

BAH - coffee spit take all over the keyboard and monitor. i hate when that happens. some famous people are just delusional. what's his next project - the big brother house of hasbeens???

Is it just me? Or could this be Hasselhoff's long lost twin brother?


I can't believe no one's linked back to this one yet!

TRWC - I thought we had developed some respect among us blogsters™. How could you do that to us without at least a warning?

Because it's not funny with a warning.

And I respect you so much I didn't want to ruin the gag for you. That's real love there, buddy. ;)

Hey, Tamara! Great link! Been looking for a screen saver like that for ages!

qetzal, Teds my son! Where have you've been?

queensbee, thanks for the idea, but I think I'm gona call it Big brothers Bay Watch Rider Looking for Freedom show, has a nice ring to it.

Since you all are big fans of me, I'll send you all a sign autograph, and my address to send the flowers!

*taps microphone*

"Judi, I feel terribly about the confusion caused by my misstatements yesterday at this blog, and I hope that you might find it in your heart to forgive me. Thank you."

"Because it's not funny with a warning."

that's what she said.


David H.,

Ted's your love child? Was this discussed here on the blog before?

Either I missed it, or else my recent exposure to a certain BULLETIN BULLETIN BULLETIN damaged significant portions of my brain.

Tamara - I hardly consider causing near blindness and psychological trauma to be either funny or a sign of respect. We have an obligation, as blog brothers and sisters, not to inflict unnecessary pain.

*snork!* @ Blue

I personally believe that Hogan's Heros had more to do with the fall of the wall than Hier Hasselhoff..Unless he threatned to take his shirt off exposing thousands of Germans to the evil power of his pectoral fur which caused a stampede and everyone tore the wall down to escape..

Sean - I would think such a threat by Hasselhoff might cause the wall to be expanded in all directions for protection.

And, just as I thought:

David Hasselhoff anagrams to Hoff Hid Slave Ads.

Actually, he did help bring the wall down. Many of the people that knocked the wall apart were trying to escape from his singing.

Tru dat!

If he was there in 1989 Then the wall had already come down. How can he think he helped?

Mr. B - he promised to come back and sing if they ever built it again.

On late night T.V. you greet meee..
A scary sight, hairy and white..
Please button your shirt up completely..

Cancell his show and he blooms and grows..
Croons and blows to whoever..

Hasselhoff, Hasselhoff..
You are a real Frank forever..

Haha I was wondering what you were going to say if I submitted it again.

hahaha Hoff.

Although mudstuffin's face isn't visible on Mt rushmore, Hasselhoff's is, as can be seen on the sixth t-shirt listed here.

How do you suggest a link for the blog? A friend of mine knows the designers of the University of Chicago site. They were supposed to put up a nice picture of campus. http://psychiatry.uchicago.edu/cnpru/index.html?chipmunk

Jennifer - there is a link at the top of the page that says "E-Mail the Blog" - that gets stuff to Judi/Dave for consideration.

judi, thanks for not posting that link... and from my point of view, if we never have another post about him it will be too soon.

As for you doubters, DH *DID* knock the wall down -- he just tapped it with his HUGE self-important head, and the wall just fell into pieces, one of which I bought in Germany myself several years ago. In fact, knowing how truthful those celebs are, the pieces he allegedly picked up and distributed he may have BOUGHT at a souvenir stand just like I did.

Awwwwwwww.... those chipmunks are so CUTE! I suspect the one caught in mid-air may be stressed about an impending speaking engagement and hasn't read about the Blog's Official Stress-Relief Activity™

Right. Whenever I think of the fall of the Berlin Wall, I think of Reagan, Gorbachev and.......Hasselhoff?

Nope, doesn't work.

Really, if Englebert Humperdink doesn't get credit for changing the political climate of Europe, then neither does Hasselhoff. Or Paul Lynde, for that matter.

self important b@st@rd.


the Hass that is ... not you mudstuffin. :)

I always think of Hasselhoff.
I tried to gouge my own eyes out when I saw that electric leather jacket. They still hurt.

Gee, I wish I were David Hasselhoff...

T cruise, I think you hit the nail on the noggin'.

For @ 40 years the west has been trying to figure out a way to tear down that wall, and here all David Hasselhoff has to do is open his mouth and 'sing' and it all comes tumbling down.

Who knew??

We probably could use him in some way in Iraq. But then, no, those militants are all hairy and strange over there, aren't they. . .

Yes Lmd33, we can use Hasselhoff in Iraq. He can be a "designated target".

judi? Did you see my statement issued on this thread at 11:34 AM on January 27, 2006? Can I get out of the dog house yet? Pleeeeeease?

(end bold)

Personally, I would enjoy a photo of him, hanging on the walls in the Berlin Museum, at CheckPoint Charlie.

P.S. Did I mention that I help launch America's first orbiting space station by sleeping downstairs on the sofabed and setting the alarm for 3 a.m. so I could the take-off? But is there a picture of me hanging on the wall in the Space Museum in Houston???

geez Brainy - what'd you do to end up in the doghouse (not that I mind the company - I've been stuck in here ever since I said something about katie holmes not getting naked instead of Annie not getting naked, or something like that)

TCK - C-Bol posted a link to a story. Then judi added the story later, and I tried to 'splain C-Bol had already posted it. Then judi told me she actually got the story from someone else hours earlier, and seem "irked."

But I keep trying to patch things up to judi and she's either not yet noticed or actually PO'd.

It was from
blog item. Me and my big fat...fingers?

Brainy, have you got a big, fat...something else?

*fanning self*

I don't know about that, Tamara, but I do know that I forgave Brainy a long time ago. For wahtever he did.

when I saw the berlin wall, BEFORE it came down, I turned and said to no one in particular "this wall should be knocked down." since east berlin was then communist, it took time for my remark to be duly noted and acted upon by the powers that were. therefore, I - not david hasselhof - am singularly responsible for the wall's eventual demise. last time I checked, last year, MY picture was still not up at the checkpoint charlie museum either.

Brainy- Clearly judi just wants to see more of the lovely peace offerings you're posting. Keep up the good work! ;-)

Tamara - *grins and wiggles eyebrows up and down*

southern - Thanks! I've been laying low til you forget that I'm stalkin...nnnevermind.

Bumble: Anything for Her Blogness.

Nice work, Brainy.... just please try to stay away from the geriatric firefighters. But links to Sean Connery (fourth from left) are perfectly acceptable.

Brainy~ Since you've been so kind, here's one for you and Dave. Aren't you glad you taught me to link? ;-)

Kate - Duly noted. My judgement on this is a little hazy as I am of the male persuasion. I'm a little more clear when it comes to pretty girls.

*applause for Bumble* Yes, more than ever!

... um ... tnx, Bumble, BJ ...

You're welcome. ;-)

judi -
PLEASE, PLEASE forgive Brainy. His groveling is starting to get on my nerves!! :-)

Now, be fair to the Hoff. He had no less to do with the Berlin Wall coming down than Reagan did!

Actually had to go out of town for a conference (stupid WORK)and now back on the blog I read where brainy and judi are having some issues. Could someone rehash or quickly summarize for me?

sparrow - Just read my addition to this post above at 07:04 PM on January 27, 2006

Okay - I'm all caught up now. Will someone teach me to link?

sparrow -- here's a crib sheet on linking ... knock yerself out .... (oops, bad choice of words ... have a good time ... don't be discouraged ... yadda, yadda, yadda ...)

For your link,
1) type in a 'less than' symbol
2) with no space after the 'less than' symbol, type A HREF="
(you need a space between the A and the HREF, and the quote is also part of what you type in)
3) after the quote, type or paste in the entire URL of whatever it is you're linking to
4) after the URL, type in a quote and a 'greater than' symbol
5) type in the text that you want to appear as your link
6) with no spaces between, type in a 'less than' symbol, then /A, then a 'greater than' symbol
Altogether, what you end up with will look like this as you type it, except the open brackets should be 'less than' symbols and the close brackets should be 'greater than' symbols:
[A HREF="your link's URL"]the text that should appear[/A]
Once posted, what will show as the link will only be whatever you entered in place of "the text that should appear"

3. {a href="http://some.web.site">text tag {/a}

NOTA BENE! In this example just above -- 3. ... et cetera ... -- y'all do NOT confuse the symbol with the "lesser than/greater than" symbols you really hafta use ... gotta show something different, or else this posting would just have another mysterious link that din't go anywhere ...

Just remember, { really = < and } really equals > ...

g'luk ...

Here's what you should type in:

<a href="http://www.nws.noaa.gov/">Click here for weather!</a>

Here's what it'll look like when posted:

Click here for weather!

BJj -

How'd'ja get that "example" to show up without becoming a link in and of its ownself? When I've tried to "demonstrate" like that ... it just creates a link, so how it's done can't be seen ...

Must be magic ... or a superior intelligence ... I'd guess the latter ...

U.O - More like magic, actually. Nearly every conceivable character can be represented by a special code that you browser can interpret. They are 'flagged' for interpretation when preceeded by an ampersand and end with a semi-colon. (Some examples can be found here.)

I just used the symbol for '<' with &lt; and the symbol for '>' with &gt; so the browser wouldn't see it as a link.

See? Magic!

Okay all...thanks. I will try it.

hey bj, what'd ya do? anyway i am sure i would forgive you instantly if i knew what horrible thing you did :)

judi - I more or less tried to explain it on this post at 07:04 PM on January 27, 2006, but I'm afraid I came across as a little prick-ish (unintended, I swear) in my comments at the top of this thread. I've been posting links to hot guys ever since to make it up to you.

Also, I'm amused you'd check this far back. I figured I'd have to catch you another time!

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