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January 26, 2006



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Not the Top Gun volley ball scene!! Not Kenny Loggins!!!

I am SO not look'n!

A-Ha! First!


Jealous Tom knows what film affairs can do to a marriage.

He also knows a lot about psychiarty, appaently.

Ooh. Simulpost w/ Brainy. I'm awake now.

I feel the need... the need to impede.

Maybe becasue he doesn't want anyone to see what he hasn't seen either?

Not that I am for one second suggesting anything.

Insom, you're crackin' me up all over the place. :)

No one knows what happened, although it's interesting to note that that immediately before the scened disappeared, the director was whisked away to the top of Scientolgy Mountain and beaten senseless.

[email protected]

Maybe it wasn't smoking enough for the film as suggested by the title. Who knows.

Scientology mountain? *snork*

Jeez, Tom - take a pill and get over it.

here is an update (Assuming I did that html tag properly).

Maybe the love scene will reappear when Tom and Katie star in a remake of the Elvis classic Clambake?

I bet there's already a spot in the DVD store for Tom's next movie, somewhere near the "has-beens" section....

Yeah, Tom, and a nice lie-down on the ol' couch would do ya good, too.

*Snorks* to Insom & Annie.

He's not very smart, is he? That must explain the way he walks....

Ok, the only reason i was gonna see this movie was because i heard that katie was naked in it - now i guess i won't bother

Guess Tom's got his Mind Wide Shut.

TCK...you were almost out of the doghouse...

As long as Neither Cruise nor Holmes sends me any more mail

"Dear Edgar,
While Tom may want to convert to Cabalogy. I want to stick Xemu. Or is it Xenu. Anyway, please mention that.
Katie Holmes Cruise."

Annie~ Are you kidding? He lives in there.

-- or, just maybe, replaced with the volleyball scene from Top Gun.

...or the wildebeest scene from Top Gnu.

Snuff films featuring Tom Cruise?

Oh....never mind:(

Disturbingly, Tom "Maverick" Cruise wears jeans while playing beach volleyball, an athletic gear faux pas to be compared with NBA players wearing short spandex shorts or wearing black socks with sandals or calling helmets "football hats".

Tom Cruise!!!!

Why did it have to be Tom Cruise???

Insiders did this to generate a buzz. Who had heard of this movie before this incident? That or either Tom could see Thetan auras around Katie in the scene and did not want her to think that the "treatments" weren't working. I think Tom believes that Colonial Sanders put a chemical in his chicken recipe that causes people to crave it fortnightly.*

* "So I Married an Axe Murderer" Act I Scene 2

Colonial Sanders?

"Hear Ye! The Taste Be Good Enough to Like Thine Own Fingers!"



he he he

Brainy, coming from you, it's funny whether it be like or lick.

*Snork* & *Huzzah* to Brainy.

(PS - Had my doubts that you'd see the ditty at the end of this....)

Annie - you're just jealous cuz I didn't say I wanted to see you naked in a movie

TCK - *sigh*

What is there really to say to you? Yes, AnnieWBH is totally devastated because you didn't say that to her - of course she is. She even sent me an e-mail saying that she didn't know how she could go on. I told her to keep on keepin' on because life IS worth living!
/end sarcasm

I have (luckily) trained myself (using the personal "Stun-gun Mini", by Norelco) to curb the temptation to click on anything in this blog titled BULLETIN.

As it is, the images of Barry Manilow & Britney Spears (BM and BS - coincidence?) are tattooed on my retinas making every day a living hell.

/end sarcasm?! NEVER

HEED PAPER NOW! Move that gargantuan cranium of yours and get the paper - IF YA CAN!

That was a bit offsides wasn't it? He'll be cryin' himself to sleep tuhnight on 'is huge pillah.

El - I see I've left you speechless yet again

and of course she's devastated - who wouldn't be?

and my life isn't all that easy either you know - having that kind of power over women does have its drawbacks...

While that film footage may have been "snuffed", I still have the steamy footage of me and Katie from the other night at my house...

It is available for a nominal fee....

(And by the way, she gets naked in "The Gift")...

Sarcasmo (motto: the name that speaks for itself) -

Were you taking TCK's side against me? Because I can assure you that TCK, being a "guys guy" can totally fend for himself! :-)

BTW, Where you been? :)

Is it any coincidence that the talk is all about Tom Cruise and at the same time the main page of the blog has a baby crawling across the top?

I din't think so.

Stupid Scientolgy thing: We get regular mail at our house from them, addressed to Sophie. Sophie once lived in our house, but about 22 years ago she moved across the street to the Six Feet Under Hotel. RIP, Sophie. Maybe L-Ron thinks she's coming back some day.

Didn't they just reuse the volleyball scene from Top Gun in Brokeback Mountain? Are we going to see it in every movie, now?

TCK - you're whining so bad only dogs can hear you now.
*makes note to have crap cam shot taken with DB in April so tck can eat his heart out(if he has one)*

and El - thanks for covering for me while I was out. It took longer than I had planned. I thought they gave out the "Sexiest Mom of the Year" award at the beginning of the banquet, but I had to wait until the end.
*adjusts her tiara*

Bumble, I second your *yawn*... I get really tired of stuff about those so-called "stars" and celebrities (excepting Dave and associated bloglits of course!). You can bet yer bottom dollar (after taxes) that ANYTHING about ANY movie or ANY movie star is 99 44/100% likely to be totally fabricated hype. Anyone who believes any of that BS call me, I have a bridge for sale cheap!

Mad~ Is it the Roebling Bridge? Daddy would just love to have that one. I could buy it for his birthday! :-)

As far as hype, the part I believe is that they're all airheads.

You're welcome, Annie - anytime. I know you'd do the same for me! :)


Wow, El, is that you?

Annie, I thought it was you - wearing your tiara! :)

A little too racy for me. I mean, all she's wearing is a tiara!
*waits to see how many guys go back to look at Eleanor's link*


Isn't Dave a movie star? *innocent expression*

sure he is TRWC. He was in G2G with Cleese. I am sure that he can be in the 6 degrees of separation game now

yes, I've been afraid to mention this but our Dave is 3 links away from Barry Manilow and only 2 links away from Britney Spears
see for yourself using Star links.

Our Dave is known to imdb as Dave Barry (II)

No wonder Dave stopped wirting columns. He died in 2001.

That's a great link, insom! And he's only 2 links from the great Kevin Bacon - woo hoo!

Annie -

So ... it sounds as if TCK is in trouble 'cuz he din't say he wanted to see you naked in a movie ...

Will it keep me out of trouble if I said I wanted to see you naked ... um ... let me rephrase that, please ... um ... dang! ... I fergot whut I wuz gonna say ... um ... naked ... TCK ... no movies ... um ... whutever ...

time to build a bigger doghouse.

Yet another Ray Stevens earwig:

And now I'm back in the doghouse again,
sleeping with my flea-covered friend.
Move it over Rover; looks like I'm movin' in.
Back in the doghouse again.

Here's a picture of the real father of Tom and Katie's crotchfruit...

(Coincidentally, it looks just like the father of Michael "FREAK!" Jackson's kids.)

Awwwwwww ... !!!

He's got his daddy's eyes ....

Bumble, that particular bridge isn't in stock at this time, but I can get it for you with a small special-order deposit.... for a nominal charge I can have it gift-wrapped too!

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