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January 25, 2006




(Thanks to Colleen Tolton and Pirateboy. Update: Jeff Meyerson)


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They needed a paper to tell them Paris was an idiot?

Also, Less is More K-Fed, and we definitely want MORE of you, if you know what I mean.

Bubblegum brained And just that -- I just - what else did I say?

Was Terry Latzis the American in Paris?

"Eventually the music will speak for itself. You're only going to look at me like this for so long."


"The support and the advice that she gives to me is advice that any wife would give to her husband, " says Federline.

Meaning . . . .what?

"Get off your ass, get a job and help me raise our children you lazy bum, or get outta this house!!" kind of advice? Because that IS the advice any wife would give to a husband who behaved like that.

Every quote from K-Fed just gets better and better (read: worse and worse).

First - I've been in the closet with it for a while NTTAWWT

Second - I wanted to find my people, and I wanted to record the music that I wanted people to hear. It's a little different How 'bout recording music that the PEOPLE WANT to hear?

Third - Federline describes the rest of the album as "crazy," "down south," and "gutta." wow, just wow. Gutta? Seriously?

Not K-Fed, but Frightening nonetheless - "Radio is a mind-altering and conditioning monster within itself," he says. "You play something 45,000 times ... you're going to start singing it." No, please GOD, NO!!!!!

(apologies if someone has used this before)

Come and listen to a story 'bout a man, K-Fed
Wannabe rapper, but his heritage's white-bread
Then one day thought he'd nuptialize his boss
Wrote off his current girl and kids as a bad loss.

Deadbeat... no-talent... Popo Zao!

Then one day he's a real star, you bet
Puts out some awful songs and puts 'em on the Net
Thinks that just 'cause people will listen just for free
His time to be famous is at 14:53!

Only seconds to go... washed-up... reality shows!

*snork* Insom!

So far, I've got this...
Paris is, to all appearances, a complete airhead moron
K-Fed is a talentless hack, riding of the coat-tails of his marginally more talented and definitely more attractive wife (if I was into that sort of thing)

I thought today was Opposites Day, not State the Blindingly Obvious Day.

Could someone please f*ck Paris' brains back IN?

I think the article misquoted him when he said his new music is "gutta". He is probably a golfer, and meant Gutta-Percha which is what the first golf balls were made of.

Leave it to K-Fed to rap about his balls....


WJ dresses like a woman.

Although the going out in public dressed that way thing is new.

I understand Paris had a book out (suuuuure she wrote it aw by her widdle self) and upon being told it had made the WSJ best seller look, said "What's The Wall Street Journal?"


Kaf, MJ? I'm curious how he got recognized with all that stuff on in the first place.

I don't care what the chromosomes say, Paris Hilton must have enormous testes.

"Could someone please f*ck Paris' brains back IN?"

Mr. C, It can't be that you're volunteering, right?

So it's true! MJ is officially a woman!

I am really scared for his children!

Judi - pretty slick on the update there.

SouthernGirl - NFW.

Jackson has children ? Real children ? Wonderful case for forced sterilization.

Tex - It's OK, we're safe. He throws them off balconies before the can breed.

Gee, with all the news about K-Fed, Paris Hilton and Angelina's bump the American public will never have to waste its time with boring stuff like that American journalist whose parents are pleading for her life, or the Alito hearings.

God bless the American press!!

Mr. C, laughed so hard I cried!

Mr. C - that is not the first time you've volunteering for that task. To be interested in that, you must have enormous cojones.

What an unholy trifecta. It's like everything wrong with 'celebrity' in a single post. I really need to get serious about buildling that bunker.

Southerngirl - Oh, HELL no. Not with a borrowed d*ck. I have WAY too much self-respect to want to boink that brainless bimbo.

Annie - I ain't volunteering. Mine is just a voice crying in the wilderness, asking for some comsic justice, a cry to humanity in general.

er... make that "cosmic", not "comsic"

...or even "comic"...

It's ok, Mr. C, I was only teasing. ;) Besides, pogo had your back, and immediately came to your defense.

Southerngirl - I knew that! It's just that that little twerpette (a female twerp), for some reason, gets on my last nerve.

Maybe it's 'cause I used to work for her Daddy's company. Plus, I value intelligence over "hotness" any day - and she has neither, IMHO.

//end rant

a triple header. wow. that MJ just keeps topping himself.

No! I can't believe it! How shocking.

Mr. C, where's my Aladdin quote? Also, do you know any 21 year old guys who also value intelligence over hotness? I'd like to meet 'em. :-)

Bumble - you mean this quote?

You have touched the forbidden treasure! Now you will never again see the light of day!

Oh, wait. How about this one?

Oh, there's a big surprise. That's an incredible... I think I'm going to have a heart attack and die, from that surprise. Look at this. I'm so ticked off that I'm molting.

As far as 21-year-old boys who ain't into hotness... hmm... Wear something clingy and hang out at the public library! Other than that, just be patient. They're out there.

Ok, Mr. C - I take back what I said about your cojones being big.

Mr. C- You mean I have to leave the house to meet guys? How inconvenient.

*wanders off to see if Amazon gives free super-saver shipping on guy deliveries*

Annie - I never said that... Let's just say "plums" and be done with it.

Oh, and Ping (the one on the left) hangs a bit lower than Pong.

Just so you know.

Mr. C -

A little TMI!
*wide-eyed look* :)

El- Indeed. I've always hated plums, and this certainly doesn't make them any more appealing.

Mr. C- The downside is that years from now, you'll be left with prunes.

Bumble - you beat me to it. Somewhat off topic, have you ever thought about what happens to implants as you age? I just got a hideous photo from a friend of mine. If I knew how to post it, I'd share. Basically - we age, silicone doesn't.

El, Annie, Bumble - *snork!*

*wanders off muttering "prunes. so there's that to look forward to..."*

Mr. C~ Of course, I can't know that for sure, having no first-hand experience with such things. Be sure and have Mrs. ThePoint document it for us.

Actually, on second thought, don't.

Mr. C - don't worry. If it gets that bad, I'm sure they be injected with silicone or something, to 'replump' them.

Or they could be re-hydrated. My mom stews prunes sometimes.

*grins wickedly*

Bumble and Annie - STOP HELPING!!!

Bumble and Annie - STOP HELPING!!!

dang stupid spambot grumble grumble...

Stewed prunes!

Now there's a visual we could have lived another day without having!

But I blame Mr. C, Bumble, it's not your fault! ROFL!

And actually Mr. C, it was the - er, how shall I say this - um, the placement that I thought was waaaaaaaaaay TMI! "-)

*blinks innocently*

What? All I was suggesting was a hot bath; perhaps Mrs. ThePoint might even join you.

El, I'm never gonna be able to eat prunes again without snorking. And I'll never be able to explain why to my mother.

Just trying to help...if it worked for Angelina Jolie's lip...

*secretly hoping I've ruined a few guy fantasies with that one....*

One may (perhaps) be forgiven for assuming that this collection of "people" all seem to be suffering from the same disease ... Foecalisis Cerebellumitis ...

One may also wish to be forgiven for holding the hope that these might be terminal disabilities ...

U.O - Are you sure it's not a recto-cranial inversion?

Mr. C --

Nah, the technical medical terminology is "sh!t for brains" ... sorry to be so hifalutin' with the phraseology ...

Wow, this killed three birds with one stone:

Paris is an airhead
K-Fed is a moron
But they still can't approach Jacko's weirdness

"What an unholy trifecta. It's like everything wrong with 'celebrity' in a single post."

way lttg, KOW, but i still gotta say.. On The Money.

wonder if we could put together a class action suit onacounta inhumane suffering..

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