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January 18, 2006


Gene informs this blog that he has named his oosik "Tiffani."


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Somehow that name just does NOT seem appropriate, but I'm SURE there is a story behind that.

How cute. Will she and Walter be, uh, getting together for 'play dates?'

Tiffani? Isn't that kind of the wrong gender? NTTAWWT of course. And if he's a she, the look on Gene's face is especially scarey. Also, he appears to be choking her.

So can we assume that Gene's oosik is gay? NTTAWWT.

or that Tiffani is a (female walrus' apparatus) trapped in an oosik's body?

A bis*xual or trans*xual p*nis. There are therapists for this.

Suzy...an anagram for Tiffani is if in aft.

Bisexual Oosik WBAGNFARB

You say that we've got nothing in common,
no common ground to start from
and that we're growing apart

You say the world has come between us
But i've got this walrus penis
and I keep it close to my heart.

and I said "What about your oosik named Tiffani?"
He said "I'm sure I shoulda named it Phil,
but as I recall you said you didn't really like that"
and I said "Well that's, a big thing you've got"

bravo, 'casmo

John: "if in aft" Am I missing something?


(wicked judi)

I guess I am too, SuzyQ!


*sits here with Eleanor feeling stoopid, waiting for explanation*

his oosik is transgendering?

Have you learned nothing! Never, ever ask questions. Just play along. Lalalal....

And an euphenism for aft could be 'back door'. If you still don't know, consider yourself fortunate.

So Gene's oosik, already socially crippled by the application of bling caps, now has to try to hang out at the next bbq with Walter being called "Tiffani"?

Isn't it great how, as you age, you care less and less about, well, everything?

Can you imagine a young Gene having a bling-capped oosik named Tiffani in his living room when his boss came over? Okay, probably so. But what about a regular person?

SNorth: Well, I had thought of that. And if Gene's oosik is gay, it would fit. But, to me, it's still a bit, I don't know....awkward. Maybe I need more coffee.

Eleanor, admit it. You were just trying to draw Judi out, so she would make a comment inappropriate to this family-oriented blog.

sarc: *applause*

Suzy, I think I need more coffee, too. S'North is right. It's thin (the joke, not the oosik) but I hope I didn't cost you any productivity. :-)


Has Gene lost some weight?


I think this blog ceased to qualify as "family oriented" when Dirty Sanchez showed up. Maybe before then also, but that was the moment I decided never, ever to let my kids read the blog.

John: Productivity? You mean I'm actually supposed to be working when I'm at work? What is this world coming to!!

Come to think of it, it is an awfully feminie penis. What with the caps and all.

All of this sexual anthropomorphism is just too intense for the lunch hour.

SNorth, you obviously were able to control your hysterical laughter at the "family oriented" comment long before me to be able to post a response... anyway, not only wouldn't I let my kids read the blog (they are 28 and 36) I won't even let my WIFE read it (she's ummmmm... never mind her age).

As for working while at work, that's a pretty radical idea -- I wouldn't bandy it about, just for safety's sake, yaknow? SOME of us might take offense and SOMEONE could get shot in the thigh.

Obviously Gene is following the Johnny Cash philosophy, and in an effort to have his oosik grow up big, strong (err...sorry) and feisty has given him a brawl-o-genic name.
"Life ain't easy for an oosik named Tiffani..."



"If I ever have an [Oosik], I'm gonna name him...

Bill, or Jack, or Tom.

Anything but [Tiffany]!"

(I can't get the 'strike' tag to work. hmm.)


(wicked judi)

Did we miss something higher up this thread? Does judi have an evil twin who does unspeakable acts that Saint judi would not do?

Enquiring minds want to know.

Andrew...[and a thousand inmates go wild...:)]

Your oosik has to be VERY secure in its masculinity to endure a name like Tiffani. Wasn't there a Valley Girl who played malls in the 80's by the name of Tiffani?

yup. she covered 'I Think We're Only Now' unless that was Debbie Gibson..

or even "I Think We're Alone Now"...

Is it my imagination, or has that photo of Gene gotten ... bigger ... ???

Or mebbe it's just certain "parts" of the photo ...

r.e.: "Tiffani" ... y'all seem to have not yet analyzed the name for its true meaning ...

to wit: "Tiff" ... a fight, spat or confrontation

"ani" ... the Latin plural of "anus" ...

ergo: Gene's oosik has something to do with confronting multiple anal sphincters ...

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