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January 26, 2006


...who serve wings.

(Thanks to Ted Habte-Gabr, always on the lookout for interesting items)


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...and have big kachongas.

Is that Ted's airline stewardess? Whoa.

...in the name of the hot wings and the drumsticks and the holy clam strips, amen...

Monsignor Izzy Rozycki
Will bless anything (he's not picky!)
He'll relieve the Te Deum
With wings that are medium
But his vestments will get way too sticky!

I see Ted's been to Hooters!

Narrow-mindedness? Yeah, it's alive and well and living among the many pastors and preachers of Waco ... this Monsignor sounds like the type of priest who is capable of getting a message across in such a way that his parishoners might actually reflect upon their beliefs, prejudices and behavior ... and then do something about it ...

I was especially interested in the hint at the apparent hypocrisy in the community ... r.e. the comparison of Hooters™ "uniforms" with beach wear ... and the "funeral procession" (for dead soldiers?) ...

Sorry, this is not funny ... it's too early ... need coffee ...

no comment. but great goin insom.

Simulpost ... and with that ... it's off to werk I go ...

Forgot to say - GO STEELERS!

The three things I've learned about religion are:

Jews don't recognize Jesus as the messiah

Protestants don't recognize the authority of the pope

Baptists don't recognize each other at Hooters.

*rim shot*

I'm just surprised there is actually an area that can be referred to with a straight face as "Greater Waco."

high fives for fivver.

sta inPA, you need to say that with a litte more conviction.


... yea, like that.

Hmm...I didn't think Priests were really INTO hooters....

I figured they be out blessing the Boy Scouts.

LOOK! It's the rare double blessed waitress!

Gotta hand it to Dave. Not only is he the funniest man on the planet, he sure knows "interesting items" when he spots them!

Isidore is my brother's confirmation name.

a priest who likes, um, hooters - there's a refreshing change

You can't swing a dead cat in WaaKo without hitting at least three baptists on a mission from god. I wouldn't be surprised if Baylor U doesn't issue a fatwa ordering its buxom babes not to work at Hooters or face expulsion. "Thou shalt not flaunt your ta-tas while serving hot wings!"

Punkin, that was bad bad bad bad but oh so funny.

several bloglits sent that in, probably before ted, btw, but i was letting it simmer for a while... sorry to all who didn't get credit!

insom...You are a genius and a legend in your own time. *bows repeatedly and backs out of the palatial reception chamber*

*SNORK*s in marble hallways as soon as she gets past the Swiss guard.

Good one, judi! Simmer the wings in butter and hot sauce, then bake (or deep fry) add more hot sauce and serve, mmmm mmmm GOOD!

I love it when the awesome Catholics make news... usually you only see the hardcore loonies in the media.

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