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January 25, 2006


Nothing says "You will remember me always" like a packet of Amul Fundoo.


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Their slogan: "Make her wish she'd never met you all over again."

They're going to REPLACE the package? Are you kidding me?

Thanks anyway, but if that happened to me, the last thing I would want would be ANOTHER package of their chocolates.

"Spawns in your stomach, not in your hand!"

Key Quote: "We even taste the chocolates to ensure quality."


Wow, chocolate and fishing bait all in the same package. What's the issue here ?

Markus: Indeed. Teeth marks in every piece to show their dedication.

I am thankful that I don't care to receive gifts of chocolate, so there isn't much chance of this happening to me. However, if they start finding worms in Budweiser, or chips and salsa, then I'm in trouble.

Southerngirl - are you into tequila?

What kind of worms can make you that sick, so quickly?

"Ye straineth at a microbe, yet swallow a worm..."

or some such Biblical utterance

and LOVINGLY garnished with lark's vomit

"Great news honey! I bought you this chocolate - you can eat all you want and you'll STILL lose weight! It's a Valentine's Day miracle, is what it is! I'll just go wait in the bed, naked."

CoastR - That was the Whizzo Chocolate Company, who had a far classier assortment of confectionery.

"Dear consumer: Our humblest apologies. Please accept, with our compliments, the enclosed."

*SNORK* at C'bol, as usual...

Chianca! Good to see you!

Yeah BM - I'll take Crunchy Frog over mealworm anyday

Blue, not so much into tequila. However, one of my uncles took a trip to Mexico a couple years ago and came back with some really good tequila. We were all sitting around the pool, and he suggested that we do a few shots. I'm not much into shots either, (especially after drinking a few beers), but I figured why the heck not? So we did, and it was the smoothest shot I've ever had. Terrific. I did check the shot glass for worms first, though!

Chianca, just the name of that stuff makes me want to gag. Eeeww!

"Worm-infested chocolates?"
"Oh yes, sir. We use only the finest Turkish meal worms, flown in fresh daily from Ankora, and lovingly inserted into a delicious chocolate wafer."
"That's as may be. They're still worms. I'm going to have to ask you to accompany me to the station."
"It's a fair cop."
"No talking to the camera."

*snork* blue meanie. teeeheee.
crawling wormy chocobits wbagnfarb

Next on Fear Factor...

1. Fun - DOO?

2. Article summary: Akshay took a bite of the Fundoo and spat "Grahak! Peth!

I buy my chocolate by the pound, divided into clear plastic bags. I have the luxury of inspecting the chocolate before I buy it.

I'm still gagging... Perhaps a piece of chocolate will help - just not Amul Fundoo.

I'll take a half pound of the Spring Surprise.

God bless Monty Python.

All your Amul Fundoo are belong to us! Perhaps you are not minding?

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