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January 16, 2006


How about a nice bowl of soup?


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I have nothing polite to say about snake soup.

...other than "Doldrum-Chasing Snake Soup" WBAGNFARB!

Here on the Left Coast it's a little too early for Snake Soup!

NOT a good way to start the day, IMO...

"Snake gravy with snake peni$?" I hate to ask what the gravy is made from...and who gets the job of collecting it...eeeewwww!
Also, "Nervous chickens" WBAGNFARB. This writer had some fun writing this...a tad sophmoric, but fun.

Quigley~ I don't eat things that are still movin'.

Cora~ You gonna shoot it first?

All right class, who knows the reference without the aid of google?

Bumble: I'm gonna have to guess Quigley Down Under based on the names. I don't remember that line, though.

Ladies and Gentlemen, are you ready to rock? Introducing "Steamed Snake Gravy with special guests.. the 'strident slurpers'... the men with 'OK sauce'.... Snake Penis"

I don't think I'll ever be that cold.

A snake a day keeps the doctor away. And most other people too.

Lab~ Gold star on your forehead; move to the head of the class.

Remember the scene where the aborigines who rescued them offer them fat, white worms to eat? Cora puts one in her mouth, and then they say those lines.

Bowl of snake soup a day keeps the winter doldrums away

Keeps me away as well.

Oh yeah! Now I remember. I like that movie because... well... it has guns.

"Waiter - there's a snake oosik in my soup"
"Call it a toothpick... ALL of the posh restaraunts in southern Hong Kong are using them now"
"OOOHHH - OK I'll stay in the north"

OK, I've lived in a cold climate for almost my entire life - a good chunk of that in the vaste wasteland wilderness known as North Dakota - and I gotta say, I have never once been cold enough to eat snake soup.

I have, however, been cold enough to seek "inner warmth" in a bottle of schnapps

Dave, I recall reading in one of your books that you and your son made a bowl of something called "Thick Soup of Snake" once upon a time. I remember you discussing the "strong aroma," but did you actually eat any?

Lab~ It's a favorite of mine, too. The cast was great, the plot was engaging, and it was well written. And very funny in places. My favorite exchange:

Redcoat Major: (to Quigley) You just do your job and stay out of trouble. In our opinion, Americans are uncouth misfits who've been run out of their own barbaric countries.

Quigley: Well lieutenant...

Redcoat Major: Major!

Quigley: Major. We already run the misfits out of our country. *spits* We sent 'em back to England.

steamed snake gravy.... well, no wonder without a p*n*s, though some snakes have two...

there's a season on 'snake-slurping'? I guess that's what the Mrs. means when she says it'll be a cold day in H*ll before she does that again!

Insom - TMI...but...I am sorry.

Well Snake does taste like chicken...

No Snake Tastes like Snake.

It seems odd to me that (among other things) a cold-blooded reptile is supposed to bring inner warmth. Just sayin'

Annie~ I didn't catch insom's drift till I read your comment, then went back and read his again. Really wish I hadn't done that...

Bumble - if you're gonna hang around here, you're really gonna need to work on gettin' your mind in the gutter

One shouldn't slurp snake. Rather one should (censored).


TCK~ Well, you're certainly helpful in that area. :-)

Bumble - sorry. I will try to refrain from referring to insom's gutter-dwelling commentary again. Oops, guess I just referred to it again. Ok, NOBODY go back and read what insom wrote. Really.


Bumble - it's what I live for (gettin' your mind in the gutter, that is)

Kev, "Thick Soup of Snake" wasn't a dish Dave prepared, it was a Rock Band he played in....

TCK~ I know. *wanders of contemplating what bad bowling and sewer drains have to do with the blog*

shoot. wanders off

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