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January 24, 2006


Keep your guard up.

(Thanks to slyeyes. And we hope this hasn't been blogged before. It's sometimes hard to remember.)


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What a beastly crime.

It's a bed-and-breakfast? Did anybody check to see if mutton or goat was on the menu?

One more:

"What are you eating, dear?"

"Mutton, honey."

I don't think it's been blogged before. The other day you posted an article from me from the same news station about the camel wandering around Illinois. But no one was shooting at it.

Mr C. - feeling feisty today, are we?

oh, and *snork* at mutton honey

Hmm...my goat hasn't been shot at, yet.

Congratulations, slyeyes, my precious!
Hmm, has anyone seen Jack Bauer lately? I've heard that hobbitses likes mutton for second breakfasts.

Guess this proves the old adage "you can drag a goat to water...."

Oh, and Jack is cleared......they were shot in the head, not the thigh.

Sly, a couple more and we'll have to start calling you "Claire" or something.

How many Edwards are there in Edwardsville? Because in the subheader, it just says "Edwardville." If there are usually two, maybe that's when one Edward slunk away to whack a goat (sounds kinky, doesn't it?).

MOTW~ *snork*

But my money would be on William, Burt and Tom:

"Mutton yesterday, mutton today, and blimey, if it don't look like mutton again tomorrer."

I love animals as much as the next guy, but have you ever noticed how sometimes people get more worked up over animals being abused than people?

Here in my town, we recently had two puppies that were snatched from someone's yard, shot in the head and left in the roadway. The reward for catching who did it is up to $10,000, including donations from lots of animal lovers and the Humane Society, etc.

Meanwhile, some old guy who owned a motel was stabbed to death and the reward for the arrest of the killer is $2,000....

Oh the humanity....

So what's the deal here? This is a miniature zoo with miniature petting animals??

And who are the animals petting anyway?

I didn't know St. Louis was weird...:-)

WTG, sly!!

I agree with Clark on this one -

Anyone else note that the petting zoo includes emus?
Those things are huge, ugly and MEAN. Kinda like petting the boogyman, only with feathers. And talons. And the ability to run like 30mph.

OK, that's the third St Louis area article in the last week. Either my previous hypothesis about Dave simply being geographically nearby is that much more likely, or else it's some strange coincidence. Or maybe this is a stranger area than I thought.

I moved back here to escape the craziness of the DC area...but apparently it followed me.

Words of the Sentient:

Stripped of ethical rationalizations and philosophical pretensions, a crime is anything that a group in power chooses to prohibit. -- Freda Adler

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I like the graphic to the right that makes this seem SOOO much more important than it really is. I can just see the webmaster looking through all their clip-art to find a goat with a gun to its head. "Oh well, I guess I'll just use the NORMAL shooting graphic." That WOULD be a rad graphic, though, a "Goatastrophe"!

Probably soome goat killer from SIU, Southern Illinois University which is located in Edwardsville.

Clark Kent, I wholly agree with you. Although if someone stole any of my pets and shot them in the head, I would be pretty darned upset...

I think people get so worked up over animal killings because animals can't protect themselves. Plus they're so much more innocent... It's like if a five-year-old got shot. People get worked up over that sort of thing too.

Plus of course, PETA and HSUS are completely and totally out of their minds.

One of the things that most amazes me is petty crimes, especially those of petty cruelty.

Although, occasionally, when we discover the reason that someone would sneak and and shoot a goat at a petting zoo, the answer will be funny - they think they're protecting the meat industry from evil people who are using propaganda to make animals too cute to eat... or it's simply that they've discovered that _that_ goat was the one that aliens secretly use to control the government with mind-beams... more often than not it's just something stupid, senseless and cruel.

There probably is a lot more important news out there. And given how actual content in news outlets seems to be shrinking, you'd think there'd be little room for the petting zoo assassin story.

As for being more worked up about animal abuse than people abuse - you do realize that people who abuse animals at first often work their way up (or down) to people. Who knows, this goat-shootist might someday start exercising their skills on other forms of life... like politicians, or Geraldo Rivera.

Now that I think about it, a slippery slope never looked so inviting...

Law enforcement take pet slayings pretty seriously because I guess they figure if you could torture and maim a puppy or kitten you're just a step away from being able to do that to a person...

And I'm with you. If someone killed any of my pets, I'd have to go medieval on their asses....

Kitt! CAN'T DEFEND THEMSELVES? HAVE YOU SEEN A PICTURE OF A BEAR? (or a beer, and NOT just a picture, but I digress) I maintain that humans stay inside so much so that they aren't reminded how unprepared for life in the wild we are. I think that an angry goat could take most of the people on this blog, although that doesn't say much, I know. Our only chance is to shoot them in the thigh, or stab them in the throat.

Kitt...I'm with you. And not only are the victims innocent, but the killers are without motive: you don't strangle a swan because it wouldn't let you have the car keys; you don't butcher a goat because of a bar fight. It's just sheer psychotic meanness on the part of the abuser.
To be perfectly clear, I would certainly grieve more for a busload of schoolkids than a truckload of goats; but the dynamics of someone slaughtering or torturing a helpless and non-offending critter minding its own business turn my stomach.
*To every stomach/turn/turn/turn...*

Bobndougan (wow, that's hard to retype LOL)

I meant pretty much that cute little puppies and kittens (which are the only things that really get press attention -- not so much bears and CERTAINLY never snakes -- I put a rant there, but I deleted it) can't defend themselves. Not bears. And I doubt that the goat that was shot could've taken anybody out if it was really a pygmy -- aren't they like a foot tall? And if it WASN'T a pygmy, it wouldn't be in the news, because no one would care, because it wouldn't be cute!!

Remember, the only animals that matter are the cute ones!!!!

...And to those who pointed out that animal killers/torturers often become people killers/torturers -- that's true too. Jeoffery Dahmer is the favorite example...

Betsy -- that, too, is VERY true. Maybe this guy thought the goat was teasing him or something...

Betsy, what if the goat wasn't minding its own business? What if he was mocking an obviously crazy person with a large gun, like I'm sure most of us would? Or what if he was making 'Your Mama' jokes? Or what if he had a stupid novelty t-shirt on, one that read "I kicked a busload of schoolkids over a cliff"? Huh? Whataboutthat? Huh? kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk (bnd gets strangled by a goat)

bobndougfan - Humans should, of course, be valued more than animals, but even a bear is defenseless against an .06

*make that: most humans...

Maybe they killed each other . . .

Brainy -- I was thinkin' that too -- though at the same time, armed or not, I would rather avoid any encounters with bears if at all possible. Even trained Russian circus bears. In fact, ESPECIALLY trained Russian circus bears.

Maybe it was a murder/suicide after the sheep spurned the goat's advances....

Where's Monk? He would figure it all out in less than an hour... with commercials...

Brainy- What if its unloaded? Or what if the bear's wearing a kevlar vest? Or what if the bear was at 1000 yds? Or what if the bear was carrying around anti-tank weaponry? Huh? Would he stand a chance then? Huh?

....and lots of wipes, because they are animals, after all.

bobndougfan - Well, I can't argue with reason, among other things.

(did anyone notice that the "Edward" post earlier on this thread is from our fearless leader. Not judi, but the other one, whatshisname?)

Joecool -- I noticed!!! ....Or at least it was from someone using his e-mail address....... Hmmm....

That supports my theory (I now promote it) that Dave's selections are based on his location. Note that he commented on the local college, demonstrating knowledge of the area.

Well, or else someone capable of typing in an obvious spoof email address is.

Either way, it's also possible that it's just an attempt by the author to respond to my post with fake affirmation. I mean, why else would someone mention something so non-sequitous?

They're ALL out to get me...which gives my life meaning! Where'd I put that foil hat?

Words of the Sentient:

The methods by which a trade union can alone act, are necessarily destructive; its organization is necessarily tyrranical. -- Henry George

Hate to be drag on the party, but -- there's enough living things being shot on a daily basis in this country. This isn't funny. It's sad. And scary.

I agree. But I also think that we need to shoot already dead things more often. You know, zombies. Since my only view on the world is from horror movies, I can tell this is a pressing need in today's world, especially at shopping malls. I think we all should carry around sawed-off shotguns just in case. I know I do. (If you disagree with me or think I should step outside, you're definitely a zombie.)

Key quote (not from thread article): Plus of course, PETA and HSUS are completely and totally out of their minds.


Southern Illinois University is located in Carbondale IL. The Edwardsville campus is a sattelite.

So ... perhaps these critters were slain by a satellite weapon? SDI anyone?

Well, SIUE is not a satellite in the sense that there seem to be University of Arizona campuses all around the planet. It's a whole, self-contained campus. Its students don't even tend to think of themselves as belonging to SIU Carbondale.

By the way, a recently published article says that foil hats actually increase the ability of people to spy on your brain.


Words of the Sentient:

To silence criticism is to silence freedom. --Sidney Hook

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