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January 30, 2006


We hope this serves as a deterrent.

(Thanks to rick harover)


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Crazy old goat.

So she didnt Dodge the Billy Goat - her fault, he was just living up to his name.

Interesting quote: Dodge the billy goat snapped a leash and charged at Dawn Pinette, knocking her to the ground Wednesday about 35 miles west of Charleston.

That was a pretty long leash ... I bet the goat got a running start, in order to break it.


Whatever it takes to get your goat.

"Round O, S.C."?

"Taser and the Goat Zappers" wbagngfarb

"An ostrich would be the oddest one," Tuttle said.
Nuh-uhhha, A PALMETTO BUG would be oddest!

*Nuh-uhhha, A PALMETTO BUG would be oddest!*

talk about overkill

Here's the facts:

1. West bound Dodge has 35 miles of leash.
2. East bound Pinette with daughter.
c. Cops with Tasers.
iv. A moose once bit my sister.
iv.v. It hurt
5. there is no 5
6. There's a pickup truck involved - suspiciously involved
iv+2. And WHO invited the ostrich? And "Tuttle's Tasers"?

Steve Tuttle, a spokesman for Taser International, said he has heard a Taser being used on two moose in the Yukon as well as on a bear.

Now THAT'S what I call Sportsmenship! Try taking out moose and bear with a Taser!... HA! Goat zapping's easy in comparison.

"All I could do was grab his horns and scream bloody murder," Pinette, 38, said.

Don't we all, Dawn. Don't we all.



What am I snapping out of, kibby? A thong?


And who am I snapping out of it? This could be interesting.

"He's too old for goat burgers," she said.

At least she has a sense of humor about the whole thing! ROFL!!!

"Round O, S.C."?

pogo: So as not confuse it with Square O, over in the next county.

All: if'n anyone's still interested, WordPress is still fighting me on picture uploads, so I found a temporary home for our pictures with Dave and Ted.

If Dodge the goat is traveling west at 70 mph (neutons per liter) and Dawn with daughter is traveling east at 36 kph (inches per degree), then:
a)how soon before the cops with tasers show up?
b)how many volts required to subdue Dodge the goat?
c)explain why we should care

Pogo: I live in SC and have traveled all over the state and have never heard of Round O. Maybe it's where the famous herbicide is made.
U.O. I didn't read it as a 35 mile long leash, I read it as if Dodge rammed (rammed, get it? The goat is really a truck.) Dawn and she landed on the ground 35 miles away.

"goat burgers" WBAGNFARB

also: "Rita's Thong"

As Bucket pointed out: "An ostrich would be the oddest one," Tuttle said.

Any explanation here? Is this guy the authority on this? How does he reach this comclusion? How is the oddness quantified?

Wouldn't a bald eagle, blue whale (35 miles inland) or a mouse be decidedly odder than an animal that could realistically hurt you?

Writer Dude, Ted Humpte-Goat is making the moves on your woman, if in fact Lester is yours. TH-G, while a fountain of interesting news stories involving naked people and especially ones with breasteses, should not be left alone with one's woman. it is like asking a dog to guard your food.

Crabby, that's exactly what I was thinking when I looked at the pics - be careful Writer Dude, Ted's a dog. We know this from previous - how shall I say this - incidents!
I'm really not at liberty to say anymore.

Brainy: that's the problem with being brainy - too many questions! :-)

also: "Rita's Thong"

HEY! I've got one of those too!

Can you write a song, kibby?

I'm not real worried about Ted -- he can't help it if he's easily swayed by stunning beauty and charming personality. (Hopefully scoring points w/ Mrs. WriterDude here...)

Shredder -

Excellent point. My bias is toward "goat" rather than "ram" mostly 'cuz I once owned a Goat (GTO, to the non-cognoscenti) ...

HOWever, to give your premise fair consideration, I've gotta admit that it could've been that way ... which makes me think that a 35-mile butt is a perty big one ...

BTW, CoastR ... tnx4 the snork ... we try to get somethin' right, once in a while ...

(Shredder - y'all wanna know about the gathering of bloglits? Email me.)

Ah, once more there's proof that if you mess with the goat, you're (not [not knot, naught, gnawed or gnaw it] your, ewer or yewer {n. a lumberjack who (not [not knot, naught, gnawed or gnaw it] hue or Whew!) works chopping yews (not [not knot, naught, gnawed or gnaw it] ewes, use, you is or "youse") gonna get the horn.

I would consider a 35 mile butt a ba-donk-a-donk

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