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January 17, 2006


Be on the lookout for Fred Astaire.


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Sure, you spend 3000 pounds moving your ferret from Canada to Britain and the FIRST thing it does is slip out the door.

Some ferrets!

The ferret is microchipped?

...black, white and grey and is microchipped.

A little touch-up paint'll fix that, you won't even be able to tell.

Does the concept of Darwinism apply to ferrett ownership?

I feel it is good to know that it is not a 'typical ferret' and not likely to "crawl up your pantleg" NTTAWWT.....

random - yes, Darwinism applies here. If this nut is adequately distracted with her striped weasel, she will blow right past her child-bearing years. We can only hope. Otherwise it's, "Golly, I know I left Junior around here someplace."


What to buy a used ferret, cheap?

...and still Lemur does nothing.

3,000 pounds??? It's bigger than Edgar!

So I see "Scarborough" so I figure it's about helmet hair wingnut extraordinaire Joe and it's about a ferret that's running loose and I'm like "hey I can always guess these"

it's off somewhere dancing 'squeak to squeak'

insom...your brain has been wandering afield far too much. I think you need to be microchipped.

Odd - but I just bought the nicest fur hat that looks a lot like Fred. It does get cold over here don't ya know?!
Anbody seen Simon or Garfunkel?

Good reference, insom! I was trying to think of one...*sigh*

Anyone check the airport? Maybe he's trying to find his way back to Canada...

Why is it named Fred if it's female? Does it have gender issues? That would probably be a good identifying trait....

Better check the mailboxes, especially if any drunk college students have been in the area.

Her name was Fred, she was a dancer.
With gender issues everywhere and a vacant little stare.
She would meander, and leave the casa.
And now that Fred has gone away, they are sad in the U.K.

You know its wrather annoying. When they say pounds in england and then give you peice of paper. Not even hard or thick paper. You can see through it and see the Queen if you hold it up in the sun.
Now I would be quite busy looking at my peice of paper that is a pound and not notice the little ankle biter.
Funny part here is this pound is supposedly 164 pennies. Which almost equal a pound.

Are you scurrying ‘round Scarborough Fair?
Hardly caged, go where we assign
Remember just because you’re Astaire
You can’t dance away ‘cause you’re mine

Earwig Alert: Scarborough Fair

Where are you going, oh Scarborough ferret?
White and grey, microchipped, and fast?
Remember the one who left the door open?
She once was the owner of me...

Tell her to meet me near a drain pipe next door,
bottle, cage, and a leash will be fine.
2400 pounds seems a great deal of money,
just to get me through the quarantine line.

Tell her to take me back out to the mall,
bottle, cage and a leash will do fine.
Racing down hallways, and up her pant leg,
again she’ll be an owner of of mine

Tell her to keep me in a warm and safe place,
bottle, cage and a leash will be fine.
But to keep the door closed, must be hard for Canadians,
then she’ll be an owner of mine.

Where are you going, the Scarborough ferret?
White and grey, microchipped, and fast?
Remember the one who left the door open?
She once was the owner of me...

*snorking at PB*

"3,000 pounds??? It's bigger than Edgar!"

Nothing is bigger than Edgar!

Interesting quote: She's really sneaky and fast. We think she sneaked out when someone was closing the door which happened once in Canada.

So ... somebuddy actually closed a door in Canada, eh?

Must be the reason for that warm spell they had last week in Nodak ...

So, if it's microchipped, why haven't they found it yet? Isn't that the whole purpose of the microchips?

*not funny*
Microchips are a way that animal control services personnel can see if an animal they pick up belongs to someone. The small chip is inserted under the fur on the back of the animal's neck. Owners then register with the chip maker, providing their contact information. That way, when the animal is picked up by animal control, they scan the chip and get back information from the database so they can contact the owner. It's very useful because many owners don't put collars and/or ID tags on their animals. It's also cost-effective since the shelter doesn't have to board the animal as long once they've contacted the owner.
* / end unfunny comment*

Thanks MOTW - THAT must be why I can't wear my hat through the metal detector at the airport. It's the damnable chip!! And I was wondering why I was being closely tailed by the animal control Nazis!!!!

PirateBoy, Kudos! Fairly sage, respectable and rhymes!

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