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January 30, 2006


Loincloth Outrage

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Hmmm - I wonder if the loincloths were made from the same goat (Dodge) from the previous posting?

OH yeah - and the previous post was the FIRST of the day by the way

I'm appalled.

Sounds like a lot of other places that've made the news over the centuries ... get someone into power, and then make everyone else live by your standards ... yup ... nice place, nice people ...

(mebbe if they'd've worn sheepskin loincloths? ... Sharkskin? ... Moleskin? ...)

I'm irate.

I am not a robot.

I am acrimonious!

I am too old to be eaten (but I LOVE to be nibbled on!!)

Denied bail because of loincloths!?

.... obvious a menace to society.

But remember, this comes from the country that takes farmland for re-distribution to the poor political "farmer" whipes out houseing for the poor when they don't vote for you.

/end political rage

I am, I said.

*realizes kibby's spelling is atrocious today*

*goes to chech "spelling"*

Tafadzwanashe and Tapiwanashe Fichani, known to close friends as Tafi and Tapi, are proud of their long and distinctive, uh, heritage.

*gives up*

czech mate, kibby

This sounds like a cover up.

what?! no pictures?

"Tafadzwanashe and Tapiwanashe Fichani, known to close friends as Tafi and Tapi, are proud of their long and distinctive, uh, heritage."

I'm appalled.

Maybe everything else was at the cleaners.

At first I asked myself, "Where the h**l is Harare?" Then I saw that they are Zimbabwean twins. Then I asked myself, "Why is this a news story?" and "Why did it make the wire services?" and "Why should we care?"

daisy wandering off to get a cup of tea

"We have failed to see how their actions conform to our culture," association president Gordon Chavunduka said.

...because our new, improved culture now involves naming babies 'Gordon'

Been there, done that.

I find it simply outrageous that men of the cloth should be harassed in this manner.

mudstuffin (kilt, butt-flap, cod-piece, Sheridan) - are you jealous because you didn't think of it first?

My son has a great name for a band...Poetic Science...

Maybe so, but you don't know who 'Sheridan' is. My allusion has elluded you. So there. Neener.

....suppose they get a change of loincloths before showing up in court?

{{ mud }} anyway

kibby - yeah, it'll be either the prison-issued b/w stripe or fluorescent orange loincloths.

where do you get loincloths? Lake Victoria's Secret?

...and what's the difference between a loincloth and some of those short shorts I've .... er .... heard about?

I didn't hear you, Neil.

I AM, I cried!

*What's with these chairs, nowadays, anyway?*

OK, if you're gonna wear your goatskin loincloth to the mall, you have to make sure that the cloth is of sufficient length to cover your, um, "loins"....

otherwise, you're just a nudie

...prompting several shocked shoppers to call the police.

Because it was hurting them? Because they didn't think, until that very moment, that men actually have penises?
Why would you call the cops for that??

That'll loin 'em.

and *snork* at insom.

I didn't hear you either, Neil.

Yes, the length of the loin cloth should exceed the length of the long and distinctive heritage. Although I am guessing it is warm in Zimbabwe and therefore shrinkage is not a salient issue.

The shoppers probably thought Cher was coming to town.

Well, that story just makes me MAD! And outraged, and apalled, and irate, and acrimonious, and atrocious....

Dang, if people are going to be THAT way about loincloths, I'm going to have to "make a statement" too! I'll just run over to Wal-Mart and pick up a few loincloths (I wonder how they are sized, small, medium, long, extra-long and HOLY MACKEREL?) and head on over to MY local mall!

Hey, how about establishing loincloths as the blog's "official uniform"? Anyone going to a book-signing to meet Dave would wear the uniform!

Mad - are you MAD?

Blog's "Official Wear" is Penguin Thongs.

/of story.

Oh, should say that's for men.

Women get coconut bras and grass skirts.

What kibby said.

No substitutions allowed.

Hey Neil - you may not be a man who likes to swear, but really, do you care for the sound of being alone?

loincloth outrage =

ethnological tour
ocellation trough
tougher collation


YES Annie, I AM!

But also hanging my head that no one else likes my idea.... I guess I'll be the only one at the book signings wearing a loincloth (HOLY MACKEREL! size, of course).

OK, an alternative, I'll make it the official attire of MY blog! When I get 'round tuit...

Cool! Muffles heard me! So what kind of furniture are you?

Neil...Muffles sounds like he might be a ruffled tuffet. But y'know, he might not be furniture at all, Neil. Some folks actually converse with non-furniture items.
wait....don't run away!


Do you still have Shilo's number?

Shilo, when I was young
I used to call your name
When no one else would come
Shilo, you always came
And we'd play

Mr. C. -

It was the number she sang to you
It was the number she brang to you

Betsy - they say the walls have ears, but even they don't listen. Same with corn. I have, on the other hand, listened intently to the mouths of rivers, and looked deeply into potato eyes. No response; can't figure it out.

I'm reminded of the joke:

A young man was so well-endowed that it was hurting his knees, so an operation was scheduled to fix the problem. Three doctors were called in to consult on the surgery.

The first doctor suggested, "Why don't we take a big hunk off the end?" They discussed it and decided that would affect his sensitivity.

The second doctor suggested, "Why don't we take a big hunk out of the middle?" They discussed it and decided it would risk its shape.

The third doctor suggested, "Why don't we take a big hunk off the base?" They discussed it and said that would give him erection problems.

That only left the scrub nurse. The doctors looked over at her and saw she had tears running down her cheeks. "Why don't we," she said through her tears, "just make his legs longer?"

LOL, Mr. C! :)

Neil...If you ever get a response from looking deep into potato eyes, do us a favor and DON'T write a song about it.

"they say you're just a vegetable,
but when I look at you
I see your soul sprout forth to me,
Out from your eyes so blue."
(Like that. Dont do that, ok???)

Some rat beat me to that one?!

Shades of creeping Fascism!

Ferile Tween is a much better name for a rock band.

That link seems to be broken, but you can count on the BBC -

Illustrated article:

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