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January 25, 2006


It's not so much that we care about student rights... it's that we hope more of them will grow up to appreciate freedom.

(Thanks to rickadjuster)

UPDATE: Freeeeeeeeeeeedom. Right, Jack?


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I was attempting to think of something funny to say about this thread, but one look at that photo kilt that idea.

Ya know, kilts don't look good on everyone.

it used to be college was about avoiding 'the draft', not with these kiltsmen, though!

lol, insomniac.

might make it harder to shoot someone in the thigh.

hmmm...as silly as I find the trendiness of cross-dressing on college campuses to be, I'm just not sexually repressed enough to find kilts funny.

Gods, this is my second stick-in-the-mud comment in as many days. Maybe I should go back to being paranoid about Dave vs St Louis.

Words of the Sentient:

The right of distribution over private property is the essence of freedom.
-- Merrill Jenkins

In addition to the fact that Masculine Unbifurcated Garments would be an extremely awkward NFARB, I would like to point out that there would be certain advantages to this attire if one celebrates New Year's in Shangai.

Hmm... you're right, Judi. He may have to make going for the neck his new MO- at least until these guys start wearing the scarves that match their kilts.

who said kilts are funny!?


Earwig Alert: The Scottsman

Well a Scottsboy in a kilt, sans guilt,
Left his school to walk on home
And no one could tell how much I snickered,
As I worked to write this tome.

I *snorked* while writing this joke up
Until I could *snork* no more.
As the boy went home to study
To raise his SAT score.

Ring ding diddle diddle I de oh ring di diddly da fast
The boy went home to study
To raise his SAT score.

About that time a lovely lass
(Probably from his senior class)
Just happened to walk past
Says to me, while walking fast
The thing I didn't want to see today
Was the hair on that kid’s #ss!

Ring ding diddle diddle I de oh ring di diddly da fast
The thing I didn't want to see today
Was the hair on that kid’s #ss!

They threw him out of homeroom,
As quickly as they could
For any boy who wears a skirt
Surely can’t be good.

Ring ding diddle diddle I de oh ring di diddly da fast

For any boy who wears a skirt
Surely can’t be good!

PirateBoy- Thank you. I was just thinking I'd google that and post it, and when I scrolled down, there it was!

*wanders off humming PirateBoy's post*

Modified, but there. :-)

PB-great! I love that song so much!!
Also, to me this is old news. My senior year of high school a group of sophomore boys came to school in skirts, protesting the no shorts during winter policy. They didn't get in trouble, and the rule was revoked.
Also,four of my guy friends wear utila kilts regularly. (not everyday, but for special occasions)

Happy Burns night, all. Eat Haggis fer yer suppah.

aah! Scat you had to bring that up didn't you! There's a Burn's dinner this weekend that I can't go home for! I've been waiting all year, but now I can't go! Grrr. I was trying not to think about all the fun (and haggis) I'll be missing.

OH MY EVERYTHING! Unexpected random surprise super happy wonderful number one lucky photo of Ewan McGregor! Woohoo!

I find it sad that the verra Scottish sport o sheep dog trialing is not conducted in kilts in this country. (On the handler, not the dog) Here you will see western boots and belt buckles that look like license plates.

*dusts off Stetson*

Tamara RWHFM- there are actually two pictures for you (us) to drool over... woohoo!

At the annual Scottish Fair for the LA/Orange County (Left Coast) area, one of the featured bands is a group named Bad Haggis.

You have to love the band's sense of advertising: "Cutting Edge Celtic for the New Millennium"

And as to the fair itself? They actually serve haggis, but in a plastic cup! That's just so wrong.

My hometown in Idaho was very Scottish. Never saw Braveheart but have it memorized. Kilts where worn often. No one noticed.
Now if these same tartan wearing folk wore tights for cross country under those kilts. Every guy noticed.
Then there was the school dances. One guy wore some really loose wearing clothes. He also happend to have long hair. I am not kidding that just about every one thought about asking the new girl to dance.

James Bond wearing a Kilt. The English's most Suave man out. Is played by a tartan wearer. :)

The boy is just a whiney pubescent brat who is trying to push adults as far as he can legally push them. What are his parents' thoughts on this minor's actions? Supportive? Now if it was my boy . . .

This is why Scotland never beat the British. Every time they bent over to pick up their weapon, they got, ahem, "Dundee'd." ;)

this might be the best place for me to break this news if it has not already been mentioned


Someone said "Hi Jack!" and he flipped the car over?

More power to the brave men who long for their fashion freedom. But beware - there are downsides that we women have long recognized.....

You guys might think it is sexy when it happens to a hottie, but before donning your dress of the day, please ponder this picture:


i'd like to see the lad do a caber-toss into president weenie's assembly sometime within the next hour

I must steal this blog for a moment to publically ask (beg) Ewan McGregor to marry me. You may wear your kilt day and night as far as I am concerned.

In other news, the trend against trousers for men, or people proclaiming to be men, appears to now have a celebrity spokesperson.

Oh yes, feel free to resume normal blogging now. Thank you for your time.

JAcki- Thats great. But is there any dress wearing MEN that are celebreties. Micheal has given up all hopes for gender.

so let me get this straight ...kilts are worn by guys with Greek names like Douglas?

*snork* Good one insomniac!

Beware, not all men can carry off the look convincingly. Somehow I don't think Wayne Knight (Newman from Seinfeld) or Drew Carey in kilts would have the same effect as say... Ewan McGregor or Sean Connery.

Just saying.

rickadjuster? I wonder what their drinking at the HQ while the Blog's away?

That's they're. Rats!

...sure, on the one night I'm up, no one else is here. Or maybe you're all having the party in another thread and forgot to invite me. I don't feel neglected, or alone, or bored. Not at all.

Jacki -

I'm still here ... werk prevailed, and paper-shuffling ... I'm just now getting to the last round of my first reading of the blog ... altho I gotta confess, I dunno if I can stay up for another perusal/analysis/commentary ...

If you can't sleep, just hang out here for a bit, somebuddy will show up ... mebbe wearin' a kilt ... and if so, that might not be all that will be showing up ...

haha, paris h, too funny. I'll be looking on Page Six for you.

Hi, jacki! I just got back from the party on the other thread. Sorry you missed it.

As for this thread, I guess it won't be too big a deal for the lad to sport lassies' clothing as long as he doesn't strike someone with his purse.

isnt the purse called a sporran??
anyway, here's the punchline of a great joke:

i dunno where ya been laddie, but you won a blue ribbon.....
[the joke itself is a shaggy dog story... but a good one]

Sigh... Please bring back the draft. Just so these idiots can find a real issue to get militant about. Of course, with this generation, they would probably want the draft but then argue that they want the right to go to the front lines in pantyhose and high heels.

I wonder if he'll try to wear this kilt?

SN, when one is wearing a kilt I'm sure there (not their) *IS* a draft, especially if it's (not its) true that undies are not appropriately worn with a kilt.

I don't get it.... the Desktop Wallpaper I mean. I translated the french to be "Never Rear." Is my high school french that iffy? Or is the online translator broken?

Key quote, "The district's superintendent then advised the Coviello to purchase everyday dresses and skirts at a retail store." (Scooby-doo voice) Hrmmm?!

As a semi-Scotsman, I happen to think that kilts rock. Unfortunately, I am one of the aformentioned people that they do not look good on.

Dare we ask, Alan, which part is Scots?

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