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January 31, 2006


Very strong performance by everybody last night. Good work. Many insightful comments were posted on last night's episode before last night's episode even started.

I've read the comments, and if I understand them correctly, the terrorists, who are from the former Soviet nation of Badaccentistan, removed the nerve gas from the ship and are going to use it on the United States, unless Jack Bauer can stop them. Jack almost got the canisters by telling the presidential aide mole weasel that he (Jack) was going to remove his (the mole weasel's) eyeball with a knife, at which point he (the mole weasel) revealed the location of the canisters, at which point he (Jack) failed to go ahead and remove the eyeball anyway.

Jack has been oddly passive lately.

Also President Manilow realized that his wife was telling the truth, but she's pretty ticked off, so the head of state is clearly not getting any First Lady Lovin' any time soon.

But the main thing now is the canisters. Jack has to find them, and he only has until, what, May. We can only hope and pray that he finds them before harm comes to anybody else, except of course Audrey. We are all for harm coming to Audrey. All these other perfectly good actors are getting bumped off, and Audrey is still there, weeping and causing Jack to have feelings. This is bad! Jack is singlehandedly responsible for the security of the entire United States! He can't be having feelings and letting weasels keep their eyeballs!

I'm sorry to be shouting. But dammit, this is important.


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I missed seeing the part about the First Lady being discovered to be tellin the truth - must've nodded off.

...(the mole weasel) revealed the location of the canisters...

Well, I guess he would know. He's been in the First Lady's blouse more than the President lately.

Judging from Steve's pithy synopsis, this was definitely a weaker episode. No shooting and too much sniveling Audrey. Two thumbs down!

Quite an excellent synopsis. From that and the barrage of comments, I feel as if I actually watched it. Well done all of you.

Quite an excellent synopsis. From that and the barrage of comments, I feel as if I actually watched it. Well done all of you.

I'm so glad I can just read the comments here and save an entire hour of my life by not having to watch the show. Now I'm free to do some cat bathing or podcasting (live bait or lure?).

Oh booger. It showed up twice. Sorry folks.

I had to turn 24 off after Jack told his hot new GF that he was still in love with Awwwdrey and would not ever see her or her Chloe-look-alike son again. I figured I could catch up just as well here.

w First Lady Lovin' bagnfaCWb?

BTW, did anyone else notice that Edgar looked mildly disappointed when Chloe didn't insult him after he hacked into the ship's manifest?

More like an album or hit song, MOTW.

Next week, we get to see Edgar hack into Chloes personal manifest and possibly fondle her diodes.
Or maybe he will get a donut.

I hope someone gets thighshot. For a violent show, there has been entirely too little violence for my liking.

*lets breath out*

I really didn't miss anything! Hmmmm.... might just go with the read-the-blog-after-the-show-is-over strategy from now on. But I would miss the acting.......

So in lieu of actual thigh shooting this season, it seems the writers are getting a bit creative with rhyming anatomy.
No thigh shot last week, but there WAS a thyroid stab.
No thigh shot this week, but there was an eye poke (insert 3 Stooges joke here).
My prediction for next week - No thigh shot, but Jack surgically removes a sty from one of the terrorists right arm during that hours interrogation.

Let me guess, if Keifer doesn't find the canisters the crazy Russians with accents probably as respectable as the Salazarian-Mexican-accent-attempt are going to release the nerve gas (isn't that stuff like, not deadly? Don't you get it at the dentist, Russian or no?) upon the United States in (listen up first-time viewers!) 24 hours. Blip blip blip blip . . . 24. Chilling.

So if I understand correctly, last year it was thighs, this year, eyeballs?

Does anyone else remember when the graphic violence warning only showed up a few times a season when there actually was GOING TO BE graphic violence? Those were the days when you could get really excited. Now, the warning goes up all the time and I feel like I'm just being set up for a let down...

Didn't Jack kill Audrey's husband? How could she have feelings for Jack? Maybe the life insurance payoff was worth more to Audrey than having a husband. If that is the case, then Jack would be an obvious choice as a replacement husband because he could die too, at any time the way he lives his life! She could get ANOTHER life insurance payoff and ditch CTU for early retirement. Then she could just sit around and blog all day...

Whew - I feel much better after the show. The preview synopsis on my TiVo said that "...Jack discovers an internal leak." I thought he was going to be doing some kind of weird self-surgery....not that he wouldn't do it well.

Impudent strumpet.

Ok, I wish to defend all Beantown Bloglits against the libelo, liblius, libleous, oh, UNTRUE accusation that we were responsible for the unfortunate Pythoning of the previous thread. (Which is oddly similar to this thread)

We are much too Puritan to engage is such childish pranks. (Boston Tea Party not withstanding)
And anyone who says otherwise will be slapped with a herring.

Thank you.

Last night started with thirty-eight minutes of non stop non violence. Disappointing!

I'm also afraid that President Weasel is developing a sympathetic side.

"Yes, Mr. Bauer, we can write a life insurance policy for you. Your daily premium will be... hmm. I've never seen one that used 'scientific notation' before."

This is a geezer alert, but does anyone else recognize the terrorist that is in perpetual darkness? Isnt he from an old 80's tv show called Forever Knight? He was a vampire cop. No wonder he has to stay in the dark...he will burst into flame otherwise. He is a vampire terrorist.

Having not watched 24 last night (or ever) and not having participated in the previous thread (well, not very much anyway, and certainly not on topic), and yet, still wanting to be one of the cool kids, I am posting this comment for no other reason than to simply post a comment (which explains why this comment is completly devoid of any content whatsoever, meaningful or otherwise) just sayin'

Our whole family is reacting negatively to Audrey. When a man is hunting nerve guess,he doesn't take time out for relationship talk. The one benefit Audrey's presence this season is that viewers have time to go make a sandwich or build a garage during her dramatic pauses.

TCK - You say it best... When you say nothin at all!
*tries to pull that earwig out of his ear*
NTTIAWW Alison Krauss

Silly defender of the red-stockinged home of the beans. Did not the Puritans burn witches, a la the Pythons in the now suspiciously-removed film transcript? Please, do not continue with this outrageous pretense, or I shall taunt you a third time.

tck, how come we have no pictures of you? huh?

ncc1701: Yes, you're right. That is indeed Nick Knight from "Forever Knight"! Good work!

Lab...he must have given up trying to regain his soul and agreed to work on 24.

Judi, I have a photo of TCK.

Judi - here's your TCK pic.

TCK: Having not watched 24 last night (or ever)

I'm shocked! Which is a good thing as shockless as last night's episode was...

Blue -


I didn't get a snork.

Considering I cannot get American TV (YAY! I'll have to watch the previous season't 24 in Czech and blog about it.

Luckly I don't understand much Czech so the plot might change week by week.

BTW - The Russian nerve gas, considering it's source, is probably from Lenin's tomb. Slightly stale and smelling of embalming fluids. It'll probably leave a bad hang over.

Sorry, Lab...here's a late *snork*. I was still reading the guy's credentials

(how long did it take you to find that guy?)

kibby, can you please email me? i want to ask you something.

Correction Alert
Lab: the first *snork* was for you

Blue: where did you find that guy?

Sorry for getting mixed up, Blog.

>Now I'm free to do some cat bathing


Does the fur stick to your tongue?

I've heard they actually have to periodically pump Lenin with a fresh infusion of embalming fluid because it eventually just oozes out.

I meant Kibby. Sorry Kibby.

judi - I've been trying to get a picture of TCK for quite some time now, with no success.

Maybe you could threaten him with you omnipotent DELETE button???
just wonderin' :)

Lab - I was unable to snork you as I was busy trying to remove the pen from my eye. The pen had been inserted in my eye (rather rapidly) to remove the image that was attached to your post.

Kibby, er, Lab, no, wait, er Daisy - yeah, Daisy!:

Google Images, search on the magic initials, go through the thumbnails until you find one that works.

Regards, Lenin
I mean Blue.

So...Audrey is the New Kim?

Not to worry, not to worry. In the previews, Jack is shooting people like crazy, in many various appendages. I think I even saw him shoot a duck, which exploded.

There's nothing gross like knives in eyeballs or American Idol contestants, but Jack's got the Bauer Gun blazing.

Go Jack Go!

Down 'n Texas, they've a guy they won't let out of the country (for fear he'll be forced, with a gun to his thigh, to give up the "secret formula" which is probably close to KFC's spicey ...) that does all the "wax" touch-up.

I think Lenin's mostly used candle wax by now. I imagine Grandma's donating their melted candles after a particularly cold winter.... guess they'll have lots on hand (hee hee) this year!

I think CTU should use Audrey as the perverbial Cannary in the mind shaft. When ever someone thinks they are entering a room that might have the cannisters they would send in Audrey first if she lives we know it's the wrong place if she dies UREKA!!!! If that doesnt work make her listen to Neil Diamond and see if that doesnt do the trick.

On a side note I saw Dave speak last night and it was HILARIOUS. Every 5 minutes he would shout GO SEAHAWKS. During the QA section he actually used the F word. It was a memorable night Dave also signed my season 4 box set of 24 how cool is that. So thank you Dave you really helped me impress the girl I was trying to impress last night.

Dear Blue ~

You ARE a meanie to believe that witch-burning rubbish! NEVER was even ONE single witch burned here in America! (Though we did hang 19, but that's not what we're discussing here)

As for your taunts, they are NOTHING compared to the outrageous BEANtown fart that I send in your general direction! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ (<- stink lines)

Had Jack Bauer lived in 1692, I bet all the witches would've been branded with a musketball to the thigh.

Okay, so... what, 24 is some new TV show or something, and I should be watching it? Is that the gist of it?

judi - I'll send you a picture if you promise not to share it with El

Jack almost got the canisters by telling the presidential aide mole weasel that he (Jack) was going to remove his (the mole weasel's) eyeball with a knife...

Yaarrrrrrrgggghhhhh! Me hearties!! Too bad he didn't go through with it so we could celebrate National Sing Like a Presidential Mole Weasel Day.


Did they check for rope burns?

Alright, I see that her Judiness was the remover of the intrusive transcript, so I will withdraw at least that implication from my comments. But I remain wary of the motives of you who have been denied by The Blog the opportunity to offer him knitted crotchwear, sea-mammal genitalia rendered in breakfast food, small collegiate mascots or other items of dubious tribute in return for CrapCam immortality.

And FYI, I am immune to you're generally directed aromatic output - I live, after all, in northern New Jersey.

judi - send TCK's picture to me. I'll share with Eleanor, and you won't break your promise. Har!

Stephanie: Nerve gas IS deadly stuff and not something a normal dentist would use. Are you thinking of nitrous oxide they sometimes use to calm your nerves? If your dentist does use nerve gas, then....um.... I'd get someone out of network.

or with Annie

Slyeyes saves yet another life...now, off to the next blog to teach a course in waving safety.

TCK - booger!

Blue, I take pity on your choice of state, therefore I will cancel the hex of pox I and my sister witches had nearly completed upon you.

But HEAR THIS!!! One day BOSTON will be graced by the presence of HIS DAVENESS. I have a dream! A dream that New Englanders will rise up, endure big dig traffic detours and be able to present the glorious Mr Barry with exotic tubors, handcrafted oosik warmers and undergarments of all shapes and sizes!!!!!! I HAVE A DREAM!!!!!!

Oh, and Judi can come, too.

Oh, and I thought This was a picture of TCK.

slyeyes - that IS a picture of me

Lordy, gents! Your banter is immaculate and a pleasure to witness!

You folks do realize what the problem is, don't you? Women! They have emotions! (for you men out there, emotions are something women have. They are secreted from the ovaries.) And personal needs! And so, Jack must attend to relationships! And so almost NOBODY HAS DIED!!! Also, if there were no women, there would be no Oprah, and we would all be free to lie in our memoirs and make millions of dollars.

Soo...guys are sad that the killing and maiming on '24' has been replaced by(gasp!) relationships?! The horror!

Relationships. Why did it have to be relationships?

Slyeyes: Wow! I can't believe I get my whole own response! :) You're right, I'm blushing. Laughing gas. Laughing gas is what they call it right? I tend to cry at the very thought of the possibility of a cavity so I have never actually had gas of any sort from my dentist. That explains it. And why does everyone want a photo of this TCK dude? Is that like the BTK killer. Tickle Coddle Kick?

why am I seeing at least 2 comments from people who think jack can die at any time? You fools think Jack can die? I mean, he has a few times in the past but he doesn't stay dead long enough for life insurence to pay off.

Stephanie - they want a picture of me because I won't give them one - you see, that's the way women are, always wanting pretty much everything the can't have...

oh, and judi - I was serious - I'll send you a picture if you promise not to give it to El or Annie (or anyone else that might give it to El or Annie)

Judi, I know TCK, TCK is a friend of mine. Don't believe those imposters. Here is his picture, really.

Would I lie?

I'm with Wolfie on the boringness of the episode for the most part. Don't know if it was the Audrey influence or the lack of Chloe-isms, but Jack NOT popping Walt's eyeball was one big downer.

Maybe when Beyrooz returns next week he'll bring his shovel and bash Audrey's skull in.

We can only hope.

Call me crazy, but didn't Jack have a cracked rib last week? Did it knit itself back together on the way up from the dungeon hospital?

OK Jeff - I was willing to take the superhero picture, and the nerd picture, and *sigh* yes, even the Hassellhoff picture...

But you sir, have gone too far! Revenge will be had.

*throws gauntlet on the ground and stomps off*

Jeff - NO!! I had to click (it could have really been TCK this time, or maybe even C-bol).

BTW, Stephanie, I have it on pretty good authority that while TCK is very hot, he isn't all that smart.

He's pretty good at simulposting, though!

*southerngirl somehow manages to simultaneously simulpost with and insult the same person*

impressive feat - I give it a 9.8

Yes, Annie! If I wanted to see relationships, I'd go to the mall and watch the teenaged couples try to out-awkward each other. But I don't!

TCK, I'm sorry about the Hasselhoff thing before.

that's what he said. Nice job, Lab!

TCK, whatever did you mean by saying that I insulted you? I said you were hot AND not all that smart. What more do you want?


You should be honored that Jeff Meyerson compared you to the Musical Genius, Mr. Barry Manilow.

Kudos to you, Jeff!


Lab - it's Ok - I have already forgiven you

southerngirl - just to clarify things here - are you saying that I'm dumb as a post?


But I've heard it's (not its) a very large post!

sthnbelle ~ not all rumors are lies. ;)

southerngirl - sorry i doubted you even for a second - i should've known you love me best

and sthnbelle - that's quite possibly the nicest thing you've ever said to me

*wanders off smiling, suddenly feeling very secure in his maleness*

Well, this is my first time posting. In fact, I recently got addicted to 24, ran out and bought Seasons 1-4 on DVD. I finished Season 1 in 4 days, and I'm almost done with Season 2. I finished Season 3 in 3 days, but I'm retarded because I watched Season 3 first, and then seasons 1-2.

Alrighty, anyway....I think this is the first episode (that I can remember) where I wanted to STRANGLE EVERYONE. Jack is not keeping his eye on the ball, Diane should be less of a wimp and fight for her man, and Audrey calls Jack up when he's in the middle of something important?! To talk about their relationship?! She needs a good Chuck Norris roundhouse kick to the face.

I've enjoyed reading all your posts. I hope to post once a week and get edumacated from all you fantastic people.

MJ in Omaha

Wow! Some of you actually watch the show! (I don't know what's wrong with the rest of you.) Violence isn't what it's about, you know, although I think being shot in the thigh is something you'd notice. Jack does seem to have magic recuperative powers, but then, it is the Jack Bauer Power Hour.

Now that I'm thinking of it, if the terrorists were smart they would have never done the whole take-a-few-dozen-hostages thing. If they had watched the first four seasons they would have known that would inexplicably pull Jack Bauer to the scene of the crime and he would thwart their dastardly attempts. I almost hope it was all part of their evil plot, but that's hard to believe if señor yellow tie is so quick to ditch the Moscow idea to get even with Mr. Weasel Mole. Unless they were planning on attacking Moscow, Idaho, all along. In that case I need to get my ass outa here :D

Hey everybody, did anyone read the post from "ahhm Clem" in the other 24 blog on the main page? He made me cry... :(


It's funny how after Jack tried removing his eyeball, the mole weasel (aka Walt Cummings, aka the traitor, aka the patriot) loses
1/ his sly look
2/ his mean and suspicious voice

to become some sort of wishy-washy squirrel, who can't even take a phone call.

On the contrary, Jack is probably the only man on earth who can stay sexy (and actually increase his mojo) by threatening someone to slice his eyeball ...

By the way did they (Jack and Aaron) really think that President Logan was going to fire them when they turned themselves up ??

I can just imagine Jack telling Aaron:

"I'm Jack Bauer, don't worry, it's the fifth time this happens to me. Trust me! I have turned myself up about 10 times and yet here I still am!!!"

What a great cooperation just for the love of David Palmer. (I know David Palmer was a great guy and everything, but this sort of fascination for him seems just a bit too much, no?)

fox had the summery of the next episode up today for a few hours.. can you say FIRED?!?


I'm sorry I'm tardy on this episode, fellow blogglits! The "real" world intruded. I'm kinda sorry that I missed the Python posts!

The line that Jack should have uttered and didn't...

"Uhm, Audrey. Can we talk about this later? I'm kinda busy here."

I want to point out that Chloe said that very thin gto Edgar (only far more sarcasticly) in the first episode. This proves that Chloe is, infact, wayyy tougher than Jack.

Oh, and I properly chastised "ahhmClem" on the last thread. (Even before I knew that he made "sparrow" cry. *hugs sparrow*

thanks, AlanBoss!

thanks, AlanBoss!

don't know why it came through twice...

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