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January 30, 2006


For the third consecutive Monday night I'm going to be strumpeting for my book and will miss 24. So once again I'm counting on you folks to provide commentary and analysis. As I understand it, here's where the plot stands:
1. The terrorists have these canisters of nerve gas, which apparently they're going to use on... Moscow! Why they came all the way to California to get nerve gas to use on Moscow is beyond me. Maybe you can't get good nerve gas in the Mosow area. Maybe the terrorists just wanted to be on 24. Whatever the reason, this canister thing can't really be the REAL plot, because the worst that could happen is that everybody in Moscow would die a horrible death, and that is frankly not enough of a menace to require Jack Bauer's attention.
2. Speaking of Jack, he had a slow episode last week, with virtually no physical activity other than killing an assassin by stabbing him in the neck with medical scissors. Jack also discovered that President Manilow's weasel assistant -- the one who knocked out the first lady and snatched the classified document from her cleavage -- is a mole.
3. Meanwhile the first lady is on the lam in her pajamas. Pajama-lama-ding-dong! (Pay no attention. I am sleep-deprived.)
4. And a bunch of other stuff.


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And 401.

well...I don't know what to say...except...in the wee hours...the fur flies.

Oh, was that 24 show on again? Did anyone watch? Did anything happen?

BTW, Trillian, you won't hear any complaints about boobs from HERE! Sorry I missed 'em though...

My Dad's name is Mike Novak. I haven't seen him lately. Now I know why....

Oh, and Dave ~ COME TO BEANTOWN! Our slogan:

"We have very little nerve gas here!"

AARRGGHHH! Someone just stabbed me with scissors! In the thigh! I HATE that!

*flips blonde hair*

Um... like, what are you all talking abowt???...

I love reading these comments the morning after...

Ok, I have a few questions:

Where did the nerve gas come from, why are they calling it "stolen," and who buried it under the floor at Ontario airport?

Wasn't Walt still lying when he confessed? I mean, he was in direct contact with MGIDR (thank you, steve).

Will Lab Specimen's new LabSack(tm) be as cool as Jack's JACKBAG?

Hi New Person. Nice hair. We're talking about whether or not we should transform our reference frame by the path integrap of the Minkowski Metric tensor in order to obtain the next showing time of 24.

YAY, judi! Thanks for taking care of the script!

Leetie, I'm afraid I can't disclose anything about my LabSack™ in a public forum.

judi is magic!!! judi is all powerful!!! judi has a delete button that werks!!!


I think I spotted (and snorked at) a DJTonyB post up there. Tony, am I right?


Oh, my.

*fanning self*

"integrap" should have been "integral", of course.

Hmmm - I almost understood it with "integrap" - put "integral" in there instead and I am completely befuddled

New Person - don't be befuddled by LabSpec. He's just going off on a hyperbolic tangent, with no sine of stopping. His comment is also very derivative.

dang, missed it. was watching antiques roadshow. bummer.

Behind the bed....it's BEROOOOOOZ

Will we be blogging the president (the real one) (well, you know what I mean) later this evening? Or, should we just stick with 24?

I've never seen 24 ... but this is keeping me well informed, thank you very much! :-)

Will the blog drinking game take place during the State of the Union address?

I, for one, will be nowhere near any network carrying the useless tripe that our own personal weiner will be driveling.

Here's a preview: "Stay the course! 9/11! We're making progress!" There. What an embarrassment.

Behind the bed is ..........

Hot terrorist chick....MANDY!

Doesn't matter. I'll be in bed then anyway.

*zips in*

Could I please have the clue for the LabSack again? I can't find it.

Thank you.


Yes. Laynie and I would like clues in the form of photos, please.

*sprints far, far, far out of The Wench's reach*

oh whew. i'm glad the delete button FINALLY worked. it didn't for a long time. sigh.

*blink, blink*

Good morning, all!

What did I miss on 24 last night?

*stumbles off for coffee*

I'm baaaaack... Yeah, that's me popping up with my hands up! Bet U missed me!!! I missed U 2! C ya sometime between 1:00 and 2:00!!! --Kim

Why is no one addressing the basic question: why did the nerve gas have to go through Ontario Airport in order to be re-routed to Badassistan????

Dave, whether or not you miss an episode, I sincerely recommend the recaps as provided by Dan Evan III over at Sk8 Jesus. They are hilarious and fannish, and capture the energy of a sheer love for the OTT content.


Also, if you thought last week was a little slow, I hope the Jack Sprat, No Wasted Moments timbre of this episode satisfied.

Yep, the Kimster is coming back...didn't she get married to some CTU guy last season?

Whattabunchalosers. All four hundred and whatever of you. I hope you all enjoy your government sponsered brainwashing programing for this evening.

Relax, ahhm Clem. In case you haven't noticed, we're all making fun of the show. (Well, I'm not participating this time since I'm two days late to get in on it.) Anyone who doesn't see through the show's agenda (and insipidness) has already ingested the sugary, artificially flavored and colored beverage.

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