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January 30, 2006


For the third consecutive Monday night I'm going to be strumpeting for my book and will miss 24. So once again I'm counting on you folks to provide commentary and analysis. As I understand it, here's where the plot stands:
1. The terrorists have these canisters of nerve gas, which apparently they're going to use on... Moscow! Why they came all the way to California to get nerve gas to use on Moscow is beyond me. Maybe you can't get good nerve gas in the Mosow area. Maybe the terrorists just wanted to be on 24. Whatever the reason, this canister thing can't really be the REAL plot, because the worst that could happen is that everybody in Moscow would die a horrible death, and that is frankly not enough of a menace to require Jack Bauer's attention.
2. Speaking of Jack, he had a slow episode last week, with virtually no physical activity other than killing an assassin by stabbing him in the neck with medical scissors. Jack also discovered that President Manilow's weasel assistant -- the one who knocked out the first lady and snatched the classified document from her cleavage -- is a mole.
3. Meanwhile the first lady is on the lam in her pajamas. Pajama-lama-ding-dong! (Pay no attention. I am sleep-deprived.)
4. And a bunch of other stuff.


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i'm with you, sgt!

Great, another teenager-alone-in-the-house scary movie.

Hey, did Edgar go on a diet and get a job at Home Depot?

What would have happened if the boss on the oil rig had work for "Frank" earlier? Would the whole plot be told by news on the radio while Jack did oil rig type things?

I think I saw on IMDB that "when a stranger calls" is a remake of a movie by the same name.

Daisymae : I think that happens when you post too quickly (more than two posts during a set time period) happened to me too last week

daisy, it's been happening when you post soon after a previous post.

Or something like that.

Obviously, Walt has Edgar's evil twin running his commo!

They're getting all the tender moments out of the way early this year, I think.

I find it disturbing that national security on a prime time television show is almost as bad as national security in real life. CTU has been infiltrated more than Grand Centtral Station.

Frau Blucher! *whinnnnny!*

Unchained melody?

secret service to the rescue...he found the First Cleavage

i have a question: does chloe ever have a different look on her face? ever? she looks like a scared cat. just askin'...

Mrs. National Assets sure looked a lot like a horse with a saddle on there for a moment...

reveal the national assets...that'll get em on your side

Ha! She's hiding in the stables. Why didn't she like...ride away on a horse instead of hiding under the saddles?

Left Coast blurking.

This is sooooooooo unfair.:(

I know I love them showing the blouse scene...

thanks, sly & biz...I'll try to restrain my enthusiasm.

Audrey's pad is covered with: "Mrs. Audrey Bauer"

I dont know anything about fashion, but where did that lady get that outfit? The gap?

Oooh! The First Lady is doing her Catherine the Great impression!

Sgt, Chloe usually looks pissed.

Hey, is that a terrorist subplot subplot going on there?

They're checking the major interstates...totally ignoring the minor interstates.

Whoa...the guy who crawled out of the container looks like a wizened Ed Harris

What was that thing Al Michaels Jr, was holding?


Oooo catfight?


they should spice it up a bit by having a catfight...audrey and that new chick. maybe one could shoot the other in the thigh?

Whoa 2 - GF2 asking Audrey if she still has feelings for Jack...that takes...something.

If those two slap fight, I'm turning the TV off.

Wow, excellent timing Audrey. Not like he's busy or anything...

Betsy *Snork*

I'm amazed at how much mush that can work into the hour.

"We've started to become a family???" A situation in which 'wait til your father gets home' could take on even more ominous significance than usual.

Deny, Jack! Deny!!


I hate those 'what are you really feeling' phone calls.

TEARS....!! There's no cryin' in...WAIT that was another movie.



Would any real woman still love a man who forced a doctor at gunpoint to let her husband die? Cause I'm thinking no.

My daddy is tough but sensitive.

Jack's philosophy: If you can't be with the one you love, love the one you're with

so let me get this straight: jack is trying to save civilization as we know it from wacked-out russkies with bad canisters, and audrey is only concerned about his FEELINGS?

The Pres is right, leaking nerve gas WOULD cause a panic.

Hey, Jack, it's Audrey. Sorry to interrupt your top secret highly important vital to world safety tasks, but I just wanted to know who you like better, me or NGF.

Chief Advisor Weasel just LOOKS guilty! Someone cap him!!

We also can't have any leaks OF the nerve gas. . .

Oh, the old best defense is a good offense route

What?!?!?!? WALT ADMITTED IT?!?!

Wait, he's going to kill President Weenie! GO WALT!

Stormy: LOL

Oh, that's what the guy had, a remote detonator.

Holy krap!! O_O

Hey Logan's growing a pair....uh..wait..no he's not...full wienie hood resuming

woohoo just in time for the State of the Union we're proving WMD??

At least president weenie cares about our country ...

No, I think that was just an Ipod Nano. They're going to use music on the nerve gas...kind of like Ghostbusters II.

Jeez, it's Year 1 all over again!

uh-oh. i see more 'important and necessary interventions' afoot...

Chief Advisor Weasel is about five minutes away from a rant about how flouride is ruining our precious bodily fluids.

OHHHHHH...MYYYYY...GAWD! Walt admitted he's the traitor.

Yes Betsy. And then Jack will shoot the real president weenie in the thigh.

Aaaaaand the President wilts like a limp stalk of celery

"It's your choice, Mr. President (Weenie)."

Gee, makes you wonder, what WOULD Barry Manilow do?

Walt looked a bit like Cheney for a minute there

I think Daddy would like to give Walt
AND the prez a good beatin'

If he's exposed in hour five, I have to imagine there's at LEAST four other traitors in the American government who will crop up before the season is over.

Oh, wolfie, I thought you said Jack was going to shoot the Presidential Wienie.

Which is close to the thigh.

How many times is Jack gonna have to save the country from patriots who just want to prove how bad the terrorists are?

holy CRAP! that was an amazing scene.... gee, i don't know, what should i do? allow some people i don't know to continue with their plan to kill a bunch of people with smuggled nerve gas, or have "my presidency destroyed"... what a dilemma!

i imagine barry manilow would simply break into song. 'i made it through the rain', perhaps?

Cheers for President Weenie, always a man of action!

Wait. Endangered species are stealing cars & selling the spare parts? What was that?

*furiously taking notes*

Wow. I didn't see that coming. I figured he would implicate Mike as the traitor.

Oh and Audrey laste 20 minutes into the ep before she started blubbering. I'm not sure if this is an improvement or not.

And President Weenie is going to continue to disappoint. Just when he starts showing some spine, you know he's just going to tuck it back in again.

Those two have been leaving CTU for twenty minutes now.

Sgt Sickler: *rofl* :) I think President Weenie's going to break into song with Walt..."I can't smile without you..."

and we have our Lincoln product placement

Jack's spidey sense is tingling.

My spidey senses are tingling!

JackSack sighting!™

ok...the kids are in bed, the dishes are done and I get to sit down...only 30 minutes late, but
I got here quicker than DAVE, the book strumpet!

Wolfie...Nah...it would increase his approval ratings among Voters Who Value Manliness in the Face of Thigh Shots

Whoa.... you could hear just barely hear (more feel than hear in fact) the chopper in the bass channel when Bauer started going 'wait, did you tell someone else we were here'.

Nice touch.

Dangit slyeyes!

I guess it was just too perfect.

*high five's Sam G*

mike isn't authorized to hear vital national security secrets? what's he doing hanging out with president weenie, then?

Weenie and Walt (singing): "...I can't laugh without you..."

Someone spike president weenies water with vi*gra. Maybe it'll stiffen his backbone.

It is wasn't spidey sense, you just need to watch the show with a subwoofer. ;>

Logan: "My backbone is melting...it's melting!"

President Manilow is almost as easily manipulated as President Bush.

President Wienie is TRUSTING a guy who stole nerve gas??

Arresting Jack...about every half hour in one 24 hour period! Who said that this show isn't a comedy?

Is Mrs. Logan the on the run 1st lady?

In a manly statement today, the President, asked to authorize Crimes Against Everything said, quote "uh..alright."

OOoh, more spidey senses are tingling.

What backbone...

CTU's been ordered off

Okay...Samwise doesn't know how to...ignore the prez

Someone put out an a.p.b. on the hobbits nads. He seems to have lost them.

No wonder the President is a weenie, all the testosterone is locked up at CTU

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