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January 17, 2006


The missing comments on last night's episode appear to be back. Also, I just realized that Jack Bauer uses exactly the same model of CrapCam phone as I do. Which means that, theoretically, I can use my phone to detonate people remotely. I promise to use this capability responsibly.


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Dave, could you please also use it on President Weenie. And especially on Audrey!

Can you hear me (blow you up) now?

Responsibly? IMO that would cover blowing up large quantities of cool stuff....like bags of frozen lima beans and Barry Manilow.

Just to make clear, I don't think Barry Manilow is "cool stuff"......just him blowing up with lima beans would be cool.

Dave I'm so glad that you've escaped from the terrorists too. We were so worried when you said that you were in a Flank 2 position. Since Samwise was otherwise busy decoding Jack's message, maybe Merry and Pippin figured out your message. And I'm sure that the New York contingent of bloggits acted as the anti-terrorist SWAT team and rescued you from the bookstore with suitable explosions and other loud noises.

Somebody send Dave a wav file of a huge explosion so he can put it on his phone. At his age, he shouldn't have to make those noises with his mouth anymore.

*stands, shuffling feet. Head down*
"Wish I had something to add here. I'm just not into 24."
*shrugs, kicks small pebble around*


Thanks, Sarah....oooh, shiny!

wait wait wait. you cant blow up geraldo! i called him first! no fair! Mommy!
oh well. at least I have a secret waepon... hahaha.

Dave - I have the same CrapCam phone but all I ever get is a picture of my eye. What am I doing wrong?

As long as you don't use it for this, Dave. Unless you want your wife to detonate YOU remotely, that is.

(minor work filter warning, but no pics)

All I can say is that if they had to reboot my CrapPhone (A Blackberry 7100g), all the hostages would have been executed before I could have even thought about pressing a button on my phone to do something.

Dave, if you detonate me, will I explode into a huge bunch of confetti? All in the shape of Ohio??

WOW! only a Heisman Trophy winning jounalist like Dave could have access to a picture of Sadman Hussein as a yute.

silly rickh - Dave didn't win the Heisman, he won the Heimlich....or Heineken.

Please, for the love of God, aren't the exploding cows enough! Now this ...it's not safe anymore.

qetzal, is that what the president calls his weenie? Gee, I'll never look at an Audrey again without having thoughts inappropriate for this family-oriented blog.

qetzal, is that what the president calls his weenie? Gee, I'll never look at an Audrey again without having thoughts inappropriate for this family-oriented blog.


Oh, this 24 stuff is so funny. Government sponsered programing promoting torture is just the greatest. What a laugh!
Dave, who's side are you on? You have a young daughter. What in the world is the matter with you?

I've always thought that Chloe looks like a disgruntled Jan Brady. When she's furiously typing, I always expect Marsha to come in and find the data more quickly. Marsha, Marsha, Marsha...

Dave already has the official 24 crapcam, so to continue building his 24 go kit. I'd recommend this, which some viewers might recognize as the the same device the occassionally delusional and always patronized first lady used to hear the doctored recording of President Allstate. Then Dave can audioblog like a pro geek, plus get some killer RBR field recordings. I haven't checked all the specs but I think it records in 24-bit tax write-off. Plus you can "dither" with it, if you're into that kind of thing.

Dave, you do realize that you've posted eight times in just one day right? lol

Anyways, your constant linking, and my boredom at the moment leads me to wonder if you've ever read a zug prank. If you indeed have not. Click this link. I think you'll find it amusing.


Yes, but his is a track phone.

Don't call me Veronica.

Hi Dave,
Wrong post, wrong comment. But since there didn't seem to be any other way to get in touch with you - atleast from the other end of the planet - am resorting to this.

Briefly: I am from India, almost addicted to your blog, pretending to be a journalist, crossing over from being simply single to merrily married. But that's where I am stuck.

I have a quote from one of your books - If it weren't for marriage, men and women would have to fight with total strangers.

And what I want most right now is an invitation to send out to friends that starts with those words. I have attempted, like 557 times, to start one but I can't event think of the first syllable! I want it to be like your blog - funny and to the point. Please HAAALLLPPP!!

I know you will be busy, what with your book tour etc, but if you can help me out, I will be eternally thankful to you, judi, walter, rob, sophie, gene, your blog, 24, booger jokes and all such entities.

Thank you, Danke, Merci Beaucoup, Shukriya, Dhanyavad

So how can that schmuck of a presidential aide get away with manhandling Mrs. Logan!?

BTW, Jean Smart still looks pretty good.

I look forward to seeing more of her on the rest of the season, her character looks like the perfect foil for president weaseldinkus.

Bummer I want to be able to blow people up with my cell phone, especially in rush hour traffic, but alas Jack (and almost everyone else on 24) used my phone last season. Dave you get all the luck.

On the other hand 24 is using my cell phone ring this year, which means three times Monday night I got up and dug my cell phone out of my pocket when Jack got a call.

Hey, "ahhm Clem"

If he has a daughter, why would you think that he wouldn't want his government to protect her?

Okay I know I'm way behind the curve here, but I can't believe I'm going to have to watch Chloe in that sweater for the entire season of 24. She looks like she has a huge patch of that flesh-eating bacteria perched on her shoulder. Plus, since I missed the first half hour of the first show when everybody left over from last season got killed off (as the older of my two dogs spent all that time standing in the doorway pondering whether to go outside to poop or whether to just do it somewhere in the house where I'll find it nicely fossilized in a few weeks time). I kept hearing shrieks of dismay from my housemate as one after another of our favorite people got picked off. I'm glad to see someone else mentioned how much Jean Smart's character resembles Martha Mitchell - I lost more of the plot as I searched my feeble brain for that name from the past. By the way why didn't the follically challenged terrorist ask Frankly Jack what the heck he meant by saying I'm in Flight 2 (or Flank 2 or Flank Steak) position all the time? That Burger King character gives me nightmares.

Okay, I know the Burger King comment is a little out of sync with the rest of my post but they kept running that commercial during the show. Of course it was also a little weird to see Good/Wise prez up and looking so hearty as Allstate guy so quickly after taking a bullet to the head.

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